Can We Track the Location of Someone by Using a Cell Phone?


Due to many reasons, an individual needs to track the location of someone who is close to him. If your mobile is stolen and you’re looking for it, you must know various methods to track the thief. If a parent is worried about their child, tracking will help see the location.

Sometimes, a person close to you needs your help, but you cannot reach them due to a network issue. Therefore, there are several reasons for tracking someone’s location. Many people want to know whether it is possible with a cell phone. Many ways are there to check a person’s location using his mobile.

While going anywhere, a smartphone is a crucial thing that everyone carries. Wherever the targeted phone goes, you can monitor the location easily. The following write-up will discuss how it is easy to track the location of someone by using a mobile.

1. In-built Application


With a smartphone, you get plenty of features in a device that provide help in many ways. One such situation is to search a person through his phone. A local application is available on both iPhone as well as Android to track any person. You must enable this feature, and you are completely done. Let us know how it works in the different operating systems.


It is an in-built application for Apple mobile users. By using an app, one can track any location and at the same time, lock it or erase it if required. It is possible only when it is well-connected to the internet. No requirement of downloading this app. One can easily find it in the phone’s settings option. Follow some steps and learn how it works.

  • Open Settings
  • One will see your name with your Apple ID.
  • Select the option of Find My.
  • Enable the Find My iPhone option, and the application will start working.


Anyone with this phone can also operate an application to track any location, i.e., Find My Device. But this app works only in 4.0 and above versions of Android phones. Let us consider its steps:

  • Download the application, i.e., Find My Device from Google Play store.
  • Install the application successfully.
  • Now, sign in using Google account, which is presently in service.
  • Provide location access but keep the internet connection active.
  • The tracking process will start. You can easily lock as well as erase the data by additional settings whenever the internet is connected to the device.

2. Third-party or Licenses Apps

Many popular third-party or licensed applications are available on an online store. You can easily download them and find any device. If you require more information, you can learn more. It is crucial to understand how an application works and how one can find any person’s location. The guide to running an application is always available within the app.

You can either read the steps or watch the video to operate the software. With tracking, these applications also provide other features like monitoring mobile activities, etc. You can access limited features if you are using an app for free. You must purchase the license to explore other features. It is necessary to download such apps on the targeted phone; otherwise, it will not work.

3. IMEI Tracker


It is an easy method that everyone can do. Every phone has its unique IMEI number, a unique 15-digit number. If you desire to know this number on any device, you must find it in the Settings option. There is a General tab in the About section.

When you scroll down, you will get the unique number. It is a must to write it down and use it when required. If you have no time to go to settings and see the number, then you can call on *#06# to get details of the mobile model. If your mobile is lost or you are tracking someone’s location, you can follow this number by any application.

You can also download the tracker application on your phone and check the device’s current location. You can also call the mobile provider and give their unique number to him. The person on another side will do the whole work. But this method may take time from hours to days. Therefore, the tracking application is the perfect option.

4. Using Localize Website

Anyone looking for a reliable website to track any person’s location by smartphone must consider the Localize website. It is a dedicated platform where you need to provide the mobile number for tracking, and the application will do its work. The data you receive will be secured.

The targeted number will get an anonymous SMS in which there will be a link. When the receiver activates that link, you will get the location, and you can track the path easily. But the receiver must accept the tracking request.

Another person should know that he is being tracked, and he must agree. This method is perfect for parents who want to monitor the location of their children. The best thing about this application is that it can track multiple cell phones simultaneously. Some simple steps are there to execute this app:

  • Open the Localize website
  • Create your account by adding your email ID.
  • Now, you must enter the device number you desire to track.
  • After that, you must click the Monitor button to get the current location.

The Bottom Line

You can easily track someone’s location using a mobile number, but that person must agree. It is better to try all the mentioned methods and track any device you desire. This way, you can stay close to your family by helping them when they are in trouble.

Only you can reach there and help them when you determine their location. As a caring parent, you can easily find your kids if they are outside in an unknown place. You can easily keep an eye on where they are going and reach there if required. Tracking can be easy if you follow the mentioned methods.

Written by Kan Dail