Innovation through Design: Strategies for a Successful Office Remodel


For every company, the happiness and satisfaction of the employees should be number one, and then of the customers, but of course it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the space is attractive.

A large number of companies are focusing on redesigning their offices and bringing freshness to the workspace. Simply, a good office redesign can lead to increased productivity, morale, and efficiency.

Of course, it is important to bring a little beauty and innovation into the space, so that’s what we’re talking about today. Here are some key strategies for making your office look successful above all, but also innovative, which will take the breath away of everyone who will be in the space.

We are sure that many of you are already wondering what could be a novelty in the office that will bring freshness and a new innovative look.

It may be good to introduce some of the corporate colors or a variety of colors, you can choose functional furniture such as adjustable desks, every office has an office glass door or you can opt for smart offices that will be equipped with the latest technology.

The choice is yours and you have to implement it according to the budget that has been determined for this small but very significant project that will bring freshness to the space.

However, to begin with, you need to know the possibilities that the space offers. Depending on what the organization system was like up to that point, what the concept was like up to that point, and what the character of the company is, you need to make a plan.

Of course, in that plan, we are here to help you through advice that will bring you space to make innovative offices in which employees will work, all thanks to the feat you are ready for – innovative and advanced redesign.

Let’s see together what it is that you need to direct your attention to. Let’s get started!

Insert Furniture That Will Be Functional and According to the Needs of the Employees

Insert Furniture That Will Be Functional and According to the Needs of the Employees

First of all, the focus should be on rearranging the space, even if it is necessary to reorganize the space, but still, the most important thing is to focus more on the furniture. Especially functional furniture needs to be part of the office redesign plan.

The innovation lies in placing ergonomic chairs that will provide comfort to the employees, then placing adjustable desks, other small points where they could move and work temporarily in the corporate room itself, etc.

Be driven by the opportunity to step out of the box and do something new and different.

Next, consider upgrading the office’s restroom facilities as part of this transformative redesign. Commercial bathroom renovations can greatly enhance the overall workplace experience for employees and visitors alike. Additionally, incorporating vibrant colors and artwork into the office decor can inspire creativity and promote a positive atmosphere, further encouraging innovation within the workspace. Embracing change and thinking creatively about every aspect of the office can lead to a truly dynamic and inspiring work environment.

Have you ever heard about furniture outlets? If not, consider giving your local one a visit. There are numerous benefits to shopping there, and you might discover suitable office furniture regardless of your business size.

Create Special Meeting Rooms and Booths for Online Calls

Meeting Rooms and Booths for Online Calls

The next thing you can do is to make a change in terms of the rest of the work space such as meeting rooms and online meeting boots.

All you need is to convert part of the space into rooms for physical meetings with key people about the company’s work, and the remaining parts that are unused are converted into small booths for online chats, something that is still in use аfter the end of the pandemic.

For these rooms, you need to dedicate yourself to the beautiful arrangement, but also to the isolation of the space in order to be compatible for use.

Include in the Space a Room for a Break and Rest From Work

Break and Rest From Work

In the space it is very important to fit enough space for work and meetings, to bring all the necessary equipment, but above all, one more thing is important – to give adequate space for a break.

It can be a small room in which interesting music will be played, in which there will be small bags for sitting, a nice view, the possibility to have a drink or coffee, and so on.

Working for 8 hours, i.e. working hours from 9 to 5 can be very demanding sometimes, but there is always a solution. Get out of the box and think differently by bringing change, bringing news, especially in these moments when you want to rearrange the space in a more beautiful version than before.

Create a Corner for Meals and a Coffee Break

If until now in your big office, there was only one big canteen where each of the colleagues could come, bring their own food or buy food, have breakfast and leave at the desk, a change is needed!

Now, you have the opportunity to make several different parts: make a part that will be dedicated to a kitchen, then make a part where colleagues can have breakfast, a part designated for preparing and drinking coffee where you can also find beverages and similar.

This can improve productivity, give an incentive, but also increase love for work and belonging to the team and the company. Innovation above all!

The Entertainment Room Is Ideal for After-Hours Friday Collegiate Gatherings

Entertainment Room for workspaces - ideal for Collegiate Gatherings

Almost every company is already thinking about introducing a new part, that is a new corner in its premises – something that is completely new and innovative. Of course, those are the entertainment rooms.

These corners are great for increasing synergy, improving mood, and saying thank you for hard work. All that is needed is to find a large enough space that you will arrange with PlayStation, board games, table football, ping pong, darts, and similar contents that will gather and keep all colleagues together during a part of the week, and that it could be Friday after business hours.


It is important to get out of the box and think outside of it. That’s what all companies say, but they often forget about innovation and approach in the modeling of workrooms, that is, in the modeling of offices.

A lot of ideas can be inserted here, and a lot of beautiful and new things can be inserted, but all that is needed is just to determine the budget and make a plan. In front of you are several guidelines in more detail that you should consider and use during the next redesign of the corporate space.

Written by Kan Dail