3 Things To Do If You Failed To Renew Your L1 Visa in Time


There are various visas that you can appeal for if you wish to hang on your life in the USA. Variations are available and one of these is an L1 visa. Corresponding option is a sturdy immigration course of action that grants foreign trades to have their individual employees to be relocated to a US branch or a company that affiliates with them.

It is just a piece of brief and straightforward information about L1 Visa. If there is still some confusion in your head and wish to be informed, head over to Ashoori Law to unquestionably be aware of all the demands and things you need to be conscious about this Visa type.

However, if you already owned this kind of visa and are wishing to renew. You’re accepted in this place or platform. With having an L1, the actual occupation that you have by a foreign company should be steady. In addition, there should be a professional relationship linking the US company and a foreign company that you’re in all over the whole time scale of the L1 beneficiary’s stay in the foreign country, the US.

On the other hand, there is no fixed number of annual renewals or number of L1 Visas that possibly be granted. Conversely, it is way different from other visas, which have an annual quota. For instance, there are visas that have limited renewal access. Regardless, visa renewal is essential for your L1 Visa whereas it demands to be. Flopping to restore them, there will be a huge problem, and you might be kicked inside the US and come home to the country where you initially work.

When talking about immigration, it is a serious aspect when your L1 extension is disproved. We cannot control these unfortunate things that are happening while you are still under a certain type of visa. Nowadays, there are a lot of reasons why your extension is taken back. If this unfortunate situation takes place for you, you may be eager to know if there is a grace or moratorium period to help you still lengthen your stay. Fortunately, there are. Now that seeking professional help is convenient, it will be easier for you to find ways to still stay in the U.S and have a legal Visa. With the help of a licensed immigration intercessor, alternatives are still at hand and are within easy reach. A personal lawyer in attendance, you might potentially avoid the usual and frequent risks people manage to put together when panicking about pulling out in the U.S. Pay attention to these things and take note of these to-dos for the paces to take next when you find yourself taking in place in an unfortunate event which is the Disapproval of your stay’s extension.

Status Transferring


When your L1 Visa is denied, it may be hard to appeal a renewal again. It might take a while, and the next thing you knew, your L1 Visa is near to expired. If being equipped for other types of visas is your thing and bet of choice, it is an alternative for lingering in the country. Green card access at one’s fingertips to nonimmigrants is also a choice or even better, you should consider neglecting your existing Visa and shifting your status to a diverse kind of Visa that can feasibly be decided. It is laborious due to the fact that you’ll need to accomplish the demands and modifications for the latest status that you are lining up to.

You could look for various Visas types and see what kind of Visa is the preferable choice for you. In particular, the H1B status is qualifying its applicants to have an undergraduate diploma at least. Furthermore, a specialty and steady position in your current company that is related to your education is a requirement, too.

Another example is, let’s say you are fascinated in resettling to the U.S. for good, then a condition called “dual content” can be an option. It really depends on your modifications and intentions. Thus, the main point is you have to find a kind of Visa wherein you are certified so that you can transfer. With this method, a different status is all you have, and if you’re still into L1 Visa, you can come back in processing it when the time comes that it is already available to you. The disapproval of your stay’s extension is consequential; that is why this method can help you keep your stay put in the U.S.

L-1 Moratorium Period


There is no formal moratorium or grace period in denial. Thus, you will not be instantly tagged as “out of status” if you find yourself still staying in the U.S after the departure date that you need to follow. If your reason is quite reasonable, being lenient depends on the immigration if they review your situation. Be in touch with your lawyer regarding this. If you’re lucky enough, you can appeal a Motion to Re-open or file something like Reconsideration. The downside here is it is complex. On a good note, you can discuss it with your lawyer to find the best solution for your situation.

Premium Processing as an advantage for prolonging your L-1 Visa


There have to be two contrasting L1 Visa Extension kinds that you should be aware of. The immigration has Regular and another kind is Blanket. As we’ve mentioned above, reconsideration is a complicated method. This kind of classification is long to process. Thus, using premium processing will help to quicken its procedure. In this kind of fastening the processing, it will only last 15 calendar days of waiting. The long process of waiting to receive the immigration decision will be skipped. Its disadvantage is, of course, money, you have to pay extra. Moreover, you can’t guarantee that your payment is worth it. It is doubtful you get your extension appeal to be approved. While this may be true, they will refund if it is denied again.


On a final note, there is still a waiting time. Of course, it is the perfect moment to be anxious because you don’t know what will happen next, but you need to calm down and relax. Retaining a lawyer in hand has its advantages in terms of difficult times. First things firsts, make sure to get the perfect lawyer when you start your L1-Visa or in your journey of having a U.S dream. Many attorneys are willing to help you in filing petitions and extensions. They will assist you in every way that they can to get the documents you need. However, few lawyers are only willing to step up their job and be sympathetic, especially when your situation is being difficult and it is hard to hold on. Choosing your perfect lawyer is a wise decision that you ought to consider in the first place.

There are a lot of considerations to think about if circumstances like this have ever come to you. It would help if you were extra careful for you to renew your Visa successfully. The law is strict. We all know that in immigration, being careful is still not enough. You can’t ever tell since rules are still rules. You must go with the flow and try your best not to make a fuss out of it. To be sure in making decisions, you need to be calm and compose. Soon, you’ll get through it. Thanks to resources and people who are ready to help, your renewal might be successful, and you’ll finally live and work in the U.S in peace.

Written by Marinelle Adams