What Does an Executive Assistant Do


Together with the development of advanced technology, people got the opportunity to work in different fields and ways. It is not a secret that being a web developer or working in the IT sector is a goal that most young adults now have. Not all of them are truly interested in the duties they will have to accomplish. The reason why the IT industry attracts them is the ability to make progress, earn more money, and establish financial stability.

However, in this article, we would like to talk about one other profession that is also becoming more and more popular. Being executive assistance is also a responsible task that can help you ensure financial stability. On average, the salary of these individuals is around 55 thousand dollars a year. However, you can even earn more than 100 000 a year if you prove that you truly are professional. The question is – what does an executive assistant do?

Well, answering that question in a couple of sentences is impossible. That is the reason why we decided to analyze the job requirements and everything else that future executive assistants need to know. Let’s go!

Which Skills do You Need to Have to Become an Executive Assistant?


To start, we should describe who exactly are executive assistants. You will need to be a graduated college student that has some experience with project management tasks as well as working on different administrative tasks. Every time you plan to successfully complete your part of the job, you will have to closely collaborate with the upper management of the company. Thanks to your knowledge and effort, the management as well as the CEO of the company will manage to be more effective. More precisely, that is the reason why they hire you.

So, What Would Be My Duties?


Don’t expect to get a clear answer because the duties of the executive assistant are different from one company to another. However, there are some common tasks that you can count on. For instance, the most common one is handling and scheduling every possible task that the senior management needs to complete. We can all agree that organizing their work hours and reminding them of duties they have is not an easy task always, especially if the list of tasks you need to handle is long.

On the other hand, there is another responsibility you will need to be ready to take. You need to ensure that everything stays on the top outside and inside the company. That means there will be certain moments when you will work on different types of tasks at once. The senior management, CEO, and others will expect you to be ready to independently complete those tasks without any guidelines because you are the one who gives guidelines to others. That is the reason why some experience with project management tasks is necessary.

In other words, you will need to be ready for multitasking. That means this job is not for everyone, and it is something we would like to analyze as well.

Is Being an Executive Assistant for me?


Remember what we said about being a web developer? Without any doubt, you can become rich and successful one day and develop something that the entire world can use. However, if you are not ready to spend a lot of time in front of a computer, you will be unhappy and less productive. Because of that, you will always struggle to develop your skills and make improvements in your career.

The same rule counts when we talk about executive assistants. No, this type of job is not for everyone, and it would be unfair to focus only on the money you can potentially earn. As mentioned, you need to get ready to work on several tasks at once and bring certain decisions quickly. Those decisions, of course, need to be good and boost the effectiveness of the upper management. Despite that, you need to be a creative person because there is no such thing as “the best way to complete tasks”. They are different every day, and you will need to think of the most creative solutions to solve them that will save your time. Spending too much time on each of them is not going to be helpful at all.

So, How Would My Typical Day Look?


As we said, your working day is not always going to be the same. More precisely, a typical day does not exist in the life of an executive assistant. The tasks you will get from the upper management differ from one day to another.

Speaking of working hours, they are not going to be typical 9 to 5. In some cases, you may sit and relax until noon and get certain tasks to accomplish from 2 PM to 4 PM. On the other hand, you may manage to complete everything before your working hours end. This especially counts when the workflow of your company starts to stagnate.

A Bit More about Job Requirements


As mentioned, you should be a college graduate that has some experience as a project manager or at least the first assistant of the project manager. Despite that, your communication skills need to be at the highest level because you will constantly be connected with all the employees inside the company. Of course, the information you will share with them is often sensitive, so you will need to ensure all the data you collect and share is 100% correct.

Final Thought

If you want to become an executive assistant, this article is going to be quite helpful for you. First of all, you now know whether this job is for you or not. Despite the necessary experience with project management tasks, you will need to be a communicative person that knows how to deal with multitasking. In other words, your time-management and organizational skills need to be at the highest level.

On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur, then you would definitely need a person of this type. Hiring executive assistance means that you are hiring someone who you can trust and allow to take care of the tasks that would spend a lot of your time. The good news is that there are websites such as C-Suite Assistants where you can find some of the best executive assistants that can bring the benefits we just mentioned. It is much easier to find a reliable person that way, isn’t it?

Written by Marinelle Adams