4 Reasons You Need A REV Check Before Buying Your Car


If you’re thinking of buying a used car, then the first thing to do is a REV check.

Buying a car is one of those decisions that could have a huge financial impact. Granted used cars cost much less than buying a new one from the dealership, but that’s still a transaction that many find difficult to fund.

That’s why it’s of utmost importance not to make a bad decision. Luckily for you, a REV check makes sure of that.

So, with all that said, let’s see the reasons why you need it before buying a new car.

What’s A REV Check?


REV stands for Register of Encumbered Vehicles. You might also find it under a different term, VSR or Vehicle Security Register.

These two are essentially the very same thing and both do the same job; they store records for all vehicles. To see a vehicle’s REV or VSR, you will need the VIN. Now, VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number and most of you are probably aware of what it is. For those who don’t know, this is a unique number that each vehicle gets and you can use this number to conduct the before-mentioned checks.

Reasons Why You Need A REV Check Before Buying a Car


Not many drivers are aware of exactly what a REV check can do. Let’s dive deeper into it.

1. It Shows You the Registration Details

First and foremost, a REV check will show you the car’s history. This includes tons of information such as the registration number of your vehicle, the expiration date of the vehicle, the making, model, and of course, the original color of the vehicle.

This isn’t anything strange as this is all information we get when registering our vehicles.

2. It Shows You the Off-Records

Whenever buying a used car, there is always that fear in the back of the head that the vehicle has gone through certain events that are irreversible. Write-offs, as they’re called, can make or break the purchase of a used car. No one wants to buy a vehicle that has been in an accident that resulted in changes so drastic that it’s not the same vehicle anymore.

When it comes to write-offs, there are a few that a REV check tells you about. It tells you about any repairable write-offs, any inspected write-offs, and statutory write-offs.

The brilliant thing about REV checks is that it tells you all about these events in great detail. The REV check will show you the type of incident and the type of damage the car has gone through.

3. It Will Show You Whether Or Not the Vehicle Has Been Stolen

One of the biggest concerns we have whenever buying a used car is the fear of buying a stolen one. This is not only something you don’t want, but it will also create all sorts of other legal issues.

Luckily for you, REV checks keep tabs on that as well. The brilliant thing about REV checks is that it keeps a theft record for each vehicle.

But this doesn’t only apply to the vehicle as a whole, but also individual parts. If any part has been stolen in the past, such as the engine, engine parts, number plate, or other parts, it will show it to you.

This helps bring clarity to the mind and makes the transaction much safer. No one in their right mind would buy a car with a stolen engine.

So if you want to prevent something like that from happening, then you’ll need to find a way to do a REV check. Since there are plenty of online services that provide that, finding one is easy. Luckily for you, we found one of the best ones out there. For more information make sure to check this out.

4. It Will Show You Whether Or Not the Vehicle Has Any Registered Debt

You’ll quickly realize that all these reasons are enough for you to sign up for a REV check. And this one certainly is a good enough motivation to do so. Namely, it’s not unusual for vehicle owners to sell their vehicles while there are still debts attached to the vehicle.

Again, this is something you don’t want as then you’d have to take over the existing debt. More so, the debt will most likely be found out and that would naturally make you pull out. But by then, you would have wasted so much time looking for the perfect car and end up disappointed.

How Much Does A REV Check Cost?


If you’re not aware of how much a REV check costs, then let’s play a game. Think of a number and let’s compare it to the average cost that services offer.

If you’re guess was $10 then congratulations. If you guessed anything more than $10, then you’re likely surprised at how inexpensive doing a REV check really is.

So think about what you’re getting for a measly $10. You’re getting peace of mind knowing that the owner hasn’t failed to report any damages, the vehicle and parts haven’t been stolen, there are no debts attached to the vehicle, and it shows you the write-off records.

Don’t Be Silly, Do A REV Check


Buying a used car with plenty of damages on record is obviously a bad thing. This is especially the case if the seller asks for a pretty unreasonable price for it.

It’s quite common to miss out on key details that would naturally lower the price of the vehicle even more. All of the before-mentioned reasons work only in your favor, not in the seller’s favor.

REV checks help buyers in so many ways it would be silly not to get one. Additionally, it helps bring peace of mind and makes sure you’re making the right choice.

So don’t make the obvious mistake and instead go do a REV check on the used car you’re thinking of buying next.

Written by P. Mito