5 Best 3D Modeling Tools Every Interior Designer

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Are you looking towards doing some remodeling or extensions in your home? Certainly, you can always find some parts to upgrade. From bathroom and kitchen to changing your garden completely.

Or you have just moved into a new home, and you are about to impose some changes that will make it according to your preferences.

It doesn’t matter how many of the things you want to change, we are talking about a pretty big job, which requires significant resources on your behalf, right? Surely, you can always find a professional who will provide you with crucial advice that will help you with making this process as smooth as it can be. On the other hand, you can do it all by yourself, if you have the proper experience, of course.

If you have a much-needed experience, and you have enough time to perform this by yourself, you will be happy to know that many software and tools can help you with the process. Now, we would like to talk about some 3D modeling software that can help with designing your interior in the best possible way. Buckle up and let’s take a look at these.

1. Foyr Neo

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The first tool we would like to talk about is Foyr Neo. If you take a look at some of the online reviews, you will see that users are particularly interested in using this one. It has an efficient interface and is very easy to use. Not only that, we are talking about a highly intuitive tool that will provide you with a chance to resolve some of the problems much more efficiently than with a wide array of other tools.

But it needs to be said that it is somewhat complex, and finding all about the features you can use can require a couple of hours. However, after you master all of these features, the process will become much smoother. It is especially good because it can provide you with some solutions, which are just one click away. That way, you can make your work much faster, which can help you to keep up with deadlines. If you want to take a look at a high-detail review, among others, check

2. 3D Max

Now, we would like to talk about a tool that has become some sort of standard when it comes to interior 3D modeling, 3D Max. Certainly, this is the best-known tool in the industry. One of the greatest virtues you will come across is that it offers some brilliant graphics. Not only that, delivering the final image of your project will be fast and effective. You will be ecstatic when you see all the details it can show.

However, there is one big setback. 3D max is available only on Windows operating system. So, people who use Mac will not be able to use it. Nevertheless, we are talking about a great tool, which will provide you with an insight into a plethora of crucial elements you need to know to make an effective project. Be sure to check 3D Max out.

3. AutoCAD

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The next entry on this list of ours would be AutoCAD. Certainly, we are looking at one of the best solutions you can choose when we are talking about an interior design project. You will be able to check both 2D and 3D designs. One of the best things about this software is that you can download the trial version, which has all the most important features. If it is up to your preferences and needs, you can buy it after.

AutoCAD is widely praised for its interface, which is considered to be among the best in the industry. When it first appeared, it was immediately recognized because of one trait. We are talking about the possibility of inspecting all the curves and remodeling them to your needs. On the official website, you will have a chance to inform yourself about the most important features through many tutorial videos.

4. DreamPlan

Since you need to have an insight into a wide array of different aspects, you will need to have a tool that will provide you with all the most important features. The one we would recommend to you is DreamPlan. Different from others on this list of ours, this one is used solely for interior design. That’s why it can be helpful. The developers have focused on making software that focuses only on the most important aspects.

Even better, you don’t have to be an expert to use this one. The reason is quite simple, the interface is one of the best we’ve seen. So, you will not need to educate yourself on any factor. You just need to download it and you are good to go. You don’t need to limit yourself only to the elements you can find within a program. You can import some other ones, which will make your possibilities limitless.

5. SketchUp

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The last entry on this list of ours would be SketchUp. The software was developed two decades ago, but it still represents one of the best solutions out there. If you ask any professional architect or designer, you will see that pretty much all of them still use this one. That doesn’t mean that you cannot learn about its most important aspects without expertise.

In fact, this is the main advantage of SketchUp. You can use it no matter how experienced you are.

Certainly, it provides you with quality insight into all the most important elements, with a plethora of tutorial videos you can find on YouTube. There are three different versions, shop, pro, and studio.

The decision about which one of these you will use solely depends on you and your level of knowledge and needs.

The Bottom Line

Even if you are not interested in doing all the work all by yourself, there is nothing wrong with playing with some ideas, right? Here, you can take a look at some of the best 3D modeling tools you can use to design your interior. We are sure that one of these will meet your demands.

Written by Marinelle Adams