10 Reasons You Should Use Animated Videos for Your Business

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Digital marketing evolves exponentially, which means that SEO tactics you trust today can expire tomorrow. This has resulted in marketers failing to put all their eggs in the traditional SEO strategy basket when they pursue results.

Creating a convincing animated video to convey a particular message will improve the marketing process’s effectiveness and allow you to produce better results.

However, it can be a difficult decision to choose the type of video. Spiel Animations producers claim that videos with an individual or a speaker seem more professional to provide details. But the reality could be the opposite. Your next concern should be animated footage. We have compiled many explanations for why you should catapult the marketing statistics into the stratosphere using animated video.

1. They Grab Attention

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In today’s world, people have a limited attention period and do not want to sit down for something they do not need. When anyone visits your website, you always have about 10 to 30 seconds until they determine if they will stay or visit a different website to express their message. Animation is an excellent way to catch and keep customers’ attention because it is fun, easy to absorb, and other. Care is crucial if we recall the classic AIDA marketing formula.

2. Engage with Customer

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Consumers nowadays participate in regular online video material. The latest research has shown that one-third of the entire time you spend online interaction is watching videos. Therefore, your customers are critical in the competitive world of digital marketing and can be considered the first step towards selling.

You, therefore, need to use content that gives you the best chance of working successfully with your client. Animated videos are ideal for prospective buyers because they provide an attractive and interesting way to display meaningful details.

3. Boosts Conversion Rates

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Animations not only engage your customers; they also encourage them to buy and enable your company to maximize profits. Statistics show that you can improve your conversion rate by an enormous 80% by having an animated video on your landing page. Regardless of how serious the product is or how light-hearted it is; any product can be commercialized with an animated video.

4. Improve The Odds of Being Viral

Every company wants to fight the thumb scroll dam to create lasting impressions through its content. The problem, however, is that there is no exact formula for marketers to accomplish this. But, by making and exporting quality animated videos, the content can at least spread across the digital landscape.

5. Gain Understanding

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Perhaps the best aspect of animated videos is their capacity to convey business knowledge in a manner readily understood by anyone from 10 to 90 years of age. Animation may be the most powerful way of communicating these messages for companies that try to sell an unfamiliar or complicated bid. Animation transforms a message to facilitate understanding and visualization. Any complex idea or concept with animation can be divided into easy-to-understand and digestible details.

6. The Animation Will Tell the Story of Every Aspect of a Brand.

Are there parts of the story of your brand unrecorded? Or do you want to give customers or employees an idea of your company’s look in 10 years? You’ve got animated company videos covered. It can be used to highlight your company’s potential or to look back on the past and demonstrate aspects of your company that cannot always be accomplished with live video.

It can also make a story alive in combination with the main level, the written words, or a speech. The animation will work with almost every way you try to tell your customers a story. It can be used to say to any story because it is incredibly versatile and can be designed to be anything you want, with fewer restrictions than live-action content.

7. The Animated Videos Transfer Emotions and Engage the Audience.

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Children love to watch cartoons because they are fun and have good feelings. As adolescents, they interpret much better knowing if it is framed in a humorous. Animation is a powerful medium to reach customers and to tell imaginative stories.

It attracts the attention of the audience for a longer time than any other material. Often, once we see a complete short animated video, we can’t take our eyes off. If it is visually attractive, sweet, sharp, and saturated with necessary details, it can offer your company a significant advantage in front of your competitors.

8. Drive Social Engagement

Using animated videos in the social media presence of your company means that people can share their content – a significant 92 percent of mobile video audiences share online videos they watch on social media with others. Make sure your video players share your campaigns and extend your social commitment quickly.

9. You Can Easily Describe Complicated Things.

It’s not an easy job to capture what passes through your brain in photographs. For example, if you want to illustrate a concept, the first idea is to search for something already there. It can’t be avoided often. However, animation, like infographics, can illustrate complicated issues in a shorter period.

10. They Tell Compelling Stories.

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Animated videos provide essential information in the context of entertainment by telling convincing stories. Your audience will then simultaneously receive knowledge and entertainment about your brand.

Thus, you can also deliver the brand’s complicated ideas and break them into smaller pieces so that the viewer can absorb them more easily.

Trying something different may be daunting, but the internet travels so quickly that you test to see what is outstanding. Feel free to start a small move on a social media post with your plan. You can switch to more extensive animated videos that you post on your website if people get involved. Do you still have concerns about how to proceed, or do you need support in making your first video?

Video makers spice up cold details in the video with visually exaggerated emotions to represent ideas entertainingly. It makes an animated video a great way to engage with the viewer’s feelings and start a closer conversation with them.

Emotions frequently affect our decisions. People prefer brands in which they associate those thoughts, feelings, and luminous memories. You can launch a more emotional engagement with your customers with an animated video.

Written by Marinelle Adams