7 Most Popular Digital Marketing Experts & Influencers to Follow in 2024


Digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry that not only needs to be actualized with contemporary trends but should also dictate what and when should be represented in the digital world. That is why knowing who and whose advice to follow is crucially important to make the most out of the opportunities offered for a customer of this type of service. Thus, read through the following lines and learn about the most popular digital marketing experts and influencers you should be following in 2024. You will get to know a variety of faces in the list below so you should assert which one suits your business wants and needs best.

Neil Patel


This young gentleman is one of the people who founded Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics, so his popularity is on the rise for a reason, backed by both competence and experience. What you can expect from this particular digital marketing expert is a new lesson about marketing tactics shared with his YouTube followers daily, so before you start learning about new ways how to promote your brand effectively, you can also watch videos he previously uploaded and that can teach you something you can use to your advantage. His YouTube channel is getting close to the number of 15 000 000 views, which also speaks about his proficiency.

Lilach Bullock


When your work is praised by giants such as Forbes and Oracle, then you are probably worth following, and that is precisely what happened to Lilach Bullock, who can also boast of being one of the best-selling authors on Amazon. Apart from you can read her books, you can follow her both on her blog or her LinkedIn page where you can gather valuable data about SEO, content advertising, social media, and other effective digital marketing strategies.

Andréa Jones


If you are scanning for suitable methods to raise social media prominence to another level, then Andréa Jones is the person you should be hearing to. Apart from sharing valuable pieces of advice on how to employ your supporters with properly addressed video materials, she also stands behind Savy Social Podcast, where topics related to digital marketing and digital business, in general, are discussed with prominent members of the world of social networks.

Andy Crestodina


If you are looking for a person that will teach you how to make use of available digital marketing tools and make them work for your cause feel free to research the work of Andy Crestodina. This accomplished professional uses contemporary methods of digital marketing and backs them with properly applied analytics in order to achieve more than the competition. Therefore, you will learn how to address the right public with adequately prepared SEO content and how to shape that same SEO content to get the reaction you want. Thus, follow one of the founders of Orbit Media Studios in order to learn how to handle the challenges of modern digital marketing. On the other hand, if learning about various techniques about digital marketing sounds a bit too much for you, what you should do is consult a professional agency, such as Inspira Digital Agency, where you can find additional information on how to rise through the ranks of contemporary market opportunities and stand out from the rest.

Jeff Bullas


This list is designed to inform you about the most prominent figures in digital marketing and Jeff Bullas has already been proclaimed to be one of the most prosperous global content marketing influencers by Forbes. Therefore, follow him to find out more about various tips and tricks about social media marketing that can only be found on his blog. Apart from that, you can learn from him about how to use analytics to your advantage as well as how to engage a targeted public via adequately prepared SEO content. Apart from his blog and LinkedIn account where you can gather valuable info, you can also read the books he has written about contemporary trends and efficient strategies you might want to use in order to utilize the opportunities in the most efficient way.

Gary Vaynerchuk


Whether you have been in the digital marketing industry for ages or you are yet to make a name for yourself the chances that you have not come across the name of Gary Vaynerchuk are minimal since the guy has been a respected figure of the digital community since the nineties. Not only that he has proved his expertise in the past, but he also dictates the actual trends regarding digital promotion and proceeds to amaze with his genuine solutions. He has been a pioneer in the e-commerce niche, but you can also find him on YouTube, so if you are looking for a professional to appoint you and your business in the right direction, this guy is the answer to your wanderings.

Larry Kim


If you are following the digital marketing trends then you are more than familiar with the brand names of MobileMonkey and WordStream. Well, the guy behind those two is Larry Kim, a worldwide known entrepreneur and influencer who will teach you about how to make the most out of the ads related to social networks but also about SEO optimization. Thus, following him will enable you to gather as much information as you need to make the most out of digital advertising.

All of the aforementioned digital marketing experts and influencers have already proven their expertise in numerous projects available to a broader audience. What you should worry about is whom of them you should dedicate your time to make the most out of contemporary trends they advise their followers to pay attention to. The catch is to select the ones you consider that would be the most beneficial for your style of arranging business, thus, to do thorough research about the individuals mentioned above is advised. Surely, you can consult as many digital marketing professionals as you consider is useful, since learning about various favorable approaches to a single subject is nothing but a quality asset for your business.

Written by P. Mito