Post Moving Change of Address Checklist – 2024 Guide

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Moving to a new house is a challenging project that includes many tasks. Along with all other moving tasks, a change of address is another basic need. From collecting moving supplies to renting a truck to cleaning and organizing the house, one big change that occurs is the change of your address. You will need to notify the right people and places about your changed address and many people feel it a hassle and do not know the right time to inform the needed people and places.

According to iMoving, a leading moving service marketplace, it is imperative for you to handle the change of address concern as soon as possible. To avoid any missed bills or service lapses, follow the tips given below:

The Post Office

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So if you are wondering where to start from then start with the post office. Any mail sent to your old address is forwarded to your new address at least for 12 months if you inform the post office about your change of address in time. Make sure you inform the post office a week before your moving date.

Gas and Electric Service Providers

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Gas and electricity are two very important services that you will have at your new place as soon as you move. Make sure that you arrange the transferring of your electric and gas services in a way that they should be disconnected on the evening of your moving day and should start at your new place a day before your move.

Phone, Internet, and Cable Connections

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The Internet is an integral part of modern life. Not having an internet connection immediately after the move will dishearten the mover. You will realize that you are missing a major part of life. So, just like your other service providers, call your internet and cable operator for a change of address in a way that these services are installed a day before your move. Also, get your phone connection installed at your new place as soon as you move.

Tax Agencies

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You should make sure that you inform both the state tax agency and federal revenue agency about your change of address. All you have to do is fill an online form provided by the IRS (U.S. Internal Revenue Service) and for notifying the state tax agency you can go to the state-specific website and follow the directions for change of address.

Social Security Administration

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Don’t forget to notify the Social Security Administration about your address change especially if you receive any sort of security services. Simply fill out an online change of address application or you can call them too.

Home Insurance

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Inform your home insurance agent about your change of address. If you have renters’ insurance then you may have to show proof of transfer before your move-in date. Also, confirm if your service provider covers the items in transit and if they don’t then you can opt for moving insurance.


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Let your and your family’s employers know about the change of address as soon as you move to the new place. It is needed to ensure that your pay stubs and tax forms are going to the right place even if you get your paychecks directly deposited into your bank account. Up-to-date records at the office saves you from a wide range of miscommunications that can happen because of wrong errors.

Subscription Services

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Subscription services are a new way of ensuring seamless supply of services and products. If you have active subscription services, you must take care of the address change requirement with them on priority basis. Notify all your subscription services including magazines and journals through email or by calling their customer care numbers.

Online Shopping Sites

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We all are fascinated with this online shopping world and keeping ordering things and changing your home address at these shopping sites is very important. Otherwise your next online order may be delivered to your old address and that will be the last thing you will want. So make sure you change your address on these shopping sites before you order something after your move.

Clubs and/or Other Organizations

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If you are a part of any club, charities, and any other local organization, make sure you notify them about your address change so that you can get their mailer at the right place and in time.

Financial Institutes

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Make sure you notify your banks and other financial institutes you receive services from about your address change well in time so that they and you both don’t miss out on any important information. If you have made significant investments, you must also get in contact with such institutions and update the address.

Family and Friends: This is the Most Important

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Let your family and friends know your latest address. Earlier people used to send out change of address cards to their loved ones but in today’s era of technology, you can let your people know about it with a click. Social media has made our lives much easier and you can use any of its platforms to send address change information. If you have any friends residing nearby your new place, make sure you invite them over for a get-together to start a new journey together. Maintaining old connections is very important when you move to a new place.

Changing your address at all places may take time but it is important to do so to get hassle-free services. You do not want to mess with your mailing system as the wrong address can send your mail and important documents to the old address. If you do not have any network in the old place, these mails can simply get lost.

Moreover, you will also have false data with the majority of local and federal authorities which can cause major challenges. The change of address is thus a very important matter to be undertaken as soon as you have settled down in the new place. In fact, there are provisions that allow you to change the address in advance and save yourself from hassles.

We hope that this guide will prove helpful to you and you have a smooth experience with changing your address.

Written by Marinelle Adams