Facts and Stats about Relationships and Dating in the U.S.


It is no secret relationships have become diverse in several ways over the past few decades. It is no secret either that most of the United States population is becoming increasingly uninhibited. It stands true for younger and older crowds. A majority of the population, for instance, has taken to online dating with much hype. Few if any people seek to make new bonds, be it for casual or long-term unions, wandering in bars, or clubs. For example, 12% of together2night users were in a long-term relationship or had been married to people they met on dating sites or social networks. Relationships have become superficial, say some, but for many, it is about finding love and companionship quicker, no timewasting or beating around the bush.

Couples Not Flinching Due to Covid-19 or Anything Else


Who said couples were breaking up due to Covid-19? At some point during early 2024, rumors were flying that couples now had to stay indoors predominantly more (true) and that this was putting a strain on relationships. This sample must have been taken in some remote part of the world.

American couples have veered away from expectations and cultures that depict relationships as frivolous. If you are in the category of people who deem relationships as somewhat superficial, volatile and perhaps easily destroyed, think again. These couples, young and old, are not going to be swayed by the media, or indeed peers, into trivial, timewasting relationships.

American couples were likely to remain adamant their relationships were exactly where they were pre-covid. Approximately 53 % percent of couples were noted as saying things were going pretty well, amid lockdowns et al, and most fathers are happy to be spending more time with their kids.

Thirty- Percent of Americans Have Used Dating Apps as of 2019


No surprise here, between lockdowns and lack of decent places to find hookups and all, dating apps are the in-thing at the moment. Not to say you cannot find love, a one-nighter, or similar encounters from your neighbor, but apps bring your neighbor closer to you, faster, in your inbox, to be exact.

As of 2019, three out of ten Americans admitted to having used dating apps- not necessarily during that year, but they had made use of them. The older crowd, over 50s, uses these apps too, but most online dating members are of the younger variety. It is primarily because of the need for instant gratification, be it in material wealth or sexual satisfaction.

Deal-Breakers – No money? – No Honey


Don’t fret; not every pretty little thing out there is after your money. However, statistics show that in 2019, several folks were surveyed, and the results quite interesting.

The surveys had to do with relationships, and 51% of participants said they would not consider dating, being in a relationship with someone living far off.

Also, if you had voted for Donald Trump (tongue in cheek), that would be a major deal-breaker (for 47 % of participants). Dating in the United States has not only become a full-time job, everything preceding the dates is a challenge.

A majority of the American public is taking to online dating, with certain sites offering the relief needed from dating blogs, matchmaking agencies around the block, and hookups from mutual friends.

Americans Break Silence on Pre-Marital/ Casual Sex


Well, what do you know, it seems Americans aren’t too fond of having casual flings while in a relationship after all. Specifically, it seems a majority of Americans find it more or less acceptable to engage in sex, before marriage.

However, sleeping around when you are in a committed relationship is frowned upon, at least by 68% of adult Americans. Here’s where it gets interesting. Gay men, and women, seem to find it more acceptable to sleep around even when dating, or in a serious relationship, but, exchanging lewd or explicit photos should be taboo.

It seems sexual orientations, along with individual preferences, play a huge role in what is deemed immoral or acceptable. Unlike what the media may perpetuate to be true, young men and women do not find affairs acceptable, nor is sleeping around when in a union considered the norm.

What is considered taboo varies according to culture, but it seems, it is becoming more of a personal thing, not necessarily based on one’s upbringing.

Our Mature Daters – Sneaky Old-Timers


In case our readers aren’t aware, mature dating is taking off faster than you can say online dating. Several old-timers, in 2019, proved to the world that they are not seeking to be in committed relationships. On that note, they did reveal that they, at one point or another, took to online dating.

Slightly over a quarter of Americans, aged 65+ admitted to having visited online dating platforms and engaged one or two several members. For the most part, there are more female singles aged over 60 years than there is male.

Also, it is likely that most of the mature men and women you will meet with new partners will have met offline as opposed to through online dating platforms. To put this in terms of statistics, only approximately 5 % of older couples, aged sixty-five and above, met online, compared to 21% of youths, aged between 18 and 29.

In a nutshell, you will likely find younger peeps hopping at the opportunity to find lust, perhaps love online, faster than mature folks. This happens for a number of reasons, including the fact that some dating sites are a tad too techy for old-timers. Although a few offer easy-to-use webpages, it is still a venture many older people would rather avoid, especially if mutual friends are performing well in the networking departments.

Bottom Line

Finding love online is still considered taboo, perhaps slightly desperate, in the eyes of some. However, Americans seem to have embraced online dating sites with no reservations, with both young old making up the clientele. These stats only point to a few sampled Americans, but they shed light on how relationships are faring, be it due to Covid-19, or simply a change in lifestyle choices. Either way, online dating is knocking on your desktop, be you twenty, or sixty years old.

Written by Marinelle Adams