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7 Common Misconceptions on Slot Play


There are myths and misconceptions about casino games. Some people think that online casino games can be rigged. So let’s look at seven myths about slot gambling and explain why they are misconceptions.

1. Slots Can Be Hot and Cold

Some people believe slot machines, particularly digital ones, have a program where they have “hot days” and “cold days.” The first type of days means you are paid more, and the second type means you are paid less. his belief is most prevalent about slot machines found on sites like

This is not true because every round is random. Once you spin the reels, the machine stops randomly. The slot does not have any programming where it must pay more or less on certain days. Moreover, if an online casino has a license — you shouldn’t be worried at all because the randomness and fairness of game results are constantly audited by gambling regulators.

2. Slots Have to Collect Enough Money Before Payout


This myth comes from the first fruit machines. They paid out coins at the bottom of the machine. They had boxes inside them that stored the coins. There were also boxes that dropped the coins whenever a person won.

Because of such game mechanics, players thought they had to collect money before the machine could pay out. The mindset was that the boxes were empty from the beginning and had nothing to disburse as payment until they collected enough.

This is not true with modern slots. Online slot machines do not need to collect money to pay, and the winning odds are determined by software, RNG. Your winnings are accumulated on your casino account and paid out by the casino operator, not the game itself.

3. Slots Have Cyclical Payouts

Cyclical payouts mean a game has a program that will payout every 100 rounds. Imagine that in a land-based casino, a player leaves a slot machine, and then someone else takes this place and wins at once. The previous person may think that the game has a cyclical payout, and if he/she just stayed there long enough, he/she would have one.

This claim is not valid. Slots do not have cyclical payouts because, at each spin, the randomness is the same.

4. Slots Pay Based on Win Percentage


Some people claim that if the slot machine has already got something like $100, it will pay out around 10% when the next winning combination is triggered. It is a myth because, again, casino slots produce results randomly.

There are people who say that the RTP is the percentage of what slots pay. However, they are confusing this number with something else. The return-to-player rate is nothing more than the amount of money that will be eventually won back by all the players in the long run.

5. Slot Results Are in Favor of the Casino

No, this claim is false either. It is tantamount to saying that slot machines are rigged or that the casino is cheating. Game results are random, and they do not provide any favour to the casino.

The thing is that people misinterpret the saying that goes, “The house always wins.” This quote does not mean that the slot machines are rigged. It only means that by design, every game has a house edge. And this amount is what the casino gets, but this is a very small amount compared to what the game pays out to players.

6. Employees Know Which Slots Pay More


Some people say that casino employees have knowledge of what machines pay more. Well, this is a myth and a misunderstanding at the same time.

Employees may observe that a certain machine usually produces more wins for players. As such, they would think that it is a “hot” slot machine. Because of this, players tend to believe what these employees say.

Employees, of course, do not know this for sure. It is only an observation. Just because one slot seems to pay more does not mean it is hot. It just happens by random occurrence.

7. Slots Will Not Pay After a Big Win

This is a myth because casino games are never pre-programmed or anything like that. In fact, they will pay after a big win. The reality is that it is not likely to happen. People should understand that you can only win big in a slot game if you manage to land a specific symbol combination.


The high-paying symbol combinations, of course, are hard to come by. It is not likely to happen again, the chances are just so low. As such, people say that the slot will not pay again. The truth is that it is not a conscious programming decision but rather an issue of statistical probability.


Casinos do not cheat. Slot machine developers do not do this either. By design specifics, games are not friendly and easy for gamers to win. This is why the house always wins — the house has an edge, while the players don’t. But people do really win at slots, you just need to figure out how.

Slot machines do not need rigging. They have a quite complicated mechanic, and there are so many possible combinations that it’s not that easy to hit a jackpot, even after playing so many rounds.

Written by Kan Dail