How to Track Someone Location with a Phone Number

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An inevitable part of modern-day living is owing to a mobile phone i.e. smartphone. Smartphones are all around us. Whether you are 7 or 77 chances are you own at least one smartphone, which I’m guessing that you are using right now to read this article.

Have I guessed right? Either way your phone is somewhere around you, never leaving your sight. Our dependence on smartphones in accomplishing our everyday activities is great, whether they are personal or professional. That means that wherever we go, we carry our phones with us.

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Why would you track someone in the first place?

Having that in mind, and guessing that at least once in your life you needed to track someone down in an emergency or to know their location in a time of great need. You might be a worried parent not knowing where your child is, or vice versa, a worried child looking for their missing old parent, a suspicious spouse, a businessman looking to track their employee’s movement or simply you lost or misplaced your phone and are looking for it. Losing your sensitive, priceless, and irreplaceable documentation and information on your device is impermissible. So, have you ever thought if it is possible to track someone’s location through his/her mobile device in case of such an emergency?

Tracking somebody through their mobile phone

Mobile carrier companies usually help their customers with location tracking upon request, but usually, their response is quite slow, so that’s a big inconvenience. Additionally, you can track a certain mobile phone with a method like IMEI tracking or locating through Google Maps. On the downside, using these methods requires a certain level of programming and developing knowledge, and it requires you to know the exact IMEI number, that can only be seen on the back of the device itself, or its manufacturer’s box. So in our opinion, using this method of tracking isn’t as efficient or reliable as the ones that are explained below.

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Tracking somebody with a phone number.

Tracking someone’s location with a phone number might sound like science fiction but in reality not only is it possible, but it’s quite easy to do. By using phone tracking applications you can get the precise location of your device in just a few minutes. Phone tracking can be used for a variety of reasons such as personal, business or security reasons. There are a variety of applications like this on the web, but not all are reliable.

They require installation and signing up, or signing in with a Google account. This might represent a nuance for somebody trying not to leave any digital tracks. Most applications require you to pre-install software on the person’s phone that you like to locate. That is a big downside of using applications of that sort, as you won’t be able to track someone’s’ location in an emergency due to their phone not having the location tracking app installed. On the other hand, if you are doing “detective” kind of stuff, by installing the app on the person’s phone that you like to locate, you leave a digital track that might be discovered.

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If you don’t want to install this kind of application on your device and if you want to avoid all the inconvenience mentioned above, you can get the location tracking service by phone number on the web. With the location tracking services by phone like the one on, you can reliably locate a person by typing their mobile number into the provided box.

The services are not limited to any specific carrier, mobile brand, or model. The geolocation results are then sent via SMS within minutes of the request. You are not required to sign up or sign in with any account, as well as installing any software on your mobile device, nor the other person’s mobile device. Its advantages include fast, reliable service in minutes upon visiting the website.

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How does it work?

As geolocation works by collecting its data from the GPS on your device and cellular networks, in order to get a precise location the device must be turned on, connected to the internet, and the location feature on the device should be turned on. Using geolocation you can get the location of the user with precise accuracy at a given point in time. At first glance, it sounds like much, but in reality, everybody is connected on the internet pretty much the whole time, and the location feature is turned on as they use social media platforms that usually require their location anyway.

Is it legal to use such location methods?

Locating somebody using their phone number is legal as long as there is prior consent, ownership over the device that is being located, or locating a child that is underaged. Many of the location services have the necessary licenses and work under the guidelines imposed by the law. The bottom line is that both the service provider and the person that is using the location tracking by phone number should be responsible and held accountable for their actions, as they will bear the consequences of any illegal location tracking by phone number as an intrusion in someone’s privacy.

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There are several different methods that you can use to track someone’s location. The easiest, most reliable, and convenient way to track someone’s location is by tracking their location with their phone number on a web-based location tracking service. Using the web services you can directly track the location of your child, parents, employees, or partner in an instance and in real-time. You don’t have to pre-install any applications or software or to bother about the specific carrier, mobile brand, or model on the phone that is being location-tracked. All you need to do is insert the mobile phone number into the provided box and wait a few minutes. It’s easy to use and it’s completely legal.

Written by Ana Weaver