Trendy Colors of Summer: Embrace the Hottest Shades in Fashion


Many people find it hard to believe how much color can change the overall look and mood. It gives character to a piece of clothing, certain shades can even determine whether something will look modern or outdated. Fashion lovers all over the world have high expectations for this summer. There are no rules and everything is allowed, and in daring fashion games, the colors that experts call the most desirable for the upcoming summer season will be our ally.

Therefore, if you want to be in trend, it is definitely advisable to know which colors are in and which are out. You can always visit an online clothing boutique to get some idea for a perfect outfit. So, we can say with certainty which colors are the most represented in the new collections, and in order to be in line with the trends for the coming spring, you can start wearing these colors today.



Black is not a trend, but a classic, a reflection of good style. A little black dress will never go out of fashion. However, if you want to bring a touch of summer into your combination, go for shoes in a brighter color, for example, yellow. If that’s too much for you, nails, a bag, or any accessory in a different color are enough.



Whether you choose mint green or any other shade, you won’t go wrong. Judging by the lime green trend, this summer will be hot! Bright, bold, and striking. Contrary to expectations, this trendy color looks surprisingly elegant, blends perfectly with a tanned complexion, and can be perfectly combined with cream, black, gold, or even pink.



There is no doubt that white is the most popular summer color. We associate this color with light materials and loose models. Why so white? Simply, it is ideal for any occasion and be sure that it will never go out of fashion. To get the best out of your white pieces, combine them together and create a simple all-white look suitable for any warm and sunny day.


The sea is blue, the sky is blue, the sailor’s uniform is blue and white. Do you still have doubts about clothes in this color? Blue is ideal for combining many colors. If you want a navy look, wear dark blue in combination with red and white. If it still sounds like a cliché, the yellow color will break the monotony. Unlike neutral navy blue, which often serves as a base for a very decent combination, light blue, turquoise, or cobalt blue will make any combination effective.



This is a color we can’t wait to wear this season. Each new season has its ‘it’ color, but also, there are some that are always equally desirable. This season it is exactly this color. It’s no secret that we associate the pink shade with the arrival of spring, so after a long cold winter, pink attracts us more than ever. We want to wear pieces in pink shades, but also monochromatic pink combinations. For those who like bolder, summer combinations, pink in combination with orange is a hit.


Summer is the perfect time to reach for a striking and strong fashion piece that will dominate your styling, no matter what you wear with it. If at any time you want to refresh your closet and wardrobe and add some liveliness to it, now is the ideal time for it. For all those fearless, they have one super powerful color – orange. This is a color that by itself hints at summer days and becomes versatile and can be found in various items – from casual, casual to business and formal combinations.

Beige color


Beige pieces can be worn by all generations, and beige on beige is a must-have outfit this season. Combinations with beige and white colors are increasingly becoming outfits that we choose for summer days, but also for winter days, partly because they perfectly match the snowy idyll of winter days. There are fashion houses that have built their entire aesthetic on various shades of beige, and one of them is certainly Burberry, and we cannot dispute the popularity of this brand.



This color is a perfect balance between deep red and cool blue. Lilac soothes, encourages creativity, and evokes romantic memories. The gentle color of lavender will go well with neutral tones such as beige and black, but also with other pastel shades, such as light pink. It will also go well with all shades of green.



Red is the color of love, but also of summer, especially the coral shade that is bold and dramatic, daring and playful. From a bright shade with undertones of orange to classic red, the new trend has conquered the fashion world and every summer collection. Simple enough for trendy silhouettes and striking enough to turn simple basic cuts into statement pieces, red has conquered every summer wardrobe with its versatility. The coral red shade is especially current and will make you look modern and well-dressed for any occasion.

Whichever color you choose, you won’t go wrong. Although the rule “Less is more” applies in the world of fashion, in everyday summer combinations you can break it and pair colors that you think are an unimaginable combination because summer is the ideal time for experimentation. Let’s not forget that currently some of the most recognized and followed fashion insiders are girls who cherish a style filled with colors and vibrancy. It’s amazing how much just a change of color can change the look of a certain piece of fashion. This is why playing with colors in fashion is highly recommended, and apart from trends, it is very possible to match the color of clothes with your own emotional state and personality.

As we can see, there are many colors that you can’t go wrong with when it comes to summer because this year the designers did their best to provide us with irresistible models in a wide variety of colors – just perfect for summer.

Written by Joseph Blakeslee