Online Phone Numbers: The Key to Protecting Your Personal Information in 2024

Online Phone Numbers

Using a personal mobile phone number to sign up for accounts on online services is quite risky these days.

Even well-known platforms are getting hacked often, not to mention that some websites and apps sell the phone numbers of their users to other companies that then use them for marketing purposes.

Many people understand that, however, don’t know how to handle this issue and secure themselves in this regard.

The solution is on the surface though. You can register with a variety of services on the web that demand phone number verification using such a tool as online phone numbers.

How do online numbers work?

How do online numbers work

Technically, numbers of this kind work in the same manner as classic mobile phone numbers. They are also linked to real SIM cards, operate on general mobile networks, and even look completely the same.

On the other hand, however, they are used solely online via the internet, which is their main advantage and makes them differ from each other.

You don’t even need a mobile phone to use them, not to mention a SIM card. Some device with an internet connection is everything that is needed to utilize online phone numbers.

This makes it possible to create accounts on social networks, instant messengers, and other online services with mandatory phone number verification using a laptop or PC rather than a smartphone.

The opportunity to use online numbers in that way appears due to linking real phone numbers to particular online servers using proper hardware such as a GSM modem and GoIP gateway along with physical SIM cards.

This is exactly how companies that offer these numbers work. In order for some people to use online phone numbers, other people known as suppliers connect to servers of those platforms, thereby making it possible.

Quick and simple acquisition

There are many formalities to go through when purchasing a SIM card from a cellular provider.

You need to stay in line first, fill out some documents, and then wait for your new phone number as well as SIM card. It consumes a lot of time and energy.

But, in the case of online numbers, there is no such thing. You can get them while located in any country around the world by completing simple registration on the appropriate web platform.

This is a matter of a few minutes only as the process is completely automated and doesn’t require taking actions by anyone else except you.

Can be operated by anyone

using mobile phone

Whether it is possible for a certain person to use such numbers or not is a common concern among newcomers.

Fortunately, there are no prerequisites in this regard. Literally everyone, regardless of social standing or financial means, can get and operate online phone numbers.

You only need any device with an internet connection for this, which, as we stated above, provides an opportunity to use online numbers when located in any country around the world through relevant websites and apps.

Moreover, no matter what online service online numbers are used with, they function in exactly the same way as regular phone numbers.

They are suitable for use with any platform on the web that offers their users the option to verify their mobile phone number either during registration or account verification.

There is no difference. The rest of the advantages of online phone numbers are as follows:

  • Low price. Even though the price of online numbers depends on the country of issue and the online service they are supposed to be used with, it rarely exceeds the $1 mark and usually is set at around $0.50.
  • Complete privacy. These numbers represent no personal data of their users as there is no need to provide any to whether get or use them. They also cannot be used to track the location of their users.
  • General availability. Online phone numbers are a simple technical solution that is designed to be used by everyone. They don’t require potential users to have any special skills or knowledge.

Therefore, there are many advantages to using online numbers. Let’s look at how anyone can use them to sign up for different websites and apps.

Using online phone numbers for registration

Using online phone numbers for registration

Doing this is not really difficult. You can register for any online service with online numbers in a matter of minutes if using solutions from SMS-Man.

This platform offers straightforward and useful solutions for those who seek for option to deal with verification via SMS at a reasonable price.

You just need to proceed to the official website of the company, sign up for an account, and replenish the balance in order to get the opportunity to buy an online phone number.

Follow the steps below which fully show how to get and use numbers with this platform once you have a profile with some funds:

  1. Go to the home page and select the preferred country for the online phone number.
  2. On the same page, choose the online service for which you want to register.
  3. Click the buy button to purchase an online number.
  4. Use the purchased number to register for the service of your choice.
  5. Click on “Get SMS” to see the received verification code.

The final step is to complete account creation using the supplied code. That’s it. Online phone numbers are completely simple, therefore anyone may use them; there are no exceptions.



When using a personal phone number is not possible for whatever reason, using online numbers instead is the ideal solution to this issue.

They allow not only bypassing verification but also increasing privacy and security.

Moreover, they can also be used to create multiple accounts on the same online services if necessary as there are no limitations on how many of them each person can activate.

Summing up the above, if we compare online numbers to other options, they are the least expensive, easiest to obtain, and, most importantly, private.

Utilizing them could be beneficial in many situations and would be worthwhile.

Written by Kan Dail