Pranks To Do To Your Parents That Won’t Get You Into Trouble


Let’s admit it; parents can sometimes be scary. Well, that’s because they are authority figures that we grew up with. That’s why it’s such a relief to remember that they are humans who can get tired, be surprised, and fall into pranks that we are about to make! That is why we listed down 15 prank ideas that you can do to your parents. Who says you can only have all the laughs and wacky adventures in your life with friends or people in your age group? You can do those things with your parents too! Don’t worry; you won’t be disrespecting them or getting yourself into trouble. Rather these pranks can be a way to get closer to them and make hilarious memories together.

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Ready to know the 15 pranks you can do to your parents? Read on to find out!

Moldy Bread Prank


Parents easily get freaked out when stuff in the kitchen reaches their expiry date. So like the good child that you are, you are going to make fun of this quirk of theirs! When your parents buy a loaf of fresh bread from the grocery, take some green food coloring and sprinkle it on some parts. Watch them freak out why it got moldy way before the expiry date. Don’t forget to tell them it’s a prank after you’ve had a good laugh, though! You don’t want to throw away food and waste your parents’ money!

Minty Oreos Prank

Are your parents fond of the sweet stuff? Good. Be the sweet child that you are and serve them a plate of Oreos. But instead of getting it out of the tube and straight to the plate, you will need a few alterations. Grab a plain white toothpaste and replace the cream in the sandwich cookie with it. Once you’ve done this, serve it to your parents and watch their faces turn sour with the unexpected minty taste! What? It’s the thought that counts at the end of the day!

Prank Call


This would be such a good prank especially if your parents are technologically challenged. If they’re not, there’s still a very slim chance that they will know that you are messing with them through a prank call. Trust us, they wouldn’t suspect you. Why? Because prank calls are now done through prank call apps and prank call websites like Ownage Pranks! Gone are the days that you will be calling from your grandma’s telephone just to make fun of people even though they know you’re pranking them. With Ownage Pranks’ automatic prank call app and or spoof call app, your caller ID will be hidden under an anonymous number that is untraceable by any average Joe. What’s more, is it has voice-changing features and automatic prank features. Professional voice actors will do the job for you. If you can’t think of any funny pranks to pull over the fun, you don’t need to worry because many pre-made prank scripts are available on the apps and websites. Cool, huh?

There’s Something Wrong With The TV Prank

Some parents turn on the TV to watch their favorite shows after a long, tiring day at work. You know their watching patterns best. So during the time they are not watching, try downloading a remote control app on your phone. See if it works with the TV that you have at home and practice and familiarize yourself with it. Learn how to switch the channel to shopping TV when a show reaches its climax. You could also try turning it on and off, play with the volume, mute buttons, and what have you! Just allow yourself to be creative and remember to be subtle as much as possible!

Pillow Balloons Prank

If you can buy balloons from your local stores, find ones that resemble the shape of your parents’ bed pillow. Now while they’re away, sneak into their room and replace the pillows with the balloons. When it’s time for them to sleep, the results may vary depending on how heavy their heads are. Some will just hear the tiny squeaks of plastic while some might have heads so heavy that they might pop loudly! Yikes! Just make sure that your parents don’t have a hearing condition because the popping balloon might just worsen it.

Jello Cocktail Prank


Another busy day at work for them? Be a peach and make them a drink. Or at least – what seems to look like one! Do this beforehand by mixing colored Jello with water and let it solidify in a cocktail glass. Make sure it looks seamless and just like a real thing! You can add a little flavor to it too. Just in case they get pissed off with the fake drink, at least they have a little snack to enjoy as a consolation! Make it yummy so you won’t get in trouble!

Shattered Phone Prank

Did your parents just get you a new phone? Try downloading high-definition pictures of 3-D cracked screens online and show them to your parents! Tell them you accidentally sat on it, or it accidentally fell face down on the floor. It might give them a mini-heart attack at first because they’ll think they need to buy you a new one again. You will need a few acting skills for this, so try practicing in your room a couple of times before coming out!

Colored Water Prank


This is another food coloring prank to make and freak your parents out. Take any bit of food coloring that you have at home. (Our personal favorite is red because it looks like blood, and blood freaks people out nevertheless.) Leave it at the part of the faucet where the water comes out and make sure they will use the bathroom next. If not, then this prank is a bit pointless. Hear the freak out once the blood-like fluid comes out of the faucet and suddenly becomes clear again eventually! Tell them it’s a prank, though. If your parents believe in evil spirits, you may randomly get a visit from your local priest to bless your house again. You don’t want to go that far!

Saran Wrap Toiletries

This one is pretty easy yet definitely one to annoy anyone and not just parents. Take a piece of saran wrap, unscrew the lid of their favorite shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and or body creams, and cover the opening with Saran Wrap. Screw the cap back tightly and make a spill test for yourself. If non of the contents come down, then you’re good to go! Hear them complain in the shower!

Switched Underwear Prank

If your mom or dad has been trying to keep things orderly at home, try messing with them by switching your different family members’ underwear in their respective containers. In this case, you can change your mother’s underwear to your dad’s closet and vice-versa. It would be funny just to see them be confused why it was switched when it was all good and dandy just the day before.

Broken Computer Prank


If your parents spend a lot of time on their computers, try giving them a break for this funny yet clever prank. This works best if they are using any version of Windows. Take a screenshot of their desktop home screen – with the applications and all and save it. Next, set the picture as their desktop background and remove all the shortcuts in their home screen. The goal is to make it look like their regular home screen, except they can’t move or click on anything because it’s only a picture! After you’ve had a good laugh with their confusion, help them set it back to normal. It’s their source of livelihood, after all!

Bubble Wrap Prank

Bubble wrap pranks are one of the easiest and harmless pranks to make. You can just put a bubble wrap under anything that catches much weight like carpets, doormats, or even toilet seats. Not to mention, it makes such a satisfying popping sound every single time! Who can hate you for making a prank as innocent as this? We doubt your parents will!

Mouse Tape Prank


Again, this is a perfect prank to make when your parents are on the computer constantly. Just simply grab a sticky tape and seamlessly stick it under their mouse – specifically the part that catches the movement of your hand! Once they freak out that it isn’t working, or they try unplugging and replugging it, then it’s time to tell them they are being pranked!

Remote Prank

If the other remote prank above (the one where you use a remote app for TV) gives you control over your parents, then this prank won’t give anyone any control AT ALL. All you need to do is take out the TV remote’s batteries and let them try to use it and think it’s broken! But it won’t take long for them to realize it, though, especially if your batteries are kind of heavy! Parents know that kind of stuff, weirdly.

Autocorrect Prank

If you have access to their smartphones and a bit of the technologically challenged side, try messenger with them by changing certain words in their autocorrect with hilarious words that could annoy them! For example, change “Yes” to “No” or “Now” to “Meow. It’s up to you! Be creative!

Found anything on this list that you want to try yet? Cool! Good luck, and happy pranking!

Written by Marinelle Adams