Premier League 2024/22: Top 3 Strikers in the Season So Far and Contenders for the Golden Boot

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The Premier League 2024/22 season is officially in full swing now, and similarly, the race to the Golden Boot is on once more as the campaign heats up. The Golden Boot is awarded at the end of the season to the striker with the most goals. Harry Kane, Golden Boot winner last season, narrowly beat Mohamed Salah, who ended up just one goal short of Kane’s 23 goals.

This season we have a few more contenders in the mix, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United and the Premier League has made things even more interesting. Thomas Tuchel’s hard work and management have clearly paid off as Chelsea currently dominate the top position in the table. Manchester City, West Ham and Liverpool are not far behind, and unsurprisingly, two of our top contenders for the Golden Boot this season are from the latter two.

What is more beyond the protagonist of the golden boot race is the competitive square of the Premier League players in their bid to aid their team’s achievements at the end of the season with so many goals to their respective names.

In what it was all looking like the fact that Mohammed Salah might be running away with the golden boot at the end of the campaign, and Cristiano Ronaldo craftily running to reclaim his old territory where he won two golden boot in his first spell at Manchester United.

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However, with age not on his side, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese legend can still put out some magnificent number to match the current demand in the ever-competitive league – while the likes of Aubameyang of Arsenal, Antonio of West Ham United can resuscitate the lie season with some impressive run of goals

In fact, the likes of Harry Kane can become so leather once again, after the England skipper has gone under the radar for some time since the beginning of the campaign after his failed move Manchester City was confirm.

However, a striker of his caliber can begin to turn-up in some matches in other to challenge for the golden boot once he find his mojo again. But while Danny Ings is yet to find his footing in Aston Villa, but the likes of Sadio Mane, Diogo Jota and Jamie Vardy are beginning to show there capacity in front of goal.

Moreover, it takes more than few games to the season to determine the highest goal scorer in the league as the league is yet to see it half despite playing twelve match days already – but with current trend, there is a chance that out puck will eventually factor out in the end.

Despite the competition of the strikers and challenges of who could be the highest goal scorer at the end of the campaign, here are our top three contenders for the Golden Boot this season.

  1. Mohamed Salah – Liverpool

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Ever since the Egyptian striker’s transfer to Liverpool, he has made sure to leave an impressionable, long-lasting mark every season. Not even 30-years-old yet, Salah is already a two-time Premier League Golden Boot winner and is targeting his third individual price this season after narrowly missing last year’s award. With ten goals to his name so far, he tops the most goals scored and has averaged just under 2 Premier League goals a season.

The Egyptian icon also makes an appearance in Sportingbet’s list of Europe’s deadliest strikers, and Liverpool hero Robbie Fowler has no doubts about it. He commented on Salah saying:

“Mo Salah is, without question, world-class.

“In all honesty, we’re ­running out of ­superlatives about him, especially after that goal against Manchester City that had a bit of ­everything.

“If it had been Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, it would be talked up even more.

“There were the brilliant touches in tight spaces, the body strength, the pace, the bit of guile and then the ­glorious finish.”

  1. Jamie Vardy – Leicester City

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Continuing to lead the front line at Leicester City, Jamie Vardy is a legendary player for the Foxes and has scored seven goals so far. Although considered a late bloomer, Vardy is regarded as one of the greatest Leicester City players of all time. The talented striker has played an integral role in helping City win the Championship, Premier League and FA cup.

Although Leicester City’s overall performances are questionable at the moment as they sit in the 13th position, Vardy’s form — if kept consistent — can make him a serious contender for the Golden Boot this year.

  1. Michael Antonio – West Ham United

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West Ham have been killing it lately, and one recent example is their impressive form against Liverpool especially. An unlikely candidate for the Golden Boot arrives from West Ham’s ranks in the form of Michael Antonio. With superb performances lately and six goals so far, Antonio could end up winning the Golden Boot, given that he remains consistent.

Antonio has also played a significant role in helping West Ham pick up points and achieve some pretty big victories. Scoring double figures in the last two seasons, David Moyes remains hopeful that he will see this talent continue to shine through until the end of the season

However, with much work rate and beginning to share understanding with the likes of Cresswell and Coufal, the Jamaican international is beginning to show the world of his capabilities in front of goal and if everything goes as planned while the Hammers compete for the top-four positions, Michail Antonio would undoubtedly play a big part and while he is seen as a menace by the opposing team could promote his ability to score more goal while he competes with Mohammed Salah and Jamie Vardy for the golden boot at the end of the campaign.

Written by Ana Weaver