Online Poker: Rules, Tournaments & Wins 


Online poker has become popular and is an excellent platform for poker players. It is an exciting part of gambling, and making money appeals to many. Online poker takes around virtual tables with various players.

Whether as a beginner or an experienced poker player, it is essential to master the game to up your winning chances. Below is a detailed guideline of rules, tournaments, and how to win online.

Online Poker Rules

Online poker does not have special rules as one plays just like a casino. The only difference is that online, players play from the comfort of their homes. Rules dictate that the player should be punctual as the tournament begins at a specific time, and the seat arrangement is random. Also, players are eliminated once they lose all their chips unless the game allows a rebuy.

When playing commences changing seats is not permitted unless by the director, and blinds and limits are often scheduled at intervals. In tournament games that use a dealer button, the dealing of the high card is determined by the starting position of the button, and the deck is only changed if there is a damaged card and not upon request. Understanding the various variants of online poker game rules is vital in taking the prize home.

Online Poker Tournaments


Online poker tournaments like Poker WPT attract many players globally, with every match being different and better than the next. These tournaments have players competing against each other to win the prize. A buy-in fee is a must for any player who wants to qualify for an online poker tournament. These tournaments range from weekly competitions that are often smaller to world-level matches with high stakes.

Before deciding which online tournament is proper for you, it is crucial to understand that these tournaments are different, and understanding the games is essential. There are three types of matches:

Single Table Tournaments

These are very popular, are of a simple variety, and are played around a single table. The top 3 finishers take the prize, and the top 3 finishers take the prize. If the number of players is fewer or about 6, the top one or two takes the prize home.

Sit & Go Tournaments

Also known as SNG, it has a casual approach and does not wait for the designated time to start. It has a predetermined number of entrants, and the game begins once all the tournament spots are filled. It is the best for spontaneous people.

Multi-Table Tournament

Also referred to as MMTs, these tournaments have players on several tables who compete to reach the final table. The player that makes it to the final table takes the prize home.

Comprehending the basics of tournaments is vital, and when signing up for one, consider some of the following:

Pro players versus novices


As a beginner, you should play with fellow beginners to boost your confidence and chances of winning. You are also protected from the professional players who have the advantage of experience.

Rewards for playing

Some tournaments give rewards like free plays for choosing their poker sites, be on the lookout for these. Sites that reward their players attract more players, and additional rewards are a bonus.

Number of Games

Tournaments offer several games like Fixed Limit Omaha 8, Stud Hi-Lo, Progressive KO, etc. Players who want to play different games should participate in online contests with more than one game.

Biggest Prizes

Look at the tips when scouting for an online poker tournament. Some have big rewards for a small buy-in, while others require high stakes for bigger prizes. Therefore choose a match whose prize pool and buy-in are suitable for you.


Online poker players have various preferences for the number of games they would want to play at a go. Some are comfortable playing one game, while others prefer multiple. If you belong to the latter group, choose a tournament provider that allows the same.

In addition, online poker sites offer daily, weekly, themed, seasoned or annual events. The prizes and buy-ins vary for each. For example, daily games have prize pools of $1000-$5000, while yearly matches have prize money in the millions. Annual games often take place in September or October. Themed tournaments are smaller and tailored to fit in other events, while seasoned tournaments take place every one or two weeks and have a substantial prize pool.

How to Win Online Poker


After finding an online poker tournament and understanding the rules, winning is the next step. It is easy to win using some well-thought-out strategies and tips. Some of these are discussed below.

Start with Low- Stakes Poker

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced online poker player, it is advisable to begin with lower stakes. Low stakes enable you to get used to the poker software and pace of playing online, as it is faster than live poker. You can also experiment and explore using the software without worrying about making losses, as you will be concentrating on the experience of playing online.

Begin at the Single Table

While the temptation to play at several tables at a game is great, it is advisable to start playing single time and gain experience then play at multiple tables. Several wins at a single table will boost your confidence to play at various tables.

Play in a Distraction-Free zone

While playing at home has its advantages, it also has its downside. Numerous distractions include listening to music, watching television, and chatting with family members or friends while playing. These distractions can lead to one making a mistake; therefore, as a player, develop a professional attitude and create an environment free of distractions.

Master How to Bluff

Bluffing is a poker strategy where you lead your opponent to think that you have a weaker hand making them lay down a better hand than yours. However, be careful to bluff only a few times, as your opponents will catch on.

Buy Software

Some software programs have head’s display features(HUD) like Poker Tracker that give information about your opponents by tracking the hands you have played together. Any time you meet the player, you get the information.

Learn the Rules and When to Switch Strategies


Each online poker game has different rules; to avoid disqualification, master the game’s rules. As the round ends, come up with a strategy for the remaining hands and surprise your opponents with a move they didn’t see coming. Avoid giving away your hand early in the game.

Know When to Fold

When deciding which hand to lay, consider surrendering your chances of winning. Folding does not mean a player has made a mistake but means that the player does not have any cards to make any profits.


Online poker tournaments provide cash prizes and real poker experiences. Understanding the rules and putting the correct strategy and tips into practice will give a player an outstanding experience. Players can access Online poker tournaments from various parts of the world where poker is legal.

Written by Kan Dail