Planning To Travel Post Pandemic- These 5 Countries Must Be In Your Bucket List


COVID outbreak has cast a pall over the whole world. People are forced to live inside their homes due to imposed restrictions by their respective governments. The world is witnessing its 2nd and 3rd wave which is much more dangerous than the first one. It is more than one year and vaccines are also available, still, people are helpless. By sitting inside the home, people are getting frustrated. Many of them want to see new things; new locations and they are waiting for this pandemic to over. While the world is full of adventures and beauty, but there is no comparison to Europe. It seems nature has gifted its special edition to Europe. It is the most visiting continent among all. From beauty to history, festival, romantic nightlife from Oklute, Island and seaside town, this place has all. It is no matter where you go, fun is all around. Here in this blog, I have listed 5 must-visit Western European countries, which are close and share borders. The best thing is that you could visit these countries one by one by bus or train. All of them are connected by land, so no need to fly at all.

1. Spain


Spain is not only one of Europe’s most stunning nations, but also one of its brightest ones. Your camera will thank you for visiting this magical place, with its architectural masterpieces, majestic mountain ranges, beachside cliffs, and hilltop villages. It’s no surprise that Spain was the world’s second most visited country in 2018, with over 89 million visitors.

Madrid, in the country’s major cities, there is much to see and do. The lovely Crystal Palace and sprawling grounds, as well as grand plazas, can be found in Madrid.

Seville’s soundtrack is more graceful and dramatic, with horses’ hooves on cobblestone streets and church bells ringing.

Barcelona is lively and diverse; with architecture that will make Salvador Dali proud (the Casa Mila and the utterly exclusive Parc Güell are must-sees).

Valencia’s healing sea views will soothe the spirit, while Costa Brava has some of Spain’s most beautiful beaches.

Beautiful Granada and its iconic Alhambra palaces are not to be missed.

2. France


France, France, France! This lovely country, known for its romance, delicious food, art, culture, and natural beauty, has everything you might want on a vacation. In France, every kind of traveler can find something to love.

On the French Riviera, soak up the rays of the sun and catch a glimpse of a celebrity or two. Allow your camera to run wild when photographing lavender-covered fields in Provence.

Paris, it’s hard not to be blown away by France’s capital and the city of love, which can make you feel like you’re wandering around a movie set at times.

Mont Blanc, a towering titan of Mont Blanc must be seen to be believed, from France’s biggest city to its largest natural scenery.

3. Greece


Greece, perhaps the most relaxed of all the countries on this list, is the ideal place to unwind. On the country’s smaller isles, azure domes atop whitewashed towers, their doors, and gates decorated with vibrant colors that beg to be captured. Greece’s sky is a luscious blue, and the sapphire Mediterranean caresses beaches with sand and pebbles in various colors ranging from tan to pink to red.

Santorini is especially beautiful, particularly at sunset. Another famous island is Crete, which has charming coastal towns and mountain villages.

The sprawling capital of Athens is a must-see destination for history lovers everywhere since it is the seat of the ancient world and home to more ancient wonders than you can throw a stick at.

Of course, the Acropolis is at the top of the list, but dining, drinking, visiting museums, witnessing the changing of the guard, and admiring the street art all contribute to a fantastic community that blends old and modern.

4. Portugal


We’re now moving on to Portugal. Yeah, the castles, the seas, and the mountains! Portugal has a plethora of breathtaking landscapes to give. This is the place to be for those who like water views since it covers more than 800 kilometers of the Atlantic Coast. One of the most underestimated countries in the region, in my view, not least because it is one of the most affordable!

Please, find me someone who isn’t smitten by Lisbon! This city is difficult not to fall in love with, thanks to its fantastic tiles, revolutionary vibes, gorgeous coastline, culture, wine, and rooftop bars. It’s all there for the taking: ride the trams, wonder at the Torre de Belem, visit Sintra, and get lost in the Alfama!

Next up is Porto, Portugal’s second-largest city and the place to go if you want to wine and bridges! This compact and manageable destination is the ideal companion to Lisbon and allows for an outstanding short vacation. Cruising the canal, wandering the historic districts, eating your weight in Pasteis de Nata, and visiting the insta-famous Livraria Lello are just a few of the highlights.

Madeira, Yeah, we’ve returned to the islands, but believe me when I say that if you visit Madeira, you’ll understand why it’s on this list. This island exudes authentic traditional culture, incredible cuisine, delectable wines, and a laid-back vibe, as well as stunning lava beaches, natural swimming pools, and charming hill.

5. Italy


You didn’t think I’d go through this list of incredible places to visit in Western Europe without including Italy, did you? If you thought that, you’d be wrong because, like almost everyone else on the planet, I also adore this country! Ancient houses, squares, and museums abound in Italy’s thriving cities and remote, picturesque villages, each displaying impeccable architecture and cultural masterpieces.

Rome, The country’s capital and home to so many legendary giants that it’s difficult to keep track of them all, you really must visit Rome at least once in your life. Even, don’t forget to visit the Vatican

Sicily, the beautiful island at the foot of the country that offers fantastic water, spectacular beaches, and coastline, as well as a variety of incredible historic sites and a little volcanic activity thrown in for good measure…

Venice, the capital of the Veneto region in northern Italy, is built on more than a hundred small islands in an Adriatic Sea lagoon. There are no roads, just canals, like the Grand Canal, lined with Renaissance and Gothic palaces. It is the perfect place for love and romance.

Written by Marinelle Adams