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4 Things to Know Before You Sign Up for a Casino Bonus


With the expansion of online gambling platforms, companies started using various methods to attract more players to their websites. More people are getting interested in this sort of entertainment, and there are many advantages of mobile gambling, like the simplicity since you can deposit funds with your credit card, and choose from thousands of games while laying in bed. Therefore, there is no need to travel to some popular gambling spot to try your luck. The developers are constantly improving these services by upgrading or making new games. The most popular options are slots and poker tables.

Moreover, the huge competition on the market motivates these companies to offer some great deals to their players. The most popular option is the bonus that you can get after registration. However, a large number of online casinos won’t allow people to withdraw these funds, and there are even some policies where your winnings can be decreased when you were playing with the free bet. In that matter, it is very important to learn about the rules related to this option. If you are interested in some of the best websites that offer great bonuses and that are available in New York, visit

Furthermore, it is very important to learn more about the regulations and rules related to online gambling. Also, you should pay attention to the selection of websites since there is a chance to find an unreliable website, where you are at risk of getting your private data and info about the bank account stolen. When it comes to the bonus feature, many online casinos are offering it as a way to attract more people and create a loyal community. We are going to introduce you to some of the most important things that you should know about these free funds and how to use them in the best way.

1. Check the Percentage and Maximum Amount


The great thing about these bonuses is that you can use them while you are still able to withdraw the money you deposited. That is especially beneficial for beginners. Also, some people are often looking for more online platforms to register and get as many bonuses as they can. For example, you can create a list of ten casinos available in your area and create an account for each one of them. You can set your starting budget that can be, for instance, $50, and withdraw the same amount in the case that you lose in the first option, and skip to another one.

However, this is only a short-term solution since each website will provide you with this bonus only once. When it comes to percentages, you can find a wide selection that is usually between 50% and 200%. Also, it is a rare case that they don’t set a limit for this bonus, where you can only get a free bet for up to $200 or $300.

2. Special Terms and Wagering


It is very important to read about any special terms and wagering percentages to avoid getting confused in case that you won less money than expected. The thing is that they often set rules for some games where the money won with free funds is decreased by some point. In most cases, that percentage is around 50%. However, that is only related to games like poker or roulette, while most online casinos offer a full amount of money if you are playing slots. For example, if you deposited $100, and your bet on each spin is $1, everything that you won with your first 100 spins can be withdrawn.

3. Don’t Waste the Bonus Too Easily


A lot of people, especially beginners often make the same mistake where they are playing with much higher bets thinking that it might give them some big prize for free. However, you will have much better chances if you select a lower or at least average bet, especially if you are playing slots. The great advantage of slots is that you have a chance to win some big prizes even with the minimum bet, especially if there is a jackpot feature. Instead of choosing to play ten or twenty spins, you can choose the one that will provide you with the ability to stay in the game for a longer time before you start spending your money.

4. Never Choose the Casino Only for the Bonus


As we already mentioned, many online gambling platforms are using this feature to increase their popularity. However, there are some much more important factors to consider before registration. For instance, you should always check whether some website is reliable enough for you to share your private information there. Also, check their selection of games and return rates. The best way to find out if some online casino is not so reliable is to check their ratings and reviews.

The Bottom Line

Playing some of the games available on these websites is a great source of entertainment where you can win a lot of money. However, you should never rush with your decisions related to how much money to invest and which website to choose. There is a big issue related to people who cannot control their actions while gambling. In some cases, that could lead to serious problems with addiction, and the main thing that is causing it is having excessive losses.

While some people manage to make a living only by gambling, you have to be aware that that requires a lot of luck, money, and experience. Therefore, playing for fun is a much better option. The great thing is that you can learn more about various games by using the bonus feature. In some cases, there is a chance to get free spins as well. On the other side, it is much more difficult to win while playing video poker or table games since the wagering percentage is often too high. Also, search between different options instead of choosing the first website you see online.

Written by Marinelle Adams