8 Tips & Tricks to Travel Without Money


You know for sure that traveling can be expensive. It’s common knowledge that people always bear in mind when deciding to travel. It’s especially true in the post-covid world, where you need to take extra precautions when finding your dream destination. And don’t even start with accommodation and food, you might sigh.

Yet, many people avoid considering all the tips and tricks that can save them a penny. You might think it’s nonsense because everything comes with a cost. In reality, you often overpay for services and conveniences you can use for free or lesser price.

The best time to unlock the wisdom of traveling without money is during your college years. You get to apply the skills you learn during classes in real-life situations. All you need is to trust your assignments to the research paper writer at Essaypro and plan your trip in advance. It takes research, planning, and organization, but you get a memorable trip in exchange.

It’s never too late to plan your perfect trip without having to sacrifice the money you save. Here’s how!

Always have emergency funds

Even though we all wish to have ways to travel for free, we all need a start sum of money for basic arrangements. It doesn’t mean you need to have more than you can afford. Traveling without money can be a real deal in some cases. However, you always need to have some extra cash or reserved money for emergencies.

You can also keep your freelance gig active during your trip. Having a part-time freelance job can be an easy solution to always having some spare money if you need it. All you would need is a laptop, a steady internet connection, and several hours of your time.

Research your destination beforehand


Dig into your destination thoroughly. Don’t expect to find everything you need in one hour. Spend as much time as possible unraveling everything you need to know. Whether reading articles or listening to testimonies, you should take notes and weigh all pros and cons of your destination.

Many people make a common mistake of traveling without learning about the country of their interest and details like weather, customs, and benefits. There are plenty of resources, from government websites to travelers guides pinpointing the main aspects of your journey. In tourist guides, you can find recommendations of stays, services, and places that are must-see. However, often these guides offer sponsored ads, so they might not be as objective as you expect them to be.

The best way to learn about a country is by listening to people’s testimonies. They often share tips about the best accommodation, cheapest dining places, and best sightseeing spots. They also provide you with all downfalls and nuances of your future trip. Most testimonials are not paid or promote any type of business, so you can count on their authenticity.

Use student discounts

One of the best ways to save a penny is to carry your student ID everywhere you go. You can cut some sweet deals when visiting museums, galleries, and other places that encourage students to participate in local activities. Always carefully learn about opportunities for students. You can save a big chunk of your budget by being attentive and using your ID when you can.

Volunteer opportunities

You might have heard about summer volunteer programs that allow you to combine your vacation and help local communities. It’s a double win for any proactive student who loves to gain new experiences and explore new destinations cost-free. You need to explore all possibilities and apply to as many programs as you can. At the end of the day, you might be accepted to several programs that won’t overlap and increase your chances of having a versatile summer or winter (depending on the season).

Many volunteer programs make no-money traveling a reality. Often, the host organization takes care of all expenses, from visas to flight tickets. It’s your chance to sit back and enjoy being invited to the project and contribute to a great cause. In your free time, you get to explore the country where you are volunteering and meet new people.

Exchange programs


Whether you aim to study a full semester in another country or have a work exchange, these types of programs are similar to volunteering opportunities. Yet, it can greatly benefit your grade score and allow you to study in a different environment for a long time. You can look for exchange opportunities at your college and ask for assistance.

Exchange programs are beneficial for various reasons. You learn about the culture and meet new people without having to worry about time. A full semester period gives you an opportunity to really experience living in another country. As a plus, it feels less like a tourist trip.


Backpacking is one of the cheapest ways to explore key destinations and have a great time. You can enjoy exploring your state or aim to move further to neighboring areas. It’s a perfect option for people who live an active lifestyle and are ready to face some challenges.

Be sure to pack only essential clothing, medication, and supplies with you. Always have a power bank and research the areas you plan to walk through. It’s beneficial to have an option to stay somewhere close to cities or villages to recharge and have a shower. If you plan your journey to be closer to home, still be sure to have everything that might come in handy.

It’s also better to backpack with someone for safety reasons. It’s harder to get lost when you travel with friends and navigate when hitchhiking. Backpacking is one of the most exciting ways to spend your time and test your endurance. After all, you can always buy a bus ticket home if you get tired and bored.

Get acquainted with CouchSurfing


CouchSurfing is a popular social networking service that connects people who love traveling. All you need to do is to find a host, read their profile and reviews, and contact them. It’s one of the best and cheapest solutions for free accommodation and local experience.

You can also try to find similar services online. However, the CouchSurfing community is trusted and proven to be the most secure service to find accommodation and company. Of course, you may meet different people, and experiences aren’t guaranteed to be pleasant. Yet, you can always find a backup stay if you feel unsafe.

Many hosts agree to show you the city, share the best sightseeing spots, and help you to save money. You also can participate and offer your place to travelers in the future. This method is the best way to meet new people and learn about the culture from locals.

Avoid popular spots

The first rule of a pro traveler is to research local places and avoid overcrowded tourist spots. There are always plenty of places where you can enjoy your time without overpaying for it. That’s when meeting with locals can give you several insights.

Final thoughts

Traveling is something that you explore along the way. It also depends on what you need to feel safe and comfortable to enjoy your time at max. Be ready for everything and expect the best out of your experience.

Written by Kan Dail