9 Easy Upgrades To Immediately Improve A Car’s Performance


There is nothing like the feeling of a smooth ride with a good-performing engine. It is why whether it is an old or new car, there are various upgrades one wants to do to their car to upgrade its performance. As easy as it sounds, the process and the things you need to upgrade your vehicle are complicated. There are various parts that are added and exchanged for more powerful and better compatibility parts.

While there are various upgrades that you can get for your car, it can be a time taking process. To help you save time while upgrading your car, below is a list of the top 9 easy upgrades that you can get to increase the performance of your car immediately.

9 Easy Upgrades For Immediately Improving A Car’s Performance

Upgrading your car is the process of adding and exchanging the existing car parts for better compatible and powerful parts. These parts are commonly known as performance car parts as they directly or indirectly impact the performance of the car. But this necessarily doesn’t mean that any performance part would give you immediate performance upgrades. Read below to learn more about car parts that would immediately improve the performance of your car.

1. Intercoolers


Usually, when doing upgrades, a lot of focus goes on increasing your engine’s power. But if the power is too much and there is nothing to cool the engine down, then the vehicle would heat up, resulting in the fuel in the engine getting used up faster. An intercooler is the best option to cool the hot air released inside your car. It’ll lower the temperature significantly, resulting in a denser air supply for the fuel and better power consumption.

2. Throttle Body

A throttle body is an integral upgrade to make sure that all the cool airflow in your car doesn’t dissipate to anything. It facilitates horsepower and works towards increasing the cool airflow. Primarily a high-performance one would ensure that the throttle response of the body would increase instantaneously and give more strength to the engine. But for this, you need to ensure that there is a reason for upgrading the throttle body, like the engine heating up or using intercoolers; otherwise, there would be no difference.

3. Forced Induction

Forced induction forces more air into the engine to increase the power and speed of the car. The forced air burns the fuel faster and instantly increases the car’s speed. It is also necessary to have reasonable control over the footing on the accelerator to control the speed accordingly.

4. Racing Wheels

Racing wheels are typically considered premium wheels that are used in expensive cars. While that’s true, they are also made of special alloys, which are more powerful and can withstand more pressure than the tires. They are also better at dissipating shock and lowering the unsprung weight quickly. It makes handling and rebounding off the tires easier and smoother than usual. Not to mention the compressing effect it has on suspensions to keep the tires on the track.

5. Anti Sway Bar


Out of all the upgrades, anti-sway bars are one of the best options to increase your car’s performance instantly. They are very economical compared to other performance parts and significantly improve vehicle handling. The thicker your sway bar is, the more uniform load will be compared to before. Along with thick drop links, the anti Sway Bar significantly lowers the chances of your vehicle and its tires failing under pressure.

6. Tires

Good quality tires, according to your car usage, are essential. As you would know, soft tires are excellent for gripping purposes, but they do not last long, and for hard tires, it is vice versa. Because of this upgrade, the quality of the tubes and their type, according to your usage, would drastically affect the performance of your car. Also, when choosing a good quality tire, you should focus on why the tire has a lower rating and not only on the treadwear rating.

7. Control Arm Bushing

Control arm bushings aren’t an upgrade that directly affects the performance of the car but something which works towards improving it with the help of other parts. A good control arm bushing ensures that the tires and their movement are in the manner they are supposed to be moving and not based on the handling of the car. Be it an uneven surface or a smooth road, the bushing would significantly absorb most of the shock and keep the tires on track and in a systematic manner.

8. Turbocharger Or Supercharger

A normally aspirated engine burns fuel according to atmospheric pressure. It is technically superior to a turbocharger and a supercharger, but when combined, it enhances the performance of the engine multiple times over. Depending on the affordability and your interests, you can opt for any of the two, but you should keep in mind that a supercharger provides results instantaneously than a turbocharger. Other than that, all the features are nearly the same and only require a simple installation without any preparations.

9. Disk Brake


When you enhance your vehicle’s performance, an increase in speed is a natural thing, which is why you should also focus on the brake system. Commonly drum brakes are installed in most of the average cars today, which only lock the front two tires, increasing the chances of accidents. Upgrading these to disk brakes decreases the chances of brake fading and easier inspection of the brakes. Even in different weather conditions, the disk brakes are good at working with the humidity and heat of the vehicle.


It is not just about upgrading your car but more about the sentimental feelings behind it. Not everyone upgrades their vehicle to increase the speed, but most focus on increasing the performance so that the car lasts longer with optimum speed and safety. The above nine upgrades are one of the simplest and most immediate upgrades that work to increase the car’s overall performance.

Written by Kan Dail