Are Self-cleaning Swimming Pools Worth The Money?


No matter what type of pool you choose, its primary function will always be the same. So, it is primarily a place where you rest, exercise, or do something else that gives you pleasure. That is why you should get all the necessary equipment that will help you maintain it. This way you will get the extra time that you can use for swimming, and you will not get tired and spoil the fun.

Either way, the pool that you own is not just for relaxing and watching. Its maintenance requires great effort and a certain amount of time, and if you do not dedicate yourself to it, you will end up with a dirty one. Such one is not for use, but it does not have to end like that. Many people see self-cleaning pools as the best solution. If you are interested in ones like this, keep reading and find out more about it in the rest of the text.

How does the self-cleaning pool system work?


Nozzles are placed on a flat surface and always at the bottom, and you can choose them in different shapes so they are barely noticeable. Aside from being discreet looking, their work is just as unobtrusive. You will not hear rotating nozzles that are in charge of great water quality. The main role of the system is the cleaning process, which ends with freshly filtered water. This includes the disposal of all types of dirt and other debris. It all goes down the drain.

So it’s a really very simple mechanism. Filtered water circulates throughout it in different directions to evenly clean the surface. This is followed by directing the dirt to the waste or to the drain in the pool. Each form of dirt is removed in one piece and you can clean it yourself later when enough debris has accumulated. Either way, these ones do a huge job and do it in groups. This way you get efficient cleaning. It is important to know that these groups do not work at the same time, but take turns. This properly removes dirt on one pile.

Is this system safe?


So, here we are talking about smart pool circulation. This means that this system is fully automated and deserves cleaning and even circulation of water. Since this is a very advanced method, this option allows you to enjoy the always clean pool at all times. This is one of the main advantages that people enjoy, their pool is always ready to jump into it. However, most people also have some doubts when it comes to its functioning.

Due to that, they have various doubts, and one of them refers to the safeness of the system. We must mention that this option is very safe and that almost every pool builder will offer you a guarantee for it. When it comes to pool components, they are very easy to install and remove. You can also put them on any part of the pool you want. If we didn’t answer all your questions, click here to find out more.

Self-cleaning system vs traditional cleaning methods


Once you understand how this system actually works, we will make a comparison between it and the traditional approach. With this comparison, you will surely be able to notice a huge difference and thus get to know these pools even better. So, we have a self-cleaning pool. One of the great advantages is the proper circulation of water during the purification process. The difference between the traditional method and this one is that the old system needs much more time, and the water circulation is still at a very low level.

This is because the pump manages to collect only part of the water from the entire pool and that part is constantly flowing through the system. On the other hand, you can access a new way of cleaning. This way you will be able to run water throughout it using in-floor nozzles. In this way, you ensure equal cleaning of the bottom and surface.

Use of chemicals


Since chemicals are very important for the good condition of it, you need to use them in the right way. Even if you follow the advice of experts and get all the necessary chemicals, they can lose their purpose if the water circulation is poor. What does that actually mean? So, the better the circulation, the better the distribution of chemicals. With the self-cleaning system, water circulates from the floor upwards and this is a balanced condition that contributes to a better condition.

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Water temperature


There are several factors that contribute to the temperature, and the heating system is one of the most important. However, sometimes you can be very uncomfortable while staying in the pool. One of the common problems is a sudden change in temperature. So, after you are lucky enough to run into the pool and enjoy the first rush of hot water, a shock happens. After only a few seconds, you feel that you are swimming in colder water, and that is the result of poor heat distribution. If you opt for the self-cleaning option, you can enjoy and not be afraid of the cold spots. However, the secret of permanent heat is in the spread of water from the bottom and sides so that the temperatures in each corner are evenly distributed.

Energy saving


As you know, every water purification system works differently. This means that your electricity costs are lower or higher. Since it is necessary to clean the water twice a day for proper cleaning, add to that the cost of the chemical and try to calculate how much money it actually costs. In any case, you can always find an effective way to disinfect water.


As you can read, manual cleaning is a waste of time. You can avoid anything like that if you opt for a self-cleaning pool. This way, you will spend your days relaxed and you will not have to work hard. We hope we have helped you get an answer to your question.

Written by P. Mito