What Remote Jobs Are The Easiest To Find And Keep?


While remote jobs are often associated with the gig economy, this is just one side of the story. Even people working from home worry about the job market and employment stability.

Instead of constantly being on the lookout, they would probably prefer to have a reliable employer and a job with career advancement opportunities. Still, can you have all of this while still working from home?

  • There’s no reason why this would be impossible

However, we must acknowledge that not all remote jobs are made equal. With that in mind, here are some remote jobs that are easier to find and keep.

Virtual Assistant

When you become a virtual assistant, you provide administrative aid to people who need it. In time, they rely on you so much that onboarding a new assistant becomes troublesome. This ensures job stability, but you must do a good job to get to this point.

The job is incredibly flexible compared to the standard 9 to 5 job. You are also working remotely, which means that if you decide to pivot or change your employer, you don’t have to change too much of your daily routine. You’ll have to take no different route for commuting or recalculating your travel expenses.

Some virtual assistants are generalists, but you can always specialize. By specializing in specific industries, like real estate, dental, etc., you are improving your chances of getting hired, your hourly rate, and even your significance to the employer. Since there are fewer specialists than generalists, keeping a job will be much easier.

Customer service representative


A job of a customer service representative can be lucrative. You will learn how to solve problems actively and directly interact with customers. This is a skill that will benefit you even if you decide to start your own business at a later date.

The most important part is that most of the time, no previous experience is necessary. This makes it easier to get started and find your first employment. Since finding first employment is a significant bottleneck in the remote jobs industry, this is a huge plus.

Also, customer service representatives develop a lot of transferable skills. On the one hand, this improves your CV and your future hiring chances. This means that the next job will be easier to find and that conditions will be more favorable. At the same time, your current employer is aware of this, which means you get more leverage. In other words, they’ll be less likely just to let you go.

Online personal shopper

An online personal shopper is a career opportunity that many people may be unfamiliar with. In a way, it’s their role to advise shoppers on how to make great purchases. They do so via email, chat, or in person. Also, they assist in making shopping orders and coordinating deliveries. Personal shoppers are especially useful when it comes to the return of purchased goods and handling cashback.

The reason why some people lose the favor of their employer is that they become too complacent with their current condition. They become too comfortable and start taking their responsibility for granted. As a personal shopper, you are a self-employed professional. This puts you in charge of your entire business model. It helps keep you driven.

A good thing about being a personal shopper is that you don’t need too many qualifications to get started. Then, you’ll get a chance to prove yourself. Because this is a relatively new industry, there are no examples of entrepreneurial entropy or a ceiling you cannot breach. You earn as much as you can and advance as much as you’re capable of.

Home tutor


Teaching is more than just a profession; it’s a vocation. As a home tutor, you get flexible work hours, a chance to make a real change, and a great way to supplement your income. While you can do this full-time or make it your primary source of income, you could also use it to boost your household budget. By also learning how to save a bit on household expenses can revolutionize your budget.

Because you get paid per class and by each student, your income is segmented. This makes it secure. Even if one of your students leaves, this is a tolerable income loss that will quickly be made up for. In other words, while this is not necessarily job security, we can all agree that income security is far more significant.

Now, education is a deeply personal process. Sometimes, the pace at which you’re learning depends on your tutor. People get personally attached to their teachers. So, if you’re a freelance tutor, you’ll have an easy time keeping your clients. On the other hand, if you’re working from an agency, your employer knows that if they let you go, there’s a risk of some of their clients (students) following you. This will make them hesitant to let you go.


Being a writer allows you to make money by doing something creative. In terms of remote jobs, it’s likely either:

  • Copywriting
  • Ghostwriting

In some instances, however, you will be able to make money doing creative writing, as well. As a self-publishing author, you’ll be self-employed, which deviates from our topic.

So, how do you keep a job as a remote writer? It’s all up to you. Honoring deadlines is the most important trait. If you can’t make it in time, you can always say so as soon as you get the task. They can transfer it to someone else or extend the deadline. Avoiding plagiarism and AI-made content goes without saying. As they say, you can shear a sheep a hundred times, but you can only skin it once. Don’t do this to your career.


Tax Preparer

The role of a remote tax preparer is relatively easy to find and maintain due to several factors. The demand for tax preparation services remains consistently high, creating a steady stream of opportunities for remote tax preparers to secure work with various clients and organizations. Additionally, advancements in technology have made it simpler for tax preparers to work remotely, eliminating the need for a physical office and allowing for a flexible work environment.

This accessibility and flexibility attract a larger pool of candidates, making it easier for individuals to find employment as remote tax preparers. Moreover, once established in the field, tax preparers can build a loyal client base and maintain long-term relationships by delivering accurate and efficient tax solutions. The job’s seasonal nature also allows individuals to balance their workload and personal commitments effectively. If you’re looking for work as a remote tax preparer, Intuit is actively hiring for several different positions that you can apply for on their website.

Wrap Up

Ultimately, every job is easy to keep if you do it conscientiously and your employer is fair. Sadly, a lot of remote workers ignore the latter part. Unless you’re desperate for a job, be careful whom you work with. Otherwise, job stability (and even job conditions) won’t be up to you. Other than this, pick an industry where you can develop skills and make yourself indispensable.

Written by Kan Dail