9 Advantages Of Utilizing Security Printing Solutions


Security is the name of the game these days. Although there are various protections against computer information being hacked, printers frequently remain vulnerable. That’s why businesses and organizations gradually realize that networked printers also require security measures. Companies are increasingly inclined to include security printing solutions in their corporate endeavors.

What is Security Printing?

Security printing solutions (or secure printing) offer expertly produced products and documents to prevent unauthorized copies. Additionally, using security printing solutions, companies can also detect copies they didn’t authorize to be printed. The following products and documents are included:

  • Security labels
  • Certificates
  • Cheques
  • Tax stamps
  • Security Documents
  • Tickets
  • ID cards

Security prints have advanced significantly over the past years thanks to various cutting-edge techniques. Due to these innovations, security printing has entered the digital market. Also, since many businesses have opted to distribute electronic copies of gift cards and tickets, encrypting them is just as crucial as protecting the real thing.

9 Benefits of Using Security Printing Solutions


Security printing solutions are gradually coming into the spotlight. Security print offers various benefits to a company or organization like the following:

1. Safeguards Data

Every organization or company has sensitive documents they don’t want to be shared with the public. These may include contracts, marketing, product information, HR documentation, or patents.

In fact, security printing solutions can help ensure sensitive information, intellectual property, and personally identifiable information do not fall into the wrong hands. Plus, the documents and products will be genuine and secure thanks to expert security measures.

2. Lessen Malware Threats

Are you aware that hackers can use printers to access a company’s network and download malicious software and viruses? It seems far-fetched and only happens in movies. But it can happen. According to Kaspersky, using the Windows Print Spooler, there were 65,000 cyberattacks between July 2021 and April 2022.

Using secure print software, companies and organizations can defend themselves from cyberattacks like malware. Generally, the software focuses on the printer’s software and firmware. By utilizing security printing solutions, business owners can be sure that no hacker will not interfere with the system or result in any abnormalities.

3. Compliance With Regulations

HIPAA and FINRA regulations are very stringent for medical or financial facilities. Plus, other businesses also demand complete confidence. That’s why security printing solutions can safeguard the privacy of these businesses’ clients’ and patients’ information.

Such security measures have strategies like high-security document systems that go above and above C&CCC regulations. Additionally, security prints lower compliance costs by maintaining a record of every print operation, including the user, department, and device. The business can also look into any occurrences if a data breach took place because it has a complete history of every print job.

4. Offers Greater Visibility and Authenticity


Security printing solutions help companies to keep an eye on their printing security. Business owners can determine who is printing what, when, and where. Also, implementing audit trails gives organizations and companies visibility into how their printer is used.

In addition, if network printers are equipped with security print software, businesses can set up alerts for data breaches or leaks. Therefore, it guarantees complete accountability for your company’s document processing.

Both a company’s reputation and the value of its brand are crucial. That’s why having fake documents and products will tarnish the company’s name. Therefore, by employing security printing solutions, the risk of fake goods is decreased.

Business owners could reassure their customers the products or services are authentic thanks to security printing. This apparent safety step will also protect your business’s reputation and revenue while emphasizing the high caliber of service.

5. Adoption of Security Best Practices

Many security printing solutions strongly emphasize employee conduct. That’s why it’s the best tool to promote a culture of safe work practices throughout the company.

Generally, such regulations can include the following:

  • Prohibiting the placement of printed materials in the tray
  • Identification requirements for access to the actual printer.

Placing pertinent policies encourages employees to handle important data with the utmost security. These regulations also keep security a visible subject in the workplace.

6. Availability of Mobile Printing

Nowadays, many security printing solutions provide mobile security. As a result, employees can use their smartphones and tablets to access secure information. Security printing solutions can secure data as it is transferred from a smartphone to a connected printer while adhering to legal standards.

7. Become More Sustainable

Security printing solutions offer a quick and effective method of manufacturing documents, cutting down on waste, defective product expenses, and any expenditures related to counterfeit products.

Additionally, many companies install personal printers for each worker who handles sensitive information out of security concerns. However, secure print software can maintain a personal printer’s security advantages without the additional expense. Without worrying about information leaks, any employee can use the networked printer.

8. Combat Forgery and Counterfeiting


The possibility of forgery, tampering, or counterfeiting is reduced with security printing solutions. Although companies can use plastic, security printing is often done on security paper.

Additionally, security inks are available to safeguard printed materials aside from security papers. Under normal lighting, the ink is not visible. But when under UV light, the ink will become visible. Security inks are more commonly used in check printing and document security.

9. Event Safety

Event tickets are crucial since festivals and sports events are concerned about making sure that only authorized patrons may enter. Offering cutting-edge methods to guarantee event ticket security is always a plus. Security printing solutions offer specific and bespoke security measures to prevent counterfeiting and keep events safe, not overcrowded, and operating without a hitch.

Be Secured With Security Printing Solutions

Increasing security is undoubtedly the primary objective of security printing solutions. Because it offers data protection at a reasonable cost, secure printing has become a crucial component of any company’s security strategy. Therefore, utilizing security printing solutions will keep important information safe and spare business owners the cost of any repairs or changes.

Written by Kan Dail