Does Vaping Give You The Same Feeling As Cigarettes?


Are you a smoker who is trying to make the switch to vaping? Have you heard that vaping gives you the same feeling as cigarettes, but can’t decide if it’s true? We’ll answer this question and more in our latest blog topic – does vaping give you the same feeling as cigarettes? Let’s dive in and help set your mind at ease!

The sensation differs from person to person depending on individual preferences, type of device used and type of e-juice or cannabis oil being vaped. For those who are making the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping, the sensation may differ significantly due to the elimination of combustion involved in traditional smoking. Determining what type of device would be best suited for your individual needs can help make the transition smoother as you experiment with different e-juices and settings that produce more vapor or larger clouds of vapor.

It can create a feeling similar to smoking traditional cigarettes in its nicotine delivery system, however due to lack of no smoke produced with vaping, many people are able to quit traditional smoking altogether. This makes it possible for vapers who used to smoke cigarettes choose different strengths and flavors in nicotine delivery systems so they find something that works best for them which provides more satisfaction than regular cigarettes ever did before switching over to vaping. Make sure to check out DashVapes if you are looking to get into vaping!

What are the effects of vaping?


It has an effect on the body similar to cigarettes, though there is still debate as to how similar it is. Though the inhalation of vaporized nicotine through an e-cigarette is not considered ‘smoking’, there have been reports of adverse effects, such as coughing and difficulty breathing due to irritation of the throat and lungs.

When compared with smoking traditional cigarettes, vaping nicotine can provide the user with more control over their consumption, such as dosage size and frequency. Some users report that vaping nicotine induces a less harsh ‘throat hit’ than they experience with cigarettes while others feel unpleasant effects associated with high doses.

The long-term health effects of vaping are still under study and research results may take years to produce findings. Some users feel that taking in vaporized nicotine is safer than smoking traditional cigarettes or chewing tobacco; however, this should not be taken as medical advice since regular check-ups with a healthcare professional is preferred for those who use nicotine products.

How Does Vaping Feel?

When a person inhales from an e-cigarette, they typically experience a sensation that is strikingly similar to the physical feeling of smoking. Most people vaping describe the feeling as being warmer and more substantial than the aerosol produced by traditional cigarettes.

The sensation is produced when the aerosol created by the atomizer or heating element passes through the device’s mouthpiece and into the user’s mouth. This creates a “throat hit” that feels, to many users, comparable to what they would experience with a tobacco product.

Aside from this physical sensation, there are also psychological factors that can be attributed to vaping’s appeal. Many people who switch from smoking cigarettes to e-cigarettes express how satisfyingly similar it feels without having to deal with ashes and bad smells. Since nicotine is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, people using e-cigarettes may immediately experience pleasure and calmness created by this inhaled vapor.

Ultimately, how any individual feels about vaping depends on their own personal preferences for smoking analog products or trying something new.

Comparison of Vaping and Cigarette Smoking


When it comes to the comparison of these two there are a lot of differences that need to be taken into account. Both deliver nicotine but do so in different ways. Cigarette smoking involves the burning of tobacco, producing smoke that is filled with a variety of toxic chemicals, many of which have been linked to serious health problems and diseases. In contrast, vaping does not involve combustion and is safer than smoking cigarettes in terms of exposure to these hazardous chemicals.

E-cigarettes contain fewer toxins than traditional cigarettes and the vapors they generate contain significantly fewer carcinogens than those that are produced when tobacco is burned. Vaping delivers higher levels of nicotine more efficiently ensuring a faster onset than with traditional cigarettes. It also produces an inhalation sensation which is similar to what happens when smoking a cigarette.

Although it provides a convenient way for smokers to switch from combustible cigarettes, its use may still lead to addiction or nicotine dependence and long-term health effects are still being studied as this technology evolves rapidly over time. As such, people should always remember that there are risks associated with using e-cigarettes and should take caution if considering its use as an alternative.

Potential Health Risks of Vaping

While vaping can be less harmful than traditional cigarettes, it still carries potential health risks that people should consider. It can expose users to the same toxic metals found in cigarette smoke, such as arsenic and lead, as well as dangerous chemicals like diacetyl which has been linked to serious lung diseases. While nicotine levels are lower in most e-liquid products than in cigarettes, they can still be dangerous because of the addictive nature of nicotine. It can also increase heart rate and blood pressure which may be dangerous for people with existing heart or lung conditions. Finally, it may also damage respiratory tract tissue which could lead to long term inhalation issues.



In conclusion, the act of vaping does mimic smoking a cigarette in terms of inhalation and exhalation, however the true effect of vape is largely unknown. While research suggests that it is less harmful than cigarettes and other traditional forms of tobacco, we still cannot say with absolute certainty that it poses no risk whatsoever. Therefore, before you make the decision to start vaping or continue vaping, we suggest that you consider all the possible pros and cons carefully. Always consult your physician if you have any concerns about your health.

Written by Kan Dail