Numerous Systems to Understand in Online Horse Racing Bet


There are numerous systems out there in relation to wagering on horse racing in online sports betting. Here are three systems which have made considerable profits over the recent years. These are simple to use and if combined with the two keys to all sports wagering, research and discipline, winning is no far away.

Horse Racing System: “Fixed Win Bet System”

This is the most simple of the systems and can be used to generate a very handy income if implemented properly.

The following rules dictate which types of horse races are to be used for this system:

  • You cannot bet on 2 Year Old Horse Races
  • You cannot bet on Maiden Horse Races
  • You cannot bet on races run on Heavy rated tracks
  • You cannot bet on handicap races with over 16 runners

These rules are implemented as the race types stipulated above produce results that are too inconsistent and too often see horses win at long prices that are too hard to predict. As this system is based on the favored runners, we need to eliminate as much as possible the random results the above races tend to throw up more than others.

Now that we have stipulated the rules lets turn to the system itself. The basic principle of the system is to back more than one horse in the race for a win using the same stake amount depending on the odds of the favored horse.

For Example: if the favorite is between the price of 3.50 and 4.40 then you back both the favorite and the 2nd favorite for the win. If the favorite is between 4.50 and 5.40 then you bet on the first three favorites in the race. The following table illustrates the different odds ranges of the favorite horse and subject to this price, the amount of horses you place a win bet on.

Odds of the Favorite Horse and Number of Favorites to Bet On


3.50 – 4.40 – 2

4.50 – 5.40 – 3

5.50 – 6.40 – 4

6.50 – 7.40 – 5

As simple as it is seems, it has been proven to be very effective, provided you stick to the rules and don’t become impatient! I’ll run you through an example of how the system works in practice.

You will place your bet amount (say $20) on Beaveroo at 4.00 and Beautiful Timing at 6.40. Let’s say Beaveroo wins. You will collect $80 (20 x 4.00) for your $40 outlay so a profit of $40. However if Beautiful Timing wins you will collect $128 and make a profit of $88 which shows good profit margins can be made using this system even though you are playing multiple bets in the same race on the favored horses.

So how much of our bank should we stake using this system. We suggest to begin with you use 1/50 of your bank. So if you begin with a bank of say $2,000 your first bet will be $40. So in the above example you would have $20 on each runner totaling $40. As your bank increases so will your bet size. Remember the key to this system like any system is patience. You won’t become an overnight millionaire, however if you are disciplined and stick to the system, over time as your bank builds and therefore stake amount increases, you will begin to turnover a nice monthly profit using a system that is simple to understand and implement.

“Create your own Market”


According to website, one system that can identify excellent value propositions in a horse racing market is creating your own market (e.g. creating your own odds for a horse race). By inputting data available to us into a ratings system we can develop our own market and in the process identify value propositions that in the long run can turn over nice profits for us.

So how do we create our own rating of what we think the odds of a horse should be in a particular race?

To begin we will set the parameters of which types of races won’t be eligible to be used with this system:

We exclude these types of races due to the variable results they tend to throw up, as not as much information is available to us due to the horses either having had limited race starts (2 and 3 year olds) or in the case of a maiden race they are simply all no good!

We focus on horses with a predicted starting price of 10/1 or less, as in over 70% of our selected race types these are the horses that will be first past the post. Horses in this odds range will get 5 points whilst all other horses will get 2 points.

Next we will give each horse points in relation to their course and distance stats as follows:

Course and Distance Winner: 3 points


Course Winner: 2 points

Distance Winner: 1 point

We then look at the horses particular rating in a relevant horse racing website or newspaper (choose one you trust and feel the most comfortable with eg Racing Post, The Sportsman). Points should be awarded on a scale as follows:

Top Rating Horse: 6 points

2nd Top Rating Horse: 4 points

3rd Top Rating Horse: 3 points

4th Top Rating Horse: 2 points

5th Top Rating Horse: 1 point

We then award points regarding where the horses jockey and trainer sits in the respective tables for that particular racing season (eg how many wins they’ve had). We are looking for jockeys and trainers that sit in the top 3 for wins in the particular racing season. They get awarded 2 points if their jockey sits in the top 3 for wins and 2 points if their trainer sits in the top 3 for wins. Yes, it is true.

Finally, if the horse has won in the particular track conditions give them an extra 2 points.

Written by Kan Dail