What Type Of Microphone Is Best For Podcasting – 2024 Guide

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In case you are planning to start streaming videos, organize a talk show, or record podcasts, the essential part is to get the right equipment. The most common mistake people are making is when they think that selection of a microphone is not that important.

You can simply check that by comparing amateur and professional channels, and you will notice the difference. Therefore, if you are interested in buying a high-quality mic, you should focus on those designed for podcasts. According to, condenser mics are the best solution.

There are different factors to consider as well, like the area where you will be recording, frequency, need for a wireless option, price, and more. Here are some of the best types for podcasting that you can get in 2024.

There are Two Main Options

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The two main types that you can choose for streaming are condenser and dynamic. According to many people, the condenser is a much better solution since it provides higher volume and can pick more details in sounds. However, you should consider your style and requirements since dynamic can be a good option as well, especially if you want to hide some background noises.

A condenser option is perfect when you have a professional studio with proper sound isolation that will prevent any background noise. It will make the conversation much clearer. However, if you are not a typical podcaster, and you often use different locations, a dynamic model is a better solution.

Another reason to choose dynamic is when you want to increase the volume. Also, keep in mind that it can be annoying when people are turning up the volume, and they hear a lot of noises in the background. Things like wind, cars, and other sounds can make a mess of your recording.

Be sure to choose the right environment according to your equipment. Even getting a high-end mic won’t help you if you don’t pay attention to some important details. Some people are making mistakes when they are in closed studios as well, by not creating the right distance from the mic, or sitting in an environment that is causing echoes and sound that appears too deep to listeners.

It is not as easy as many people think when it comes to starting as a podcaster because you will need some skills and experience to record a high-quality content. Check out this helpful guide on how to get started (

That is the main reason why it is never a good idea to start with highly expensive models at the beginning. You should start with more affordable ones and learn more about recording before you decide to invest more money.

There are Different Categories

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The three main categories where we can divide different models are amateur, high quality, and pro. You should not think that amateur means that these models lack quality. The advancements in technology are allowing producers to introduce affordable models that are quite reliable and can create excellent content. The small details are making a difference between low and high-end types.

The great thing is that you can get a decent model for around $100. That is perfect for the start. The competition in different areas is very high today. Therefore, you can never be sure that you will become popular as a podcaster. In that matter, you should not invest a lot of money at the start as well. Some of the best amateur options that can create excellent sound are Samson q2u, ATR 2100, and Rode Smartlav plus.

When it comes to more professional options, they are recommended to people who already managed to attract a decent audience. It can be a great upgrade that people will notice, which might attract even more people. The great thing is that it still won’t be that expensive to make this upgrade since you can find a professional model for around $250.

There are some outstanding models in this category, like Samson q9u, AKG, Rode Podcaster, and more. You will find both types available. As we already mentioned, your requirements and environment are essential when it comes to the right selection.

The situation with high-end professional models is that there is a wide price range from several hundred to over $10k. Therefore, it is an important decision and it is crucial to determine the right moment when you should implement this change. That should be the point where millions of listeners are following your pages and sharing your content all the time.

At this point, there is no room for mistakes, and even small details like noise or lack of quality in certain parts of the recording could affect negative trends. You must secure the highest quality, which is the main reason to consider investing more in models like Heir pr 40, Shure, Rode nt1 A, or some other model at this level.

The key is to focus on your needs and consider things like budget and ambient so you can make the best choice. If you are planning to travel a lot, a model with a battery is a better option, while the one with the cable is much better and more convenient when you are recording in the studio since you won’t need to worry about the battery life.

The Bottom Line

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Even if you have enough funds to get the best mic on the market today, you should first start your channel and create good content that will attract a lot of people. After that, you can be sure that spending more money can be a good investment. Until then, getting a standard version where you will spend less than $100 is a much better solution because it won’t be a big deal even if you don’t succeed as a podcaster.

There are some additional devices that can improve the quality of sound as well, like stands and limiters. Also, you will need to learn more about the software that you can use to edit the sound. For example, Ableton, Sound Forge, Audition, and more.

Written by Georgina Mancula