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7 Different Ways to Vape Delta-8 THC – 2024 Guide


Cannabinoids have become more and more popular on the market because of many factors. Firstly, it is approved in many countries so you will not go to jail if you use it, and that lets manufacturers make different kinds of products so everyone can use them if they enjoy using this herb. There are many ways that you can use it, most commonly through your lungs, but you can also eat the products, and you can even use them as a cream for massages, or other health benefits.

The difference between the regular ones, and the delta-8 type is because of the difference in the chemical structure. With that, there are other benefits, and some things that are avoided that happen when the regular one is used. That is the feeling of being overwhelmed by it, having bad thoughts, and not feeling great. Sure, this happens if you take more than you can handle, but using the delta-8, they guarantee that these effects are reduced if not completely eliminated.

In this article, we will talk about the many different ways that you can vape the delta-8 THC, and other ways of consumption as well.

1. Vape carts


These devices are one of the most popular ones for this purpose. They are really easy to use, and they tend to give the best experience because of it. The method to use them is to place them inside of a pen, so that heats them up and you can inhale the smoke produced. You can learn more about these devices on this website.

When they are used up, you can throw them away and insert a new one. The heat that is produced is optimal for releasing all the ingredients that are supposed to be taken. That minimizes the risk of taking up things that may be toxic for you if you heat them up with lighter or other devices.

Before you get the cart, make sure that it will fit inside your device so you don’t buy a cart that will just stay in your drawer without being used. Another thing you should consider is the amount that you are willing to take in. If you are just starting out, don’t do too much, start less and then progress.

2. Devices for one use


These are already prepared devices with everything that you need. They have the power to be used as much as there is liquid inside them. When you use everything down, all you need to do is to safely throw it away, and if you liked it to get another one. There are many options that you can choose from, so you can get what suits you best, or you can explore the options and try them all to find what you prefer best. The amount that you should take is standard, so don’t rush into using a lot in one sitting.

3. Buds


This product is unique because it is an actual bud that is combined with the delta-8 for the best user experience. Using it may be more complicated because you can’t just put the bud where ever you want and expect that it will work. You will need a specially made item to use the bud that is combined with delta-8 and you can easily find them in any store that sells items like these. Using it in this way, is believed that is one of the most beginner-friendly because it lowers the chances of being overwhelmed by it because of the combination of both ingredients.

4. Oil


These oils are meant to be used if your pens are made for more uses, not just for one. You can buy these in any store that sells these things and you fill the reservoir of your pen with it. The amount that you should be taking is well written on the package so you don’t do it too much or too little. Before you buy these delta-8 oils, make sure that you can use them with your pen, or otherwise, you have spent your money in vain.

Since we have seen the ways that you can make this using your lungs, it is time to see the other ways that you can enjoy the same effects.

5. Digestion


This is another way that you can enjoy the delta-8 besides taking it with inhalations. There are many products that are combined with this ingredient that you can eat. They are sweet most of the time so you can avoid the original taste of the product. You should be careful when you take them because it takes more time for the effects to show up and you might take more thinking that it is not reacting. There is information on the packaging, or if you can’t find them there, you can surely find them online so you can enjoy your time to the fullest.

6. Putting it under your tongue


You can use the effects of the D-8 with this method, so they show up pretty fast. The way that you should be doing this is to put a little bit of the liquid under your tongue so the glands absorb it and put it into the bloodstream. That is a fast method of using it and some people prefer it over everything else.

7. Smearing creams


These products are basically the same as any other ones that are made for the purpose of relieving the pain from a certain area. They are not affecting your mood directly like the other types from above, but since they reduce the pain feeling they will surely boost your mood. The whole point of their functioning is that they are supposed to be smeared on a part of the body that you want, and they bind to a specific receptor so they show their effect.

Things to consider when buying these products

Because of the fact that these products are not accepted everywhere in the world, you should be careful not to get in trouble. If you live in a place where they are approved, don’t try to find cheaper options because they may be harmful. Always make your research about them and buy them from a specific store that stores them properly and guarantees about them.

Written by Ana Weaver