10 Important Things Every New Cat Owner Should Know


Welcoming a new fur baby, like an adorable cat, to your family is exciting. But with the happy thoughts of having a cute companion comes the heavy responsibility of looking after their health and well-being. The responsibility does not even just stop from picking the right cat food to give and other considerations that a little adorable furry friend might need.

This article will help you, a first-time cat owner, know the important things to consider when having a furry cat at home.

1. Get Everything Ready

Before adopting that pitiful cat you saw in your home, ensure that you are ready for the accompanying responsibility of raising a cat. Getting ready includes preparing the essentials such as cat food and water bowls, litter box, toys, scratching posts, and other essentials.

Having all these items beforehand will help make your cat’s transition easier:

Cat Food and Water Bowls

Choose pet-grade ceramic or stainless steel bowls to prevent your cat from having infections due to plastic material.

Litter Box

Another essential you need to prepare before taking that adorable fur friend home is preparing a litter box.

A litter box is needed because cats instinctively bury their excrement, so it is important to provide them with a suitable place for their litter box when it have diarrhea the need of litter box increases so give your cat a suitable cats probiotics for diarrhea.

Toys and Scratching Posts

Cats are very active animals, so ensure you provide them with fun and exciting toys like furry mice, balls to chase, and scratching posts. They need toys not just to play with but also to keep their mind and body active as they grow old. Scratching posts are also great additions to the house because they allow them to practice their natural marking instinct.

2. Vaccinations and Veterinarian Visits

Another thing to consider aside from your cat’s basic needs is taking the time to vaccinate them. Regular checkups are also necessary to make sure they are healthy.

3. Grooming

Cats need to be groomed regularly, especially when it comes to those breeds with long fur. Brushing their coats can help prevent hairballs, stimulate blood circulation and keep the skin healthy. To help you get started, here are some recommended grooming kits you should prepare:

Cat Shampoo

Cat shampoo is on the top list of things you need for your cat’s grooming needs. Choose a mild shampoo specially formulated for cats to prevent skin irritation from harsh chemicals.

Cat Grooming Scissors

Grooming scissors are also essential for your pet’s fur, especially if they have long-haired breeds. Invest in a pair of stainless steel grooming scissors and make sure you handle them gently when trimming their coats.

Cat Comb

Cat combs are also great tools to remove tangles and matted fur. Choose a comb with wide teeth to help remove debris, dust, and loose hair.

4. Personality


Identifying your cat’s personality is a must for cat owners to understand their cat and how to deal with them deeply. There is a familiar buzz on the internet saying that your cat’s fur color correlates with its personality. Here are some cat colors you need to know:

Tabby Cats

Most Tabby cats are said to be social maniacs and have playful personalities that will either drown all your energy or inspire you to be as fun as them.

White Cats

White cats are said to have a genetic defect. Most of them may have lousy hearing abilities and eyesight. If you have a white cat, don’t be too surprised to find they want to spend more time with you, it only means they want to rely on you and seek security.

Orange Cats

Orange cats have polarized personalities. Some are extreme assholes, and some are affectionate. One thing is for sure; there is no in-between for these types.

Black Cats

Black cats are said to be the survivors. They have strong genes and are less likely to get sick. But this does not mean you can skip the regular checkups needed.

Tortie Cats

The majority of the Tortie cats population are females. They are famous for their fortitude. That may be how they got their name.

Tuxedo Cats

Tuxedo cats are like the huskies in cats. Tuxedo cats are likely to have bipolar personalities, very dramatic, and extremely crazy. They often get obsessed with their owners, but it is a sweet sight among other cat types and breeds.

5.  Dental Issues


Your cat’s dental health is also essential. Tartar buildup, periodontal disease, and gum recession can cause pain, discomfort, and difficulty eating. To prevent or treat these conditions, provide your pet with a proper diet and regular teeth brushing.

6.  Human Medications Do Not Work For Cats

Another familiar misstep many cat owners make is giving human medications to their cats. Most human prescriptions are unsafe for cats. Instead of treating your pet with the same medicines you use, it’s best to consult a vet and get medication specifically formulated for cats.

7. Cats Love Outdoors, Too

Most cats love the outdoors and can benefit from spending time outside, even if it’s just in their backyard. Make sure your pet is fitted with a tracking device or collar so you can keep an eye on them. Also, be aware of the risks and hazards of outdoor exploration, including predators, poisonous plants, and other dangers.

8. Cats and Dogs are Different

Remember that cats and dogs are different species, so do not expect them to act the same. Cats have unique needs and behaviors, so approach them differently than your canine friends. Spend time with them every day and observe their quirks. Spending quality time with your cat will help you understand your furry friend better.

9. Body Language

To better understand your cats and their behavior, knowing how they communicate is essential. Cats have silent ways of expressing feelings and emotions through body language. It means something when your cat swats at you, licks your face, or rubs against furniture. Observe and learn to distinguish these gestures.

10. Quality Time is Necessary


Cats may be more independent than dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need your attention. They still require regular interaction and quality time with their owners. Nurture bonds, give them affection, and play with them regularly to keep them healthy and happy.

Be A Good Human For Your Cat

Knowing everything presented above will help you gain more knowledge and understanding of handling your fur friend. Cats can be challenging but also bring joy and love to your home. As living creatures, your cats deserve the same respect we would give any other pet. Be a good human for your cat by providing them with ample nutrition, safety, and care.

Written by Kan Dail