11 Do’s And Don’ts For Your Trip To Malaga


Málaga is a stunning place in Spain, where Picasso was born, there are so many sights and modern art museums, and skyscraper hotels like Alcazaba and the fortress of Gibralfaro are nearby.

These ancient constructions testify to the city’s Moorish heritage, and the modernized port district shows its youthfulness by attracting crowds of tourists with its lively bars and seafood restaurants. The town is attractive for its art and history and the fantastic beaches that dot the Costa del Sol, the coastal strip in the south of Andalusia, which includes a Spanish town.

When visiting Malaga airport car hire companies you can check as its offer many different options for renting a car for your trip. So choose the best option among the available car hire. You can choose a cheap or a luxury option from the available alternatives. With friends, you will be much more comfortable traveling in one car than in several cars. In addition, it will save you the budget. It is also possible to book a minivan for a group of travelers.

What to do in Málaga when traveling

1. Public transport


First, it is public transport. If you are a budget tourist, your main form of public transport in Málaga is the bus, running from 7 am to 11:00 pm. Buses also run at night, mainly on the main streets. The ticket price is about 1 euro; everyone can buy a travel card for a certain number of trips.

2. Taxi

Then, a taxi is one of the options for a quick and convenient way to get somewhere. Any taxi can be chosen at particular parking lots, called by phone, or stopped directly on the road. It is essential to understand that an accessible taxi is marked with the indicator “libre,” and if the indicator “ocupado” is lit on the scoreboard, the cab is busy.

3. Walks

Third, walks. In the central part of the city, vacationers are advised to walk; all the essential attractions and entertainment venues are within walking distance of each other. On the main streets of Málaga, you can walk even late at night without fear of thieves or attacks. But it is best avoided when walking in the outlying areas of the city in the evening.

4. Rent a vehicle


If you are a tourist with money, it is highly recommended to rent a vehicle. Car hiring opportunities are plentiful here, and you’ll get many pleasures from traveling both around and outside the city. You can read the article “Who to hire a car in UK”, where the principle of renting a car in Europe does not differ, and as an overseas traveler, it will be helpful to understand what documents you need to take with you.

5. Explore local sights

Economy travelers will love the local street cafes near all the essential sights. You can try inexpensive national dishes, soft drinks, and fresh pastries in such places. The only disadvantage of such institutions is the lack of closed halls – visitors can sit at tiny tables on the street.

6. “Spontaneous markets”

In Málaga, there are “spontaneous markets” where you can buy various goods: clothes, shoes of high quality at low prices, and souvenirs. Also, you can visit shopping centers with local brands to buy something there.

7. Beaches

Beach season is such a beautiful place you go. The best season for a beach holiday is June, July, August, September, and October because the water is already warm enough, and you can swim in the sea. So, if you go to Malaga to swim or sunbathe, you must prepare in advance, book a hotel room, or rent an apartment, depending on your goals and preferences. Also, Malaga is famous for its pool parties. So you can take your friends and enjoy fully your vacation with some small parties.

What not to do in Malaga

8. Late walks


Do not take such rash actions as taking late walks in remote areas. You will not be killed, no, but there is a possibility that you could become a victim of muggers. You will have your money, gold, and phone stolen. If you do not want trouble, avoiding evening walks in unknown places is better.

9. Rent a hotel late

Rent a hotel late if you decide to vacation in Málaga, and do not book a hotel in advance. There is a high probability that booking for a high price is not what you want, and the hotel will be expensive and not with those conditions and separation from the coast. Therefore, the reservation in advance will save you from overpayment and discomfort.

10. Surroundings of Malaga

Malaga and its surroundings are extraordinary. Wonderful nature, worth visiting, if not all, but some of them. Thus, please accept the pleasure of visiting as many attractions as possible and admiring nature and its beauty. Do not take a car.

11. Refrain from visiting excursions


Since Málaga is a territory with many unique places and beautiful architecture of antiquity, you should visit at least half of them: Picasso Museum, Merced Square, Roman Amphitheatre, Bishops’ Square and Bishops’ Palace, Málaga Cathedral, Alcazaba and the fortress of Gibralfaro. This city is full of historical places with its special atmosphere and spirit.


Going to Málaga, plan your trip well. Decide on the means of transportation for the journey because it will allow you to see all of Málaga and its surroundings, enjoy the beauty of nature and visit more historical sites. The most suitable way to enjoy the trip is to rent a car to explore all Malaga nice spots. Also, book tickets to visit all the sights in advance, so you do not have to stand in long lines. If you are on vacation at sea, book a hotel room in advance because Malaga is a favorite tourist destination, and deciding everything at the last moment, you can be left without the desired accommodation. And, of course, remember about safety. We wish you a pleasant journey in Málaga and memorable pleasant moments.

Written by Kan Dail