Reinventing Banking: 10 Good Banks With No Overdraft Fees


It’s always a bummer when you have to pay extra when you overdraw from your account, especially when you’re already low on cash! This is the problem caused by overdraft fees and payments added to your account because you spent more than what you have.

Because of this, extra expenses may pile up, and you could lose track of your overall balance – ultimately having to pay a large amount of money. Overdraft fees may seem unnecessary, but they can be a financial burden. So, to aid you with this crisis, the best choice you could make is to choose a bank that has little to no charges when it comes to overdraft fees:

Banks With Little To No Overdraft Fees

Switching banks can sound tricky or troublesome for you, but it does come with its benefits – especially with the presence of no-fee banks! You don’t need to worry as you’re not the only one on this ride. In 2019, up to 93% of Millenials found that no-fee banking is necessary and critical.

Furthermore, if you want to indulge in this ride fully, Crediful has got what you need! Providing you with essential information on everything you need to know about good banks and their accompanying features, Crediful has indeed got your back.



Chime lives up to its “Banking that has your back” slogan with its multiple perks upon signing. This mobile-accessible bank has an overdraft feature that charges you with no fees called SpotMe. With this bank, you’d have no problem paying overdraft fees or even monthly services, foreign transactions, and minimum balance requirement fees.

Additionally, you instantly know everything that is going on with your money as it has daily reminders and transaction alerts. Indeed, if you’re looking for an accessible and sustainable bank fit for you, Chime is one bank to sign up for!

Acorns Spend Checking Account


Acorns come second with their no minimum balance and no overdraft fee policies. With this bank, you are given more time to focus on your savings and invest in your account as you are given a Visa debit card.

Although this bank charges you a 3-dollar fee every month, there are still perks that you could enjoy. In this digital bank, you could send your checks digitally and check your deposits mobile. You could even use your debit card on any ATM accepting Visa cards – and the best part is that there are no ATM fees!



This mobile bank offers its users helpful features to help you manage your cash effectively. By signing up in Simple, you could already place all of your upcoming bills and purchases in the mobile app, and it will immediately calculate the total money you will spend.

Because it has access to your cash-on-hand, it will show you the remaining balance that has already been subtracted from the upcoming purchases you’ve made. With this, you can already take into account all of your expenses and remaining money. Intuitive and helpful – that is Simple!



Although Discover charges you with a 30 dollar fee every time you overcharge, it will only do so once a day. Unlike banks that charge you the same amount regardless of how much your overdraft each day, Discover has its limits.

Besides, this bank also connects your savings account with a checking account, making cash transfers more manageable and faster. So every time you need extra cash, you could always get a free transfer if you need one!

Fidelity Investments


Fidelity Investments screams flexibility. With no need to pay for extra fees, on-the-go choices to access your cash in any way you want, and to pay for purchases through your phone, you’re given the option to put your money to action through various methods.

And like Discover, this bank also links your checking account with a savings account for you to pay for any instant purchases out of budget.

Capital One


When you go overdraft for Capital One, you are given a month to settle your account. Yes, you read that right, a month! Even with an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 12.25%, it is still a better picture than what other banks have to offer.

And with a whole month of leeway, you get the freedom and flexibility to save up for your overdraft fee.



For TIAA Bank, the overdraw fee may vary from the 9.15% APR. Because of this monthly change, every overdraw fee could also vary – which could decrease or increase at any time. Additionally, if you miss the monthly payment, there is a late payment fee of 25 dollars.

TIAA Banks make up for it with their mobile perks – allowing you to manage your account, check your deposits and pay your bills anywhere and anytime.

Schwab One


With Schwab One, you are offered convenience with no fees for foreign transactions, no minimums, and an unlimited fee for ATM rebates. If you get an overdraft fee, money from your Schwab brokerage account will be transferred to your checking account. When talking about ease and accessibility, Schwab One is one bank that comes through!

Axos Bank


Axos Bank also gives you the best perks with no reimbursement, no monthly fees, and no overdraft fees! With this bank, you could enjoy mobile banking and use any ATM in the country. Additionally, you could easily do money transfers and pay bills.

Ally Bank


With Ally Bank, you’d have to sign up for an overdraft protection program, and they will transfer money to your checking account from your savings account if you ever have an overdraft. The bright side of this equation is that there is no extra charge for doing so.


For people who accidentally or willingly spend more than what it is in their bank account, having an overdraft protection plan or signing yourself with a bank with no overdraft fee are the two best options.

Furthermore, you will no longer have the financial burden caused by overdraft fees as we’ve offered you not only one choice but ten banks that give you ease, accessibility, and convenience.

Written by Marinelle Adams