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Can You Make A Career Out of Teaching English Abroad – 2024 Guide

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Do you have a good grip over the English language and do you wish to make a career out of it? If yes, you are at the right place. Such a career offers several incredible benefits and most importantly is considered as a transitory reputation.

You must have heard from people and probably your friends who go out to teach this language abroad, talk about the numerous benefits this career line provides. We know that hearing such good things about it must be compelling you to think whether you can also make a lucrative career out of teaching English to foreigners.

To answer your question; yes It is very much possible to make a career out of your English teaching skills. Apply for English teaching jobs at to kickstart your teaching career. In this article, we will explore how you can achieve the same and what are the benefits of working in this field.

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  • You Will Create A Positive Impact on Others Life:

Teaching in itself is a satisfying career. The satisfaction of passing knowledge to students is amazing. Moreover, it is a quite rewarding job, in the sense that you get to make a name for yourself in a foreign country. Not all career opportunities provide you with a chance of interacting with so many people. Moreover, you potentially get a chance of changing the lives of every individual for good.

By teaching English to students in a foreign country, you help them build a career for themselves as well and thus help them obtain personal and professional advancements in their life. This kind of a position is highly rewarding as compared to others.

  • A Well Paying Job Opportunity:

Nothing is greater than having a well paying job that is satisfying at the same time. Teaching this language abroad is one such career that enables you to bag a high-paying job and is satisfying, in the sense that you are having a positive impact on others lives. Based on the location where you are working, you can expect to earn a good salary, at times much more than your expectation.

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  • Learn Transferrable and Valuable Skills:

Teaching in a classroom provides an entirely new experience and people develop several skills by imparting knowledge. The experience gained in the classroom helps an individual pick up skills such as time management, leadership, presence of mind, rapid thinking, planning, etc. Such skills are not constrained to a particular field, instead are universal, accepted globally and valuable.

If there comes a point in future when you want to switch your career, then the experiences gained as a teacher and the skills will provide several advantages. Moreover, they add weight to the resume. Hence, the experience will make you an appealing candidate in every field.

  • Learn Something New:

Though you are there to teach one particular language, you will get an opportunity to learn other languages as well. The country must have its own primary language used by the locals and you will get to learn that.

You won’t be able to learn a foreign language in a better way, other than mingling with the people and adapting the culture that is followed in the country. By surrounding yourself with people who speak that particular dialect and hearing it everyday, you can easily learn the country’s local languages.

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  • Work Your Way Up:

When you teach language in a foreigh country, you always have opportunities for improvement. You can always look forward to achieving higher posts after gaining experience of working at a junior level.

That said, if you work for a few days at a junior position, you can choose to apply for senior level positions for better opportunities. Such positions offer numerous benefits that include, paid time vacation, fuller benefits, long-term career potentials, etc.

  • You Get to Travel the World for Free:

One of the biggest incentives that you get to obtain by teaching abroad is that you will get to travel to different places for free. It will be your work and you will get to visit the country to teach students. You will make good money and also you will get paid to visit their location.

  • You Can Start a Side Business of Your Own:

Most of the teaching jobs are usually for 4-6 hours in a day and you get a lot of free time after that. That said, it is not a 9-5 job and you will have a lot of free time in your hand. You can take advantage of the free time that you get after your job is over, and earn some side income. Blogging or writing are the highly preferred side businesses through which you can make a considerable amount of money.

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  • Make International Friends:

When you travel for work, you meet new people and you make friends with them. This way you will have contacts from different parts of the world and you will have someone whenever you travel to that particular location. Teaching abroad offers unparalleled opportunities for people. Having friends from different locations and cultures is great.

Moreover, you will meet people from other parts of the world and will get to know more about their traditions and country. Also, you will find several like minded people, since many choose to teach English in a foreign country and make it their career.

  • Collect Lifetime of Memories:

When you get to travel around the world and visit several new places, you collect several precious memories. You can also become the world traveler that you have always wanted to become.

Teaching English language abroad is a highly rewarding career and you will become the person that you have always wanted to be. The benefits of teaching English are plenty and some of them are mentioned as follows!


If you are looking to teach English in a foreign country, don’t wait! Just grab the next opportunity and make the most of it. It is an incredible way of visiting places across the globe and you are not required to have high-profile degrees to bag this job opportunity.

Written by Ana Weaver