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7 Best Virtual Team Building Activities To Try in 2024


Every business manager has to invest a lot of time and effort into enhancing the bond between their employees. It is the best way to increase their productivity since people have to feel comfortable being in their workplace and around their colleagues. It is why companies organize trips and activities for their employees.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic now, sending your workers on a long weekend getaway is not an option. Still, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any tricks you can use to establish and improve the already-existing relationship between the people who work for you. As you can assume, we are talking about virtual activities, so welcome to the 21st century and the era of the Internet.

Sharing pictures


Not a lot of people would consider this to be very entertaining, but it is actually a great way for people to get to know each other. The truth is that it can be quite beneficial, especially if you have just built the team or had a new person join you. How does it work?

Well, it is quite simple. Ask every to share a photo of an important thing that reflects their interests and passions in their private life. It can really be anything – from a family portrait to a decorative piece they have just bought. It will enable everyone to get closer to each other, to learn something new about the people they work with, but you will eliminate that anxiety that can occur during these conversations face to face. What’s more, people will feel comfortable because they get to choose which part of their life they want to share with others.

Bucket list challenge


We all have at least a few items on our bucket lists, right? Well, you can organize a virtual activity where employees get a chance to discuss their lists among themselves. Obviously, they should not share the entire list, and they can keep some items to themselves. The best way to engage in this activity is to give them a few minutes to think of a couple of things they want to do next year. They can share anything, from work-related to personal achievements. If two or more of them put the same goal on their list, you should encourage them to achieve it together. This activity will not only enable them to get to know each other, but they will also have an opportunity to bond over the interests they share.

Virtual comedy show


Nothing brings people closer together better than laughter, don’t you agree? Plus, because of the current situation, we could all benefit from it. Well, there is usually a comedian in every team, so why not give them an opportunity to shine and entertain others? On the other hand, you can always hire a professional and have them cheer up your employees. This is a great way to lift your team’s spirit up and have them enjoy the show even if they cannot attend one due to the lockdown.

Virtual cooking class


Depending on the industry you are in, this can be a great activity for your employees to enjoy. The best part is that you can organize it in so many different ways. Firstly, you can have a weekly cooking course managed by a single person. They get to choose their favorite meal or dessert and show their colleagues how to prepare it step-by-step. On the other note, you can encourage people on your team to share their favorite recipes and post photos of the dish. Then, you can create a virtual cookbook and post it to the platform so that everyone can access it. If you like this type of activity that is not necessarily work-related, you can find some additional ideas on

Solve the code


If you are looking for an activity that will encourage your employees to put their heads together, then a riddle-solving challenge is exactly what you need. Once again, depending on the type of business you are in, your workers may spend most of their time in front of the computer, completing the same tasks over and over again. Well, this activity will shake things up a bit. Come up with a code or a puzzle, and give them around half an hour to solve it. The problem should require a lot of brainstorming, and naturally, the winner should get a prize.

Create a story


Inspiration is vital in the business world. After all, that is how people come up with new products and improve their services by thinking of new features. Well, just because the normal circumstances have changed, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do something to support your team’s creative spirit. In fact, this has never been more important.

What do all people have in common? That’s right. We love telling stories. Well, why not provide your workers with an opportunity to create one during your weekly Zoom meeting? All you have to do is start with a few random words or a full sentence. Then, each member of your team should add another sentence until you write a completely new narrative. You can use this as a warming-up activity at the beginning of your meeting that will make everyone laugh and have fun.

Drawing challenge


While on the subject of the significance of inspiration, we have another suggestion. Why not play a game with your team? Everyone loves games, and there is one that will spark their imagination while providing them with a lot of fun. Nowadays, there are multiple drawing apps that you can use. Basically, you get a random object or some ridiculous concept, and the player’s task is to draw it for the others. Naturally, not everyone has mastered the skill of drawing, which is actually why the end results are usually hilarious.

Wrapping up

If you are a business manager, you surely understand how vital it is to spend quality time with your employees. The trick to building a strong relationship with them is to find the perfect balance between work-related tasks and entertainment. As you can see, this is exactly what these activities enable you to do.

Written by P. Mito