What Are The Red Flags When Online Dating? 6 Things To Know


Are you into online dating? Do you go out on dates with people you’ve met through dating apps? Or maybe you have anxiety attacks when someone you’re messaging every day finally invites you for a coffee or walk. Don’t worry, many people in the world are facing the same issues.

Sometimes, we want to trust the other person so badly, but it ends up a catastrophe. In other cases, we can indeed meet great people through dating apps, but the question is, how many of them are really using them? According to, you can meet people with the same or similar interests online. The important part is to find a reliable dating service, and learn how to recognize the most common red flags, which can save you a lot of time and prevent stress.

Are you aware of some of the suspicious online behaviors, that shows you don’t really have to go out with a particular person? Or even better, stop messaging them immediately.

Let’s take a look over:

1. Their bio says something not quite right

We are all free to describe ourselves the way we think it’s appropriate. But, some people go far and mention things like weird fetishes, violence, or threats. Even though it seems naïve, or they claim they are joking, you must be very careful with these people.

Maybe the person is joking, but you don’t need to check that out yourself. The best you can do is to report that profile, instead of matching with them. We all know predators are all around us, so be careful, even when your gut tells you that you have nothing to worry about.

2. Too many differences


There is nothing wrong with being different than the person you are dating. What we are trying to say is that sometimes you want more than dating, and they don’t, or vice versa. Maybe you want to have a partner with no boundaries, and they want to get married. Ensure these interests are aligned.

Any other difference is not that complicated, because it doesn’t matter if you don’t like the same movie genre, or you drink espresso, and they love a latte. But, when you have quite different expectations from each other, it’s smarter to pass that thing away and look for something more compatible.

3. Something makes you feel uncomfortable

We all know that feeling. Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with the messages, but the idea of getting closer to this person makes you feel uncomfortable. Our gut sometimes can trick us into thinking we overreact, but in most cases, you have to trust that feeling.

So, if you see yourself cringing when a notification appears, it’s time to move away from that person, even when it’s completely virtual.

4. They ignore your boundaries


Some people are too pushy, so they ignore all the boundaries you set. That means they even send you unsolicited photos and videos or try to call you during working hours. You may be patient enough to repeat what you don’t like, but some people think they have a complete right to send you messages throughout the whole day, or even try to video call you.

Then, when you tell them you don’t want to share your phone number or invite them to come over, they get angry and blame you that you don’t want the thing to work out. Honestly, why would you give a chance to someone who doesn’t understand simple instructions, and won’t respect your boundaries? If you recognize your situation in this description, it’s time to rethink the whole communication and avoid being ignored, especially when you try to set limits, but someone tests them.

5. Their expectations and dealbreakers

Let’s be honest, we all have something that turns us off when it comes to communication and potential partners. But, if you see someone with a long list of unrealistic expectations, and even more weird dealbreakers, you need to avoid that person.

It’s good to be honest and transparent, and it’s healthy for potential relationships. But, can you imagine dating someone who wants their partner to be silent, but knows how to prepare meals three times a day, and still spend time with them? Or maybe they don’t want to meet any of your friends but say they appreciate it when you meet theirs.

Yes, we all have standards and dealbreakers, but that doesn’t mean we have a complete right to ask others to respect them. Sometimes, we have to adjust to the situation, especially when we expect the other person to do the same. So, let them mention their standards, expectations, and dealbreakers, but don’t even think about taking it personally. If you dislike it, just swipe left or decline the match request.

6. They get angry if you don’t reply to them immediately


When online dating, it’s good to know that the other person has a life and a job, and replying at the very same minute sometimes is impossible. We are sure you’re aware of it, and you don’t expect to chat during working hours. But, can you imagine minding your business, and then checking your phone to see if someone messaged you, and finding a whole rant about not replying?

These people think they are entitled to your time and expect your complete dedication. And it’s such an incredible thing they think you have to give that to them. At this point, you can repeat your limits once again, but next time you can simply unmatch that person.


Dating nowadays is full of challenges and adjustments, and it has to be done by both sides. Don’t expect someone to respect your boundaries if you don’t do that for them. Also, don’t give an unlimited number of chances to those who are obviously too pushy and insist on immediate intercourse or photo exchange.

Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable dating online, you don’t really have to do that. Just remove that app from your phone, and enjoy your life.

Written by Kan Dail