How To Predict And Analyze Fiba Basketball World Cup Matches – 2024 Guide


The FIBA World Cup is just around the corner. Are you excited? The time when the world’s best basketball teams will compete with each other is back! For the fans of the game and sports bettors, this even provides them with one of the best betting experiences.

This event is just around the corner! Yes, it will start on 25 August. So, the teams are preparing to face off against each other, but are you ready to amp up your betting game?

To ensure that you can bet on the best team and get some additional money, you must be aware of the odds and predictions. According to the latest FIBA world cup odds, the USA is one of the top contenders; however, team USA does have to contend with other thirty-one teams to be the champion.

So, there is no doubt that the competition will be intense; however, with the basketball live match 1xbet bookmaker, you can easily follow the live score and put different types of bets such as money line, totals, spread bets, and other types of wagers.

More About FIBA


Before you get into more details, first, understand what FIBA is. FIBA is a basketball tournament which the International Basketball Federation organizes. This competition takes place every four years, and the good news is that this year’s competition will start on 25 August 2024. That means it is just a few weeks to go. The final match will take place on 10 September, so it is around a month-long of fun and excitement, and of course, betting too! Thirty-two teams will be competing for the title prize.

This year the event is taking place in the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia. Yes, three countries will be hosting the competition, isn’t it fun? So, there are preliminary rounds, and at the end of each group, two teams move forward. After that, these 16 teams go to the knockout round.

After the knockout round, the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals occur. The two teams that lost in the semifinal round compete for the bronze medal.

The Teams


Are you interested in betting on the FIBA Cup? If yes, you must be aware of the team participating this year. There are eight groups:

  • Group A: The Philippines, Italy, Angola, and the Dominican Republic
  • Group B: China, Serbia, South Sudan, and Puerto Rico
  • Group C: USA, Jordan, Greece, and New Zealand
  • Group D: Egypt, Montenegro, Mexico, and Lithuania
  • Group E: Australia, Japan, Germany, and Finland
  • Group F: Georgia, Slovenia, Cape Verde, and Venezuela
  • Group G: Iran, Brazil, Spain, and Ivory Coast
  • Group H: Lebanon, France, Canada, and Latvia

FIBA World Cup Odds


Check out the odds below:

  • America: -105
  • Canada: +400
  • Australia: +900
  • France: +1000
  • Slovenia: +1000

This year, team America is a fan favorite, and there is no doubt that it is at the top of the odds. After the USA, Canada is considered to be the top competition, followed by Australia, France, and Slovenia. The reigning champion, Spain, might have difficulty winning again.

FIBA Predictions


Check out the different FIBA predictions:

Money Line Predictions: It is one of the simple FIBA wagers. It is so because you have to bet on which team will win.

Point Spread Predictions: It is one of the most popular wagers, and most basketball bettors prefer this one. A reliable bookmaker will offer you point spread predictions whenever there is a difference in skills between the two teams. It helps in leveling up the playing field. But remember that this bet is a bit complex as you have to predict the points scored by the team in the match. So, if you want to master this type of wager, you might need some practice.

Playoffs Predictions: The playoff wagers simply indicate the possible outcome of the game. When you get familiar with the playoffs predictions, you can discover which are more likely to clear the prelim and reach the upcoming rounds.

Handicap Predictions: It is a bit similar to point spreads. This is also another way for the bookmakers to form a balance between the unevenly matched players or teams. The handicap gives an advantage to the underdog. This wager gives the underdog a head start, and the favorite has to overcome it.

How To Bet On FIBA World Cup


As you have seen above, what are the different types of bets? Now, it is time that you get on some action and be ready to bet on your favorite player or team. So, check out the below-mentioned steps:

Pick A Reliable Betting Site

Several betting sites are available, and you must pick the one which is trustworthy and reliable. To be sure you can check their licence and certifications. They also have customer support, so that you can contact them, in case there is any issue. Since these sites are secure, you do not have to worry about your privacy.

Place Your Bet

Once you have picked the site, now, you have to create your account. After creating your account you have to choose the payment method. You can pick according to your preference. Also, these reliable sites will provide you different payment and betting options

Some Strategies To Follow

Follow the below-mentioned tips to enhance your chance of winning.

  • To ensure success, you must analyze the team’s past performances in the previous tournaments and the qualifiers.
  • You must assess the players’ experience and their forms.
  • You must also examine the past matches between the competing teams. This will help you get an idea about the performance of the team against their opponents.

Summing up

In conclusion, if you want to immerse yourself in the fun and excitement of basketball and you also want to earn some extra cash, then you know what to do! Betting is a great way also to apply your knowledge of the game and get profits. However, remember to only bet on reliable apps and sites. Apart from that, be ready to bet, enjoy your game, and have fun!

Written by Kan Dail