6 Tips for Understanding the Construction Bidding Process

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Construction bidding is an important part of any contractor’s life. After all, the availability of their future projects and their earning potential is entirely dependent on how well they understand the construction bidding process and how effectively they bid. According to Dallas Nugent Canada, it is necessary that you understand the construction bidding process before you go to bid on any projects or otherwise you will suffer immense losses.

There are various aspects that go into the construction bidding process and as a contractor, it is your duty to understand what these aspects are and how this process works. The other part that you need to have a keen understanding of is how the relationship between you and your subcontractor works and if you wish to read more about it, you can learn more here.

However, there are many contractors out there that are still not fully familiar with the construction bidding process. If you too are one of them then don’t worry, because we have you covered. In this article we will be listing several tips for understanding the construction bidding process and how it works. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on these crucial details.

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Pay special attention to understanding how the process works

While the construction bidding process may seem straightforward and simple with its seamless structure, there are numerous underlying factors attached to the process that contractors often overlook. Not noticing these factors and aspects on time can easily serve the bid in your competitor’s basket.

If you are planning to bid on construction projects, you should have the right mindset of understanding how the process works. You need to understand that bidding for construction projects is not just for a sales offer but an advertisement of your skills and services to show that you are the better option against the entire competition. This understanding of the process is crucial and that is why you should have the right mindset of your own to accommodate it.

The quicker you bid, the better it is for you

The quicker you bid on a construction project, the lesser competition you will have to face during your bids. The lesser competition you have, the more a developer will be inclined to hire you for their project. That’s why it is essential that you bid as quickly as possible before prominent contractors even see these bids.

The best way of doing this is by checking construction bidding networks and marketplaces regularly from time to time. You are bound to find bids there quicker than your competition would and it also allows you the option of choosing the bids you prefer the most. Some marketplaces even help you to find bidding jobs yourself once you create your company’s profile.

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You need to ensure that you make accurate estimates

One of the most crucial aspects of the bidding process is that the company needs to make accurate cost estimates and only then offer a bid that matches the value your company provides. Overcharging for the construction project will surely infuriate the project developers and cause them to look for a better competitor.

On the other hand, undercharging the developers can make them doubtful of the value you can provide to them. Even worse is when you misquote your bid and later let them know about it causing them to start afresh with the bidding process. This can create an extremely bad reputation for your company which is the last thing you want when looking for project bids.

We strongly recommend estimating costs for each project by considering various cost factors such as supply costs, labour costs, etc. Once you have it figured out, calculate how much profit margin you need and then offer a final bid to the project developers.

It is necessary that you bid on the right projects

When looking for your next construction project bids, look out for the projects that truly suit your company’s goals and are a perfect fit for you. The last thing you want is bidding on a project that neither you want to deal with nor your subcontractors. Stick to the bids that you think are right for you and your company and bid only for these projects specifically.

We strongly recommend against bidding on a project that is not suited for the work you and your subcontractors do as it can easily cause you to botch up the project job as a result.

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Avoid bidding on projects that you won’t win

Many contractors bid on every project they see in hope that they at least land up with one project for their company. This practice couldn’t be any more wrong because bidding on every project can only land you up with bids that you wouldn’t win anyway. Before every bid, consider the level of skill, expertise, workforce and experience they want from your company.

Only after you understand these expectations, will you be able to evaluate whether you can fulfill the project expectations or not. There are some bids that your competition is simply more apt to do and that is totally fine. Your only priority should be finding construction bids that you have the full capability and experience to do and deliver your maximum effort.

Bidding on jobs that fall under your niche is important

Every general contractor out there has a construction project specialty that they excel in the most. Some general contractors deliver better results in apartment projects, while some contractors deliver better results while building real estate projects such as mansions or houses. The point is, if you have a niche that you specialize and excel in, then we strongly recommend that you bid especially for that niche if nothing else.

Your niche specialization will help you find clients that only need the specific type of construction project from you. It will also make you the sole industry expert in the city of whatever niche you are specializing in which only leads to a better reputation during the bidding process.

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There are several ways through which you can understand the construction bidding process better. We hope this article was insightful for you for that and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

Written by Ana Weaver