Making Time for Meaningful Connection: Prioritizing Platonic Relationships


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Do you ever find yourself feeling detached or disconnected? Like a spark is missing in your life? In the whirlwind of daily demands, even the most meaningful relationships can fade into the background. Work, errands, and self-care are everyday responsibilities. But what about the deep, soul-nourishing connections that make life feel more worthwhile?

Imagine this: friends who uplift you, confidants who truly “get” you. People you can share belly laughs with, shed heartfelt tears with, and simply be your gloriously imperfect self around. Think of this type of love as the secret ingredient for better mental health and a more joyful life.

You can make time for those connections that matter most. Let’s prioritize those friendships and watch our lives blossom with joy and resilience.

The Importance of Platonic Love


Romance gets all the spotlight, but the bonds of friendship are equally potent. Platonic love isn’t about heart-pounding attraction or fiery passion. It’s a different kind of love – steadfast, loyal, and deeply enriching. These people accept us wholly, celebrate our wins, and pick us up when we falter.

Think about a really bad day. Maybe you’ve had the kind of day where everything seems to go wrong. Then, out of the blue, your best friend gives you a giant hug. Suddenly, everything seems to feel a little bit better. That’s the power of platonic love. It’s finding your people, the ones who accept your weirdness without question.

Scientific studies show that good friendships can make us feel happier and less lonely. They even boost our immune systems. Feeling truly seen and loved makes us stronger, ready to face whatever life throws our way. So, this level of support is like a power-up for your mental health.

So, How Do We Nurture These Lifelines?

Sadly, even the closest friendships can wither without intentional effort. Lives get busy, and priorities can shift. But tending to these bonds is a worthy and fulfilling investment in our well-being. Here’s how to make those meaningful connections a top priority:

Step One: Be Honest About Your Needs

Start with some introspective exploration. What kind of friendships are you yearning for? Are you craving more laughter and lighthearted fun? Perhaps you long for deeper conversations and intellectual stimulation. Or maybe you just want friends who offer unwavering support and empathy. Once you pinpoint what’s missing, you’ll be better equipped to find those people who fill the gaps in your life.

Step Two: Reconnect and Revitalize

Think of your existing friendships. Are there cherished connections that have fallen by the wayside? Don’t hesitate to reach out. A simple text, an invitation for coffee, or a heartfelt phone call can rekindle a beautiful bond. Be open about your desire for connection. Sometimes, a touch of vulnerability is the key to deepening any friendship.

Step Three: Embrace New Possibilities

Expanding your social circle doesn’t mean replacing old friends. But you can still look for opportunities to meet like-minded people. Join hobby groups, volunteer for a cause you’re passionate about, or try connecting through local meetups. Be open-hearted and curious. Some of the most fulfilling friendships blossom from the most unexpected places.

Practical Tips to Create Meaningful Platonic Bonds

  • Make time, even when it’s scarce: Schedule regular catch-ups, whether it’s weekly coffee dates or a monthly movie night. Think of those appointments as sacred and non-negotiable. It signals to your friends (and to yourself) that these connections truly matter.
  • Put effort into communication: Don’t just skim the surface. Actively listen to your friends, ask thoughtful questions, and share openly from your own heart. True connection thrives on depth and vulnerability.
  • Be appreciative and expressive: Gratitude is the glue of good friendships. Express your thanks for your friends’ presence in your life, celebrate their milestones, and let them know you’re always there for them.

Friendships Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Every friendship is different. While platonic love takes many forms, there’s no set definition of what it should look or feel like. Our inner circles could be small and intimate, or they might be a sprawling network of cherished friends, each one fulfilling a unique role in our lives.

Some connections will be light and playful, and others will plumb the depths of our souls. Each enriches our lives in its own way. When we ditch the notion that friendships should slot neatly into predefined categories, we can celebrate the delightful spectrum of connection outside the parameters of romance.

Overcoming Roadblocks to Deep Connection

Of course, nurturing friendships isn’t always a seamless process. Life throws curveballs, and sometimes, those obstacles can hinder our ability to connect. Here are some common roadblocks and tips for navigating them:

  • The tyranny of “busyness”: Busyness is a pervasive problem. Friendships can easily take a backseat when work and life commitments pile high. Combat this by making “friend time” a non-negotiable part of your schedule. Even brief moments of connection, intentionally carved out, can make a world of difference.
  • Fear of vulnerability: Putting ourselves out there can be scary, especially if we’ve been hurt before. Start small. Share a slightly personal story, offer a genuine compliment, or express a heartfelt need. Slowly peeling back the layers allows trust and intimacy to grow.
  • Geographical distance: Maintaining friendships across different cities or countries requires more intentionality. Schedule regular video calls, share slices of your daily life through texts and photos, and try to plan in-person visits when feasible. Distance poses challenges, but with effort, deep connections can still flourish.

The Rewards of Intentional Friendship


When we make time for meaningful platonic connection, we invest in our emotional well-being, joy, and ability to weather life’s storms.

Here are just a few of the ways these potent bonds enrich our lives:

  • Boosted self-esteem: Good friends serve as mirrors, reflecting our positive qualities back to us. This strengthens our self-worth and reminds us that we are lovable and valuable.
  • A broader perspective: The beauty of friendship is that it exposes us to new ideas, perspectives, and ways of being. Our friends challenge us to grow, broaden our horizons, and see the world with fresh eyes. They help us step outside our comfort zones.
  • Fun and shared experiences: Who better to share laughter and a sense of adventure than a cherished friend? Whether trying a new restaurant, exploring a local park, or enjoying a cozy night in, friendship makes life’s simple joys brighter and richer.

The benefits of platonic love extend beyond personal fulfillment. They ripple into our relationships, family life, and even the wider world. You can also check for more info here:

As we nurture our platonic bonds, we can also champion the power of friendship in the lives of others. Notice a coworker who seems lonely? Extend an invitation or strike up a conversation. See a friend struggling? Check in and offer support. Small acts of kindness can build bridges and create a community where everyone feels connected and valued.


While romantic love and personal success are often touted as the keys to a fulfilling life, platonic love provides crucial support for individual well-being. Strong friendships ground us, inspire us, and can make life’s journey even more joyful. By nurturing our cherished relationships with open hearts and curious minds, we can strengthen our identity, foster personal growth, and spread love and connection.

Written by Alana Harrington