Can you Watch adult Movies and still Fancy your Partner?


The adult movie industry has flourished vastly in recent years because of an increasing customer base. More and more people have started watching porn to alleviate some of their stress and sexual frustration. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and if done on a healthy basis, porn can actually act as a stress-reliever.

While the main audience of porn is mostly single individuals, there are also people that continue watching porn even when they are deep in a relationship with someone else. In such scenarios, porn can act as a way of improving your relationship’s sex life and also give you new ideas on what you should do during sex.

According to, porn can come in various forms and it doesn’t always necessarily need to cater to the needs of a specific gender. Both partners in a relationship can actually benefit from watching porn, provided they are transparent about it and are willing to do it. However, one major question that arises in the minds of people who watch adult movies and are in a relationship is – would they still love and fancy their partner after watching adult movies?

This is a valid inquiry but the answer to it is simple – yes, you will still fancy your partner if you watch porn in moderation. In this article, we’ll be going in-depth about this issue and explore the various causes, potential problems, and benefits of watching porn together.

Can you really get bored of your partner by watching adult movies?


This question often intrigues young and newly married couples, because old and mature couples simply won’t have this insecurity. They know they will always love their partner and their partner will love them, no matter what. However, that does not mean it is strange to have these thoughts if you are in a relationship.

Porn potentially can, and actually has destroyed entire relationships because the habit got out of hand. It is important to remember that no habit is good if it’s done beyond moderation and watching adult movies is no exception to that rule. If an individual watches adult movies too much, there is a chance that they might acquire new standards of sexual activities that their partner can’t or doesn’t want to fulfill.

This can be very problematic and often leads to disputes and arguments. Moreover, once an individual gets used to the sexual activities shown in adult movies, they might get frustrated when they can’t do the same with their partner. This can lead to the individual not fancying their partner anymore.

No one wants this to happen, especially married couples. To answer the original question, yes, one can get bored of their partner if they watch adult movies. This comes with its own fair share of problems. But, if watched in moderation, porn can actually become a relationship nurturing activity and give you various benefits of doing so.

Problems partners might face because of watching porn movies


We can’t stress this fact enough – watching porn extensively without any limit can heavily, and adversely, affect your life. Porn addiction is one of the worst types of addiction, on par with drug addiction. Getting addicted to adult movies can destroy the social aspect of your life, hit your self-esteem to rock bottom, and degrade your physical health too.

Organic ED is one of the common causes of porn addiction and can heavily affect the addict’s relationship life. Partners who start watching adult movies too much can become desensitized to sex and fail to perform in real-life sexual activities. When this happens, it’s necessary to understand that it’s not the individual’s inherent fault but that of their porn addiction. Porn addiction, like other addictions, can be diagnosed and treated.

But that’s not the only problem that can arise from watching porn. Your partner may find your porn watching habit distasteful and cause the relationship to deteriorate if it’s continued further. This can cause partners to drift apart from each other and thus stop fancying the other. In such scenarios, it’s essential to have a one-on-one conversation with each other to resolve matters out.

If you come to find out that your partner or you yourself have a porn addiction, or are going towards that path, then it’s vital that you seek immediate help. Talking with your partner should be the first thing you do so that you can better understand how you can fulfill each other’s sexual needs. If needed, you can even consider therapy for your addiction.

Benefits of watching adult content with your partner


With the problems of watching adult content out of the way, let’s discuss the various benefits relationships can have if they watch adult movies. Watching adult movies can actually lead to some healthy and quality couple time. If you believe the sexual aspect of your relationships is getting boring and stale, we would definitely recommend watching adult movies as an alternative.

It can give you fresh ideas and watching others have sex can reignite the passion inside you to do the same. Apart from that, watching adult movies can just serve as a fun thing to do with your partner. Porn can help you discover about each other’s tastes and kinks and help you understand what turns your partner on. This can catapult your sex life to a new level and all this can be possible if you simply watch some porn.

Of course, this should not be done too frequently and extensively. Watching porn as a weekend activity or once per 3-4 days is fine. However, watching it daily for several hours and urging your partner to watch it with you can turn your fun time into a not-so-fun time. It also makes you lose out on productive couple time.

Remember, sex is not all there is to a relationship. Just talking to your partner about the trivial things in life qualifies as quality couple time, and you should never consider watching porn over that. Otherwise, you might find your partner is not attracted to you anymore on an emotional and personal level.


It is possible to watch adult movies and still fancy your partner. However, if it goes overboard, watching adult movies can very well destroy your relationship. We hope this article helped you realize that and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

Written by Marinelle Adams