6 Reasons to Start Glass Blowing As A Hobby


It is a common practice for people to be looking at their phones and passing their time in waste. It might not always be the same, but when people could have picked a hobby, they choose to look at their phones. Due to this, they have forgotten the various hobbies they could have to keep them busy and motivated. Glass blowing is one such hobby that would take a little time for them to learn and, in turn, give them ample time to explore and develop their creativity.

Glass blowing is a relatively easy hobby, and it’s something that you could take up as a side hustle. All the equipment needed for glass blowing is like a one-time investment, such as the blowpipe, kiln, tweezers, etc. These types of equipment can produce goods on a small scale and on a large scale without having to invest more financially. Read below to know why glass blowing is a great hobby.

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Glass Blowing As A Hobby

Glass blowing might seem like a big word and a hobby which needs a lot of hard work, but in reality, it takes a very short amount of time. After learning glass blowing on a kiln or a Glass lathe, you only need to practice as much as you like for whatever you want. There is no restriction to using a particular method, only a particular type of material, or even the same designs. You get flexibility not only for your work but also for your growth and experience.

In the beginning, the fire and hot glass might seem scary, but with time, that hot glass will keep you intrigued about how it’ll turn out. Below is a list of the top 6 reasons why glass blowing is a hobby you should choose.

1. Great Career Ahead


Glass blowing is something for which you don’t have to put aside other activities and your daily work to learn it. Neither is it something that you would forget after learning once nor something that you need to keep on your tips or have a whole book to learn it. It’s a simple hobby that you can quickly turn into your business or a side hustle and work as much as you want.

You could give it almost all of your time or 10 hours a week as you want. You won’t have to worry about your customers as well because it’ll all depend on the goods they want and whether you can give that to them. Further time would not be a problem as well because nearly all products need an average amount, just like any other glass blower would provide.

2. Learn Skills Associated With It

From observing the whole process to blowing the glass yourself, you learn various skills. It could be time management, patience, problem-solving, creative thinking, and so on. Everything different that you would do in the glass-blowing process would give you different results and a chance to learn different skills every time.

3. Understanding Potential Hazards

No matter the hobby you choose, there are hazardous elements in that hobby. In glass blowing, fire is considered the main hazard which could make or break your goods. While you know the primary hazard, what about the other hazardous things in the whole process? For example, swapping the material type for a particular method or not doing proper checks on the glass after it has cooled down.

If you don’t check up on these things, the final piece could explode when the temperature reaches a certain point. While glass blowing is not a very hard-working hobby, these small things give you better precision and keep your state of mind in check.

4. Increasing Tolerance To Heat


You need to increase your tolerance to heat today or some other day. Whether you are working in the kitchen or going to work in the scorching heat of April, having a tolerance to heat is beneficial. When you are directly working with the heat, you will have better heat tolerance with time, which will also help other aspects of your life.

5. Doesn’t Take Much Time

Depending on the amount of time you can give it, you can learn glass-blowing in barely four weeks at least. As it’s not an activity that you do in your daily life, it quickly takes your mind off from everyday worries and work. It further gives you a place to work as you like with your creativity and no pressure of assignments or notable achievements.

You could easily go to the nearest craftsman or a fine arts institute that provides glass blowing as a course to learn glass blowing. If you were to opt for it as a course, you would gain more experience and have better flexibility with different methods and designs according to what you are taught. While with a craftsman, it would be your thinking, creativity, and the blowpipe to create whatever you want.

6. Don’t Need Years Of Experience

Glass blowing is an art in which one gets experience from the moment they start learning the process. It’s not a very difficult journey, yet one where you have the flexibility to put in as much time and effort as you want. It is this flexibility that then increases your experience during the learning process. After which experience doesn’t matter if you are good at producing what you want and is neither something for which you are judged.



There are soo many hobbies that one could choose, but over time they are forgotten. It takes a lot of dedication and inspiration to be motivated to work on a particular hobby for a long time. Out of all the hobbies, glass blowing is one such hobby that keeps the makers motivated with every different design on their products. It takes little time, doesn’t need much experience, and you don’t have to spend an enormous sum of money to learn glass blowing.

Written by Kan Dail