Scarlett Johansson Eyed For Starring Role In ‘the Birds’ Remake


Cinema is a part of our lives. It’s not just about voting for entertainment but teaches us some critical lessons. The big picture has it all for you because of its variety, from rom-coms and horror to intense psychological fame.

Some movies became so popular at the box office that it owns a lifetime record. Hollywood has often come up with remakes of iconic cinemas, which indeed impacted the audiences. The Birds’ is a film that is now targeted for a remake. Yes, you heard it right! Alfred Hitchcock planned to direct the remake of his infamous horror movie, which we knew from our trusted sources.

‘The Birds’ film was loosely based on Daphne du Maurier’s short story from 1952. Starring Rod Taylor, Jessica Tandy, Suzanne Pleshette, and ‘Tippi’ Hedren, the film’s natural horror element was sourced from a Birds attack. Released in 1963, the film was a giant hit at the box office. Now, Universal Studio is all set for the iconic film’s remake, and the fans can expect to experience a whole new level of the thrilling story.

Scarlett, the ‘Remake’ Star?

Acting celebrities have such an impact on us that, eventually, a fanbase is created. Now there’s news in the air that Scarlett Johansson is considered for the lead role. This news has raised the excitement of the fans, of course. The lead role has a huge responsibility; as a matter of fact, the movie was a significant hit. The storyline, characters, and direction, everything was totally on point.

The Hitchcock horror follows Melanie Anderson, the female lead, meeting a man named Mitch Brenner in a bird store. They both have a light conversation with some harmless flirting. Melanie brings love birds for Mitch and drives him to his farm in Bodega Bay to drop him off along with his gift.

But the trouble begins when Melanie is wounded by seagulls, followed by a series of bird attacks. More attacks follow as the locals get attacked too by the fierce birds. The story is full of suspense and serves as a unique concept to the viewers.

It is one of the greatest classics of Hitchcock, whose reboot is a tough choice. Still, now there is no clue from the part of production house what we can expect from the film, but the news of Scarlett Johansson entering as the lead role has blown people’s minds.

She is one superstar who has previously been seen in multiple hits, including ‘Lucy,’ ‘Under the Skin,’ ‘Lost in Translation’ etc. After being part of the Avengers universe as ‘Black Widow’, she is now heading for the lead role in the Hitchcock thriller, dropping Kristen Wiig and Greta Gerwig out of the scene.

The Dark Universe also seems to be probably revamped, as she is reportedly also working on the remake of another famous film,’ The Mummy.’ Because Johansson prefers to play the lead, fans expect a comeback of the Dark Universe’s horror roots.

Reinventing from The Birds’ Legacy


In 1963, ‘The Birds’ was nominated for its special effects and VFX in the category of ‘Best Special Effects.’ It was challenging for the entire team in those times to showcase life-like birds back in the day successfully.

Remakes are meant to be unique perspectives of the original, especially when it comes to iconic movies from which audiences have high hopes. During the original film shoot, Nathalie Kay ‘Tippi’ Hedren was bit by a bird while shooting.

As per sources, the actor threw a fit on the shoot and complained about Alfred Hitchcock, the director for being too ruthless. This episode intrigued movie-goers and arouse their curiosity which prompted them to watch the film for themselves.

No such controversies can be expected with the new film production that chooses CGI-based filming, keeping the actors in a safe environment. After all, cinema over the years has every emotion in place today. Every rom-com and horror film evokes comparisons as remakes of original classics. But with changing approaches to movie magic, controversies related to filming process will certainly be less than before, irrespective of their box-office performance. It is tough to reinvent and reinterpret classics and only some films have been successful in that regard.

Another foray into the ‘horror’ genre


With the Black Widow entering the realm of horror films, we can expect something mind-blowing from the veteran actress. She has previously worked in the genre with “Under the Skin” where she played a voluptuous alien with unknown origins luring unsuspecting men to their doom by transporting them to another dimension, reducing them to just meat. Although regarded as a sex symbol by many, the film refuses to project Scarlett’s character as anything sexual, using her body just as a vehicle to prove a point about objectification. Like “Birds,” this film was a psychological horror film that used its imagery by turning the tables of gender by making an alien look like a woman as a predator. Scarlett won rave reviews for her performance and Glazer, the director was lauded for his smart adaptation of a novel written in 2000. The film was a box-office failure though on release in 2013.

Maybe Universal is all set for the regenerated wave of horror and thriller movies as ‘history repeats itself.’ It would be thrilling to watch a new verse of ‘birds dominating homo sapiens’, and if better, some gigantic ones are on the way! Some remakes are worthless, but one can expect great things from the Birds’ team to bring the aerial monsters to horrifying life.

Written by Kan Dail