What Does Against the Spread Mean in Sports Betting?


Sports betting is, without a doubt, the most widespread type of gaming. With the introduction of the internet, the whole process became much easier than before. So, it’s no surprise that there are so many people participating in this kind of online gambling. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a casino website or some other form.

In case you would like to take a look at how a proper online casino looks like, be sure to take a look at Naturally, every person who’s interested in participating in this kind of gambling needs to be aware of all the options they can do. Sure, for some people this is quite easy. However, those folks who are new to the whole concept could have a hard time understanding what’s they can actually do to win some money, by placing different kinds of wagers.

One of the most prevalent ones is called “against the spread”. We completely understand there are a lot of people who are not aware of what it really means. But, they need to be fully aware of them before they participate. Therefore, we would like to elaborate on this term in the highest detail. Without further ado, let’s talk about it.

What is Spread Betting?


To have a complete understanding of what betting ATS means, we need to know what point spread betting is. Without any doubt, we are talking about the commonest form of betting on sports. Despite it being highly-popular among wagerers, it requires some time before it is understood in the best possible way. Sometimes, you will hear that spread betting is mentioned as an equalizer for sportsbook operators.

As you are perfectly aware, all teams are different, both in quality and form. So, the sportsbooks have managed to create this type of betting, which means that every team is given an equal chance to win at a certain game, visit here so, you can understand that it gives the players an identical chance to put their money on both of the teams, and both of these decisions come with an equal amount of risk.

When someone puts money on a team that has fewer chances of winning a certain match, the player is wagering on the team losing by the number of points smaller than the sum agreed upon. When it comes to the favorites, they are predicted to win by a certain number of points. The underdog is marked by a plus (+), and the favorite is marked by a minus (-).

In most cases, the chances for both teams are at minus one hundred and ten. Naturally, they hang on the state and sportsbook. When the unfavored team is marked by +4, the team needs to lose by less than four points. It’s completely the opposite when discussing favorites. You see, it is pretty simple when you have all the crucial info. Let’s take a look at the term that we’ve mentioned at the opening of the article.

What Does it Mean?


ATS is certainly among the popular terms used in this kind of gambling. In the simplest way we can put it, the gambler is making a wager on a point spread. In most cases, we are talking about records ATS. This means that the games you have placed a bet on, in which the team managed to cover the number of points, and then it is compared to other matches where the team didn’t manage to do it.

When you hear someone how they have performed ATS, you can be sure that they don’t discuss proposition bets, and totals. We are talking about the kind of bet that cannot be made on hockey and baseball matches. At the same time, it is common with basketball and football. Naturally, the easiest way to describe this term is by providing an example. We will talk about football in this case.

Let’s say that a certain bettor is taking his team for ATS. It means that the team who’s in -3.5 in a particular game, the game will be finished by that team winning by 4 points. At the same time, and if the team wins by a lesser number of points, the result is not positive. However, there’s something we consider to be the most important about this type of bet. It doesn’t really matter what you think about which team will win at a certain match.

It doesn’t mean that the wagerer is choosing a certain team to win. Instead, the wagerer bets on the final result, in terms of how many points a team will win or lose by. Theoretically speaking, a team can go through the season without losing a single game. At the same time, a team can lose all the games. It depends on the team’s quality and form.

Can We Change These?


In football games, the spreads are prone to variations. These potential changes depend on weekly injury reports and where the money is going. For example, if a key player of the team is injured at the beginning of the season, and struggles with the form through the season, the spread can potentially decrease. It can be said that these factors have a big influence on how the spread will look at the end.

Does it Exist in Other Sports?


We’ve already said that football and basketball are sports where this type of wagering is the most common by far. However, we can say that it is possible to make these bets in soccer matches. When you take a look at it, you will see that it makes perfect sense.

Last Thoughts

Sure, if you are a newbie in the world of sports betting, you will be required to invest some time before you are ready to place money on these games. In this article of ours, we’ve decided to provide you with crucial information about one of the commonest forms used in this kind of gambling. We hope you will find it useful and that it will help in achieving the results you are hoping for.

Written by Marinelle Adams