How To Receive SMS From Online Services Over The Internet


These days the internet plays an important part in our lives. We use it every day to watch movies or listen to music, talk to friends, make payments and even work. Nowadays it is even possible to receive short text messages for verification on various online services over it. This is not a joke. There is no more need in using personal phone numbers for this purpose like it was a few years ago. The key is a temporary phone number for receiving SMS.

It brings to the table a lot of useful solutions and is definitely worth trying by those who would like to start receiving short text messages to sign up for online services over the internet.

Reasons for using

Temporary phone numbers are becoming more and more popular as more internet users see their value as a practical fix for a variety of online issues. They are an excellent tool, for instance, when it comes to creating several accounts on the same website or app. Since temporary numbers can be acquired and used immediately online through specialized websites platforms, they eliminate the need to buy a SIM card and thus save a significant amount of money and time.

Temporary phone numbers are also a fantastic choice for anyone who wishes to protect their online privacy. Such numbers make it difficult and even impossible to see the location of its user. As a result, there is no more concern about data loss and theft. Most crucially, temporary numbers are the sole means to get around mobile phone verification for residents of countries that, for whatever reason, some online services do not support.

Main benefits


The benefits list of temporary numbers includes a variety of things. This tool is used by everyone for different purposes. However, each of these benefits is important to note since temporary phone numbers wouldn’t be as useful for solving issues as they are now without the combination of all of them. These are the benefits that they bring to the table:

  • Low cost, typically less than $1;
  • Remote purchasing and activation;
  • Lack of quantitative limitations;
  • Complete discretion;
  • The capability of using numbers from anywhere in the world;

In conclusion, temporary numbers are helpful in a variety of circumstances. The nicest thing about them, though, is that they don’t call for specialized training or in-depth technical expertise. It just takes a few minutes to take advantage of them.

Who can use temporary phone numbers?

Sometimes there is an opinion that this feature can be used only by programmers or large technology-related companies as it is not available to regular internet users. However, it doesn’t work like that. Temporary numbers are designed to be a helpful solution for everyone. With that being said, they are available for use by everyone.

It doesn’t even say from which country the user comes, not saying that there is also no need to provide any personal information which makes them completely private and secure in case of data thefts and leakages. Most often online services require customers only to complete short registration in order to sign up for an account. Such accounts can be used to take advantage of all their solutions right after registration. It is really simple but, most importantly, provides global availability around the world without any sort of discrimination.

Obtaining a temporary number to receive SMS


Only a few temporary phone number providers dominated the industry just a few years ago. But things have drastically altered over time. Nowadays getting a temporary number is possible for everyone with more than a hundred different websites and apps. Only one item has to be noted. Since there are a lot of offers to choose from and not all of them are of high quality or reasonably priced, users, especially new ones, need to choose wisely.

SMS-Man combines the top features available on the market. It provides at a fair fee one-use and long-term temporary numbers which are issued in over a hundred countries and support all the popular and demanded online services. Potential users must first complete a brief registration process in order to get one or more temporary phone numbers. Here is how it goes and what to do after:

  1. Proceed to and sign up for an account.
  2. Visit the payment page and recharge your balance. There are numerous payment options available including bank transfers, electronic payment systems, and even cryptocurrencies.
  3. Choose the country for the mobile provider of the temporary number on the main page.
  4. Search for an online service from which it is needed to receive SMS.
  5. Make a purchase.

Now just look for the ordered temporary phone number or on your personal profile and copy it. This number is ready to use. Put it on the registration form of the previously selected service and send a verification code. You can reveal the sent code by clicking the appropriate button on SMS-Man. Nothing else needs to be done with it.



Temporary numbers are a great solution for those who want to sign up for one or another service on the internet but for some reason don’t have their own numbers available or would like to keep them a secret. They are cheap, convenient to use, and available to users from anywhere in the world as everything that is needed to take advantage of them is a modern device with an internet connection.

In addition, it is not limited to how many temporary phone numbers one person can get and activate. This number is basically infinite.

Thus, it is possible to sign up for unlimited accounts on whatever website or app. It is way more convenient and cost-effective than purchasing numerous SIM cards from a cellular carrier.

Overall, the popularity of temporary numbers is constantly growing and there are definitely reasons for that. They are an effective and multipurpose tool for solving a long list of tasks on the internet.

Written by Kan Dail