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Red Bali Kratom: Features, Dosage, Side Effects


Kratom has deep origins in South East Asia, where it has been used for many centuries to aid its people’s overall well-being. Nowadays, people are now looking for natural remedies to relieve their anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

They have turned to red bali kratom. It is a play on words in that it’s from Bali, Indonesia, and it’s got from the red vein of the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa. It is also known as Biak, Thang or Kakum. The plant is unique in that its leaves are harvested and dried in natural sunlight for long periods. This is to increase the intrinsic content of the alkaloids making it very potent.

It has a very smooth taste and is crowned the king of serenity due to its perfect balance of relaxing and energizing effects. This article will now show you the features, dosages, and side effects of Red Bali Kratom.

Features & Benefits


Unlike the yellow or white vein, the supply of red vein is sufficient enough in the market because it is grown and processed quickly. The plant is ideal for a stressful lifestyle because of its features responsible for the many health benefits. For more information about benefits visit

Improves your mental health

The main benefits of using Red Bali Kratom include relief of anxiety, depression, stress, pain, trauma, and reduced severity of opioid withdrawal and muscle soreness. Alkaloids responsible for the effects are 7-hydroxy mitragynine, paynanthine and speciociliatine, and mitragynine which is the major one.

It is also used to alleviate depressive episodes by acting on the dopamine receptors. Increasing the neurotransmitter dopamine hence increasing the ‘feel good’ effects.

Eases pain

The binding of mitragynine to the kappa subtype of opioid receptors produces analgesic effects. It is therefore used in the management of chronic pain without the adverse withdrawal effects as seen in morphine.

Enhances focus

Mitragynine also increases blood flow to the frontal cortex associated with consciousness, decision-making, and cognition. This caffeine alkaloid, therefore, enhances focus without any downside.

Boosts energy


The plant achieves this all without the sugar found in energy drinks or the jitters associated with caffeine. Apart from an increase in energy, it is, therefore, in tune with your health goals—a perfect combo.

When taken in tiny amounts, this increase in energy and focus will help with the afternoon slumps and laziness feelings. In the long run, it ends up maximizing your productivity with a considerable margin. This strain is beneficial if you are studying for an exam or carrying out another task demanding cognitive effort.

Promotes immunity

Red Bali Kratom helps keep the immune system in check. This function also contributes to the anti-inflammatory effects.

It also has immunostimulatory alkaloids that give a jolt to your immune system, thus increasing the protective capacity to fight off infections. These alkaloids include; Isorhynchorpylline, isopteropodine and isomitraphylline.

However, tolerance to Kratom develops quickly, so it is imperative to take frequent intermissions if you plan on long term use.

Facilitates Effective Workouts

If you work out, then you know that improving requires progressive overload. Taking Kratom a few minutes before your workout will increase blood flow to your muscles thus enhancing the rate at which they utilize the body’s nutrients. When this happens, you can be sure that you will be making and breaking personal records in no time.

Also, due to the anti-inflammatory properties, the muscles recover faster. Overall, regular use of Red Bali Kratom will optimize your athletic performance.

Dosage of Red Bali Kratom


The compound is distributed in the form of powder, tinctures or capsules. There is no standard dosage when it comes to Red Bali Kratom. Coupled with being very powerful, this is why it is not recommended for first-time users.

Red Kratom kicks in within 5 – 10 minutes, and effects last for about 5 hours. They are dependent on the user’s genetics, age, gender, health status, and body weight. People with a high tolerance level require a high dose, while those with low tolerance need to lower doses because the effects are too strong.

The amount and type of food taken will influence how long the effects will last. Foods rich in protein and fats tend to stay longer in the stomach and slow down the drug’s absorption.

The following are doses and some of the effects associated with Red Bali Kratom. Use them to guide your indulgence in the drug.

To improve your mood and energy, ingest about 2-4 grams of the powder. 4-6 grams are beneficial for discomfort and pain relief, while 8-10 grams are good for sedation. Higher doses can help you relax and reduce insomnia through the anxiolytic effects of the drug.

For beginners, start slowly and increase gradually, testing for the ideal doses that work for you. Pay attention to how you are feeling; that will be key to the experiment.

Red Bali Kratom has no potential for dependency, especially when used appropriately. However, there is little research about it.

Side Effects of Red Bali Kratom


These are vomiting, nausea, sedation and appetite suppression. Others are associated with overdosing on the Red Bali Kratom and include constipation, blurry vision, nausea, and headache.

Reduce the dose when the side effects worsen; your health is your number one priority.


Kratom has been used for generations; the Red Bali strain found in Indonesia is processed through drying in natural UV light. This makes it the most powerful of all the strains and thus proper care should be taken before indulging. It has been used because it helps boost energy, improve focus, mitigate pain, and many others. These effects vary between persons. It is recommended to experiment with doses, increasing gradually to know what works best for you.

The powder is not regulated by the FDA. Therefore, it’s easy to get counterfeit products or overdose. Please buy your products from reliable or reputable sources and check their reviews to ascertain their credibility. Also, conduct your research before indulging in Red Bali Kratom. Please consult your medical professional if you are taking any medication that might interact with the compound.

Written by Marinelle Adams