How To Safely Display Guns At Home 


Guns are considered essential in many American homes. Some owners purchase firearms for property and personal protection, making an investment that affords them peace of mind amidst the rising crime rate and other threats to safety and security. Others acquire guns as enthusiasts or collectors. Regardless of the category you fall in, make sure you only purchase from licensed gun retailers, like those listed in Arms Directory.

In 2022, about 45 percent of households in the United States owned at least one gun on their property. The country also holds the record for having the greatest number of firearms in civilian ownership. Without a doubt, guns have become an integral part of the American home and lifestyle.

Guns should be safely stored and displayed in a way that would protect them from theft, as well as restrict access from unauthorized users. Continue reading this article to learn how you can safely display guns at home.

  • Consider The Type Of Household

The first factor to consider when putting guns on display at home is the type of household that you have. Do you live alone, with family, the elderly, and children? Is it a shared living space with high foot traffic? The type and amount of firearms you can display significantly depends on who the home occupants are and how many people can view or have access to the weapon.

While the absence of guns remains the best way to avoid untoward incidents involving weapons, there are times when they may be necessary for various reasons. In case you find an absolute need to keep firearms in a home with children and other untrained or unauthorized occupants, then it’s highly recommended to secure weapons in a restricted, out-of-reach area.

  • Select A Gun Display Location


If your household allows you to safely and conveniently have a gun display corner, the next step would be to find an ideal location and a reputable service provider of gun mounts. One good example is Spartan Mounts. You’ll need to put your gun mount or rack in a safe spot where you have private access to the weapons. Moreover, the storage space shouldn’t be visible from outside the home, where it can attract unwarranted attention.

For this reason, most gun enthusiasts opt to install gun mounts in the basement or a room with security features to safeguard its contents. Meanwhile, some may prefer a public weapons display if space and privacy allow.

  • Prepare A Display Container

Once you pick a location, you’ll need a display unit for organizing your firearms. It could be a mount, a rack, a display cabinet, and other storage options. The size and design depend on your preferences, though it would also be practical to consider the space you’re working with.

It’s also wise to consider the sizes and the number of firearms you want to display. Experts advise to group guns according to length and weight and choosing a storage unit that can accommodate their specifications.

  • Add Security Features

To enhance the safety of your gun display, you’ll need to add security features either to the room where the guns will be stored or in the display units. Some options include metal bars, polycarbonate bullet-proof glass panels, and combination locks for doors and shelves. For specialized locks, ensure they’re child-resistant and further secured by a unique lock code combination.

  • Practice Gun Safety Precautions


Putting guns on display poses the risk of theft, accidental injuries, and even fatality in extreme cases. With these in mind, it’s crucial to practice extra precautions should you put firearms in visible areas in your home.

Here are some of the basic gun safety precautions you can practice as you put your firearms on display at home:

  • Store weapons and ammunition separately.
  • Ensure that each gun is unloaded and locked before its placed on the display rack.
  • Keep all weapons out of reach and out of sight in common areas or shared spaces.

If you wish to display your guns in your living or entertainment area, ensure their accessibility and visibility are limited.

Also, if you’re considering a more dedicated space for your collection, designing your gun room with a focus on both aesthetics and security can create an ideal showcase and storage area that meets all your needs.

  • Educate Household Members About Gun Safety

While owning a weapon comes with benefits, it also has downsides. In 2020, guns became the leading cause of death for children below 18 in the United States. The gun death rate is around five out of 100,000, the highest in twenty years. With these statistics in mind, it has become more apparent that gun safety is crucial at home.

One of the most important aspects of responsible gun ownership is ensuring that the home occupants take part in practicing gun safety. If you’re the primary gun owner, you must educate household members about the consequences of improper gun handling and storage to keep them and the property safe.

Enhancing everyone’s awareness and knowledge of responsible gun use or handling may be easier among adults. However, this is not to discount children of any age from this crucial step. If you have young children, you can start this essential discussion by pointing out the differences between toy and real guns in ways they understand.

Many parents may think twice about discussing the danger of gun misuse to kids. Uncomfortable as it may be, however, an honest discussion about the risks entailed by handling a weapon can help your children understand why they must be careful around guns.

Aside from preventing accidents, you can also protect your children from potentially dangerous individuals by instructing them to inform a trusted adult if they see anyone carrying a firearm. You’re teaching your children how to protect themselves against danger and violence and understand responsible gun ownership by raising their awareness early.

Meanwhile, teenagers face the same risk of accidents or self-inflicted harm involving firearms at home. To protect your loved ones, help them understand the real purpose of gun ownership while letting them know the consequences when weapons are handled erroneously.



Safety is the key to having and maintaining a gun display at home. Ensure that your storage units and spaces are adequately secured to prevent accidents. Also, you can minimize the risk by limiting displayed weapons and correctly disposing of guns that are not needed. With these steps, you can practice responsible gun ownership, keeping your loved ones and property safe at home.

Written by Kan Dail