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Pros And Cons Of An Automatic Garage Door Opener Installation – 2024 Guide

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Automation for garage doors has quickly gained popularity and demand since it appeared on the market. This is not surprising, because remotes and openers provide unrivaled convenience when using the garage.

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Pros of an automatic garage door opener installation

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Automatic gates have many advantages. Among them are the following:

  • No effort is needed to open the gate, just press a button on the remote control. This function is especially helpful in case of bad weather, when you don’t feel like getting out of the car at all. Even if the rain or strong wind caught you by surprise, you can safely take out the remote control and, without leaving the car, open the gates. Also when you return home at a later time, you do not need to look for keys in the dark – just press one button on the remote control.
  • Modern technologies make it possible to achieve durable operation from automation, without failures and breakdowns. Some manufacturers give a guarantee for 25 thousand openings and closings.
  • Safety for people – the system of instant shutdown will ensure that the gate stops in case of obstacles on the way.
  • Garage protection – automation is a reliable means of protecting the garage from burglary. Once closed, a special safety device will prevent breaking into the garage. At the same time, a special encoding is used in the remote controls, which is very difficult to crack. Therefore, do not worry that someone will be able to copy or read the device code.
    If you turn off the power supply, do not panic. In this case, you can manually open the doors as before.
  • The opener looks stylish and does not violate the design of the gate.

Cons of an automatic garage door opener installation

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There are only two disadvantages:

  • The possibility of buying a fake. Not every automation can boast of excellent workmanship. It will not be able to serve you even for several years, if cheap elements were used in its production. Therefore, you should pay maximum attention to the choice of the seller. For example, National Garage offers remotes & openers directly from the manufacturer’s factory with a guarantee, so you can be sure of the quality of materials, which is confirmed by certificates.
  • High price. The price depends on the type of gate and the required functions. Standard kits come at an affordable price, but the cost will increase if you need additional options such as smartphone control kit or battery backup.

Types of electric drives for garage doors

If you have opted for an automatic garage door opener installation, you should use only original components and entrust the job to qualified specialists. Otherwise, the risk of skewing or jamming of the doors is not excluded.

Given the availability of free territory near the garage and the technical requirements one of three types of automated gates can be chosen:

  • swing
  • sliding
  • lifting

Depending on the desired functionality, automatic gate control mechanisms are equipped with a certain type of motors.

Swing gate motors

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  • Linear drives – worm gear driven. The movement takes place by lengthening or shortening, respectively. Such devices are practical and inexpensive.
  • Lever drives, the control principle of which is similar to the movement of a human hand. The design is based on an elongated lever, two parts of which are connected by a movable hinge. This mechanism is suitable for the heaviest doors.
  • Underground drive – has an aesthetic advantage over the first two models. It completely hides the fact of the presence of automation. The construction is quite expensive and requires certain skills to install. Doors open up to 110 degrees.

Sliding gate motors

  • Chain drive – installed on a rail with a carriage. The carriage is driven by a chain and the gate opens (or closes). When the gate is fully open, the drive is disengaged, the chain blocks the gate in this state, so there is no need to install any locks.
  • Roller drive – due to the rollers, the gate can move smoothly and without hindrance. The carriages look like a thick metal platform on which the rollers are installed. It is extremely important that the carriage is as strong as possible, as it supports the weight of the sash.

Sectional door motors

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  • Rack drive (moving along the guide). An electric drive with a guide is located above the opening door shield and is connected to the door in the upper part through a pull rod. These drives can be installed on gates with low and standard height.
  • Shaft drive (movement with a chain). The shaft drive is installed directly on the torsion shaft to the left or right side of the opening and requires 250 mm of free space. It can only be installed on doors with a torsion mechanism. The advantage of this type of motors is the possibility of installation to the gates of heavy weight and large dimensions.

Roller door motors

The shaft drive – the door is wound around the rotating shaft. The design is distinguished by its reliability, as well as the ability to withstand huge loads: up to 500 kilograms. Therefore, the shaft type of automation is used exclusively for large-scale industrial gates.

The small shaft drive is located inside the box and is suitable for lifting doors weighing up to 200kg. The system is durable and ideal for domestic use. For example, the Merlin MR655MYQ Roller Opener at operates doors up to 100 kgs.

What to check after an automatic garage door opener installation?

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After the drive is installed, it is necessary to check the functionality, if everything is done correctly, the doors should move in the right direction smoothly. If there are jerks, you need to re-check the correct connection of the terminal.

It is also recommended to equip the automation with a motion sensor. It will significantly increase the safety of the gates operation, because they will automatically stop if movement appears near the opening.

For a complete description of all the nuances of electric drives choosing and installation, we would have to write a book. To save your time, we have covered only the main subject, but if you have questions regarding the choice, functionality and installation of electric drives and garage door automation, feel free to contact National Garage. We are always ready to help you!

Written by Ana Weaver