How to Prevent Your Vape Tanks From Leaking – 2024 Guide


For years, health officials have been urging people to quit smoking and young people not to. Many people at this point opt for vaping or e-cigarettes. Many see them as an easier way to give up cigarettes, while others find it much more practical because they don’t have to worry about banning smoking in public places. In any case, vaping is a “healthier” version of smoking because tar is excluded from the composition of the liquid. It consists of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), aroma and if desired, nicotine. E-liquids are available with various nicotine strengths and many flavors (classic tobacco flavors, fruit flavors and desserts), and each user can choose the one that suits him best.

In addition, there are different flavors, which makes them especially tempting for those who do not prefer exclusively the taste of tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of shapes and designs. While some are reminiscent of conventional cigarettes, cigars or pipes, others are in the form of a ballpoint pen, USB sticks and the like.

An electronic cigarette (e-cigarette, vape) essentially consists of a battery and an atomizer. The atomizer is the part where the heater, liquid, and mouthpiece are located, in some models, it is an independent unit and somewhere it is integrated with the battery. But that does not change the essence. When an e-liquid leaks, it certainly does not come from the battery but leaks from the atomizer. There is almost no person who has not had a vaper leak at least once, and the reasons for this may be different. In the following, read what can be the cause of this and how to prevent it from happening.

Soaking as a cause


This is probably one of the most common reasons why this happens. The first thing you need to check is if there is any physical damage to the vaper. If all is well, make sure the cotton wool is wet enough. If it is not soaked enough, the taste will be dry and burnt. If the problem is of the opposite nature, there will be a leak. If over-soaked cotton wool is a problem you face, you will have other difficulties and inconveniences when consuming – spitback of hot drops in the user’s mouth, which can cause discomfort in the user’s mouth, as well as a weakened aroma because the vaper fails to heat up enough.

Fluid composition

Fluid quality plays a key role in vaping. If a vaper leaks, it is very possible that the culprit is too much PG or water.



Vapers are consumer goods like everything else. In addition to the need to clean and maintain it regularly, certain parts such as O-rings and heaters can be damaged over time. Before the next consumption, make sure that all parts perform their function. If the heater is more than 2 weeks old, replace it with a new one. If the atomizer leaks, splashes or gurgles, the cotton wool is melted with liquid. First, we have to “reset” that heater, that is. to get rid of that excess fluid. Only after releasing the excess liquid, the vaper is ready for use again.

Great device power

If you use a device that works at high power and that you have to inhale directly into your lungs, and you inhale it like a cigarette, fluid accumulation and leakage can occur. Get an MTL device that is more similar to a cigarette and that works at a lower power. You can learn more by visiting



The liquid you use can also be an important aspect of solving a leak problem. Rare liquids (50VG-50PG) or those that also contain water have a higher chance of leaking.

The popularity of vape devices has risen sharply in recent years, especially among teenagers and young people. They allow the inhalation of nicotine in steam instead of smoke, with significantly fewer harmful substances resulting from burning tobacco, paper, glue, and other additives found in cigarettes.

What many users are interested in before consuming vaping for the first time is how to choose the right liquid, given that different flavors and strengths can be found on the market. Although there is no special rule for this, it is advised that you take the type that has approximately nicotine as well as the cigarettes you smoked. MTL devices tolerate higher amounts of nicotine than DTL devices. When it comes to fluid consumption, it is individual, just like real cigarettes. Optimally speaking, a bottle of 10 ml of liquid can last 4-6 days.

The advantage of using e-cigarettes is reflected in the imitation of tactile and sensory experience in smoking, which allows the user to gradually quit smoking. The application of e-cigarettes significantly reduces the abstinence syndrome in smokers who are in the phase of quitting smoking. One study found that most subjects were after 10 months of use replaced traditional cigarettes with electronic ones.

The use of e-cigarettes is becoming increasingly popular around the world, which contributes to the way use and users perception of their efficacy and safety. However, the fact is that so far there is not enough evidence to support the view that these devices effective and safe for long-term use for smoking cessation. Therefore, smokers smoking cessation should certainly be advised, but preference should still be given pharmacological therapy and psychosocial counseling.

E-cigarettes are a physical and psychological substitute for tobacco cigarettes. Delivers a certain amount of nicotine which is the least harmful ingredient of tobacco cigarettes, but not supply many other harmful ingredients/compounds that arise as a product of tobacco smoking cigarettes. In addition, e-cigarettes help to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes because it works to psychological dependence, calms the person, and satisfies the need for hand manipulation, and so often it allows for the transient continuation of a psychologically fixed habit.

There are studies that have proven that chemicals from e-cigarette vapors can cause health problems, but these studies used artificially created conditions. When it comes to quality e-cigarettes used under normal conditions (e.g., do not overheat), chemicals found in steam are far less harmful than those found in cigarette smoke. If the e-liquid overheats, it changes the taste and becomes spicy, so it is easy to recognize the change.

Written by Ana Weaver