Trenchless Sewer Line Repair: An Eco-friendly Option For Your Home


No one likes to deal with sewage and get their house (and the neighborhood) dirty. However, every once in a while, every homeowner has to face a gruesome situation that can make even the most powerful man feel nauseous. When the sewage lines leak or burst open, it causes discomfort for every inhabitant of that residence, along with troubling the neighbors. The cost of getting it all unearthed, changed, and repaired adds to the pain. However, with the ever-evolving technologies everywhere, there has been a slight ease to this to some extent. This is due to the invention of trenchless sewage lines.

Trenchless sewage lines, as the name is quite self-explanatory, is a relatively newer technology that does not cause any trenches to your lawn whilst digging and repairing the pipes. These have become quite popular over the recent years, due to their easy installation and less mess caused. These trenchless sewer line repairs also cost less than the conventional means of repair. There are many firms who are willing to do the installations for you, available both online as well as offline.

Apart from being cheaper and easy to use, these trenchless sewer line repairs are good for the environment as well. There are a few aspects to this, which are discussed in detail in the article stated below. So make sure to stick along until the end:

Lesser Waste Generation

In the traditional methods of pipe fixing, if a pipe needed repairing or to be changed in its entirety, the entire pipe had to be dug out first. Then the pipe would have been repaired or replaced, according to the needs and requirements. However, in this relatively newer technology, pipes are not dug up completely. Rather, the faulted area is identified first, and then later filled with appropriate substances as required.

For instance, if the pipe has a minor leak, then it could be patched up using epoxy resin. This resin would stay in place for many years to come, thereby reducing the chances of it going rough or clogging, moreover, since the whole pipe was not replaced, therefore, waste production is also reduced significantly.

No Digging = No Pollution


As trenchless services do not require any hard digging or taking out of the previously installed pipes from their places, it, therefore, generates and releases a much lesser amount of soot, dust, and other pollutants into the air. Moreover, the cutting of PVC pipers causes the microfibres to float around, causing irritation and severe afflictions to humans as well as pets. Therefore, this is not only an eco-friendly and environmentally sensitive approach but also is good for the health of both humans and animals.

Reusing Of Old Materials Is The Key

In the trenchless pipe fitting service, old pipes are treated and fixed in either of the two primary methods. The first one is known as the pipe bursting method, in which the old pipe, which is completely broken in many places, is pulled out of the ground using the holes that they have caused. These are then replaced with newer pipes, or the same ones can also be used after a complete repair and checkup if they are not too damaged. The damaged pipes, eventually, are reused in repairing other pipes. This greatly reduces the amount of waste generation.

The second method, the pipe-in-pipe sliding or slipping method, is more common and creates less waste. In this method, an old clogged-up, or broken pipe is slid with a newer and much stronger one. These are slid from one end and usually go all the way to the other. However, this reduces the original diameter of the pipe by at least half an inch (0.5 “). But this reduction does not generally have any impact on the house or the neighbors.

The old pipe is being reused, as the new pipe makes its way through. Therefore, this technique helps in reducing the litter produced as well.

Lasts Longer


These repair works last longer than their traditional counterparts, as these make use of very hard and durable substances, such as PVC and epoxy resins. These materials used in repair works can stay in their position for years, as they do not degrade easily, and do not leach their chemical compounds into the soil as well. This not only increases its life span but also prevents the soil from getting toxic by the chemicals leached by other materials.

This also reduces the stress from the nearby plants, as they do not have to face the fear of uprooting during the excavation process. moreover, they are also protected from unknown, unwanted, and toxic chemicals.

A Few Other Things To Know Whilst Getting A Trenchless Repair

This repair work has become quite popular in recent years and has been the talk of the town ever since. Therefore, it becomes quite important that you completely understand how things worked with these. Moreover, it is also important that you do not try to do this all by yourself at home, as it could lead to catastrophic results and a puddle of the mess that you do not want to deal with. Therefore, it is always a great idea to call professionals whenever in need.

Secondly, this is a minimalistic invasive technique, that would help you cut your costs of changing the pipes by up to 70%. Therefore, getting an appointment from the professionals beforehand would be a better idea.



This new technique of changing and repairing pipes has changed the face of plumbing forever. It is cheap, less time-consuming, good for the environment, and also gets the job done. It is the perfect solution for all plumbing problems. Trenchless sewer line repair is the next revolution.

Written by Kan Dail