Where Is Area Code 678 In The United States


There are plenty of reasons why area codes matter. No doubt you’ve come across one of these numbers, such as area code 678, and have no idea what they mean.

Area codes, oftentimes referred to as numbers, are specifically assigned numbers to specific regions, counties, towns, and states. Each area code is supposed to be unique as we use them whenever calling someone.

Considering that the United States is huge, it’s quite normal for you not to know a specific code.

So that’s why we’re here to tell you where landline region number 678 is in the United States.

Where Is Area Code 687?


Area codes cover specific geographical locations in the United States. While many think they are specially assigned to towns, that is simply not the case. A landline region number covers multiple counties, towns, and cities. It can cover multiple major cities so long they are in close proximity.

The biggest misconception is in fact that many believe these codes are unique to major cities and towns.

So where is region code 678? Doing a quick Google search will reveal the answer. Considering that you’re here reading this article it’s best that we explain it for you.

Area number 678 covers an area in Georgia, United States. It covers multiple cities such as Atlanta, John Creeks, Alpharetta, Roswell, and Sandy Springs.

Out of all these cities, Atlanta is the obvious major city. You’ll notice in most cases that these numbers will cover at least one major city and much smaller. The chances for these numbers to be assigned to two major cities are very small, and usually never.

What’s Unique About Area Code 678?


If you’re wondering what so special about this area, you’re also at the right place. It’s not only about where this number calls, it’s also about how to do it.

If you’re trying to call someone from the Atlanta Metropolitan region, you’re supposed to add 678 before their number. Landlines that receive calls from different states have to include this number. Without it, your call will never make it.

The unique thing about this specific number is that it first came to be in 1998. Before that, the Atlanta Metropolitan area used other numbers that interfered with other regions. With the introduction of the number 678 to the Atlanta Metropolitan area, the number overlapped with the numbers 404 and 770.

As you’ll find out soon, multiple numbers can overlap and cover an existing area. But it’s safe to say that they working on fixing this problem. We mentioned earlier that geographical locations in the United States must be unique. So by having two or more numbers for a specific location, it will only work counterproductively.

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Why Are Area Codes Important?

These numbers were introduced under the North American Numbers Plan. This plan was put in place to allow specialized dialing within the United States and Canada. But it also covers other countries such as Guam and Puerto Rico. While many believe otherwise, Mexico doesn’t actually use this plan.

So why are region numbers important? Let’s find out.

It Makes It Easier To Dial International Phone Numbers


Ever since 10-digit dialing became standard throughout the US, the North American Numbers Plan has never been more important. If you want to make phone calls within the United States to other states, you have to enter the entire number along with the area code.

This wasn’t standard practice a while back, and it showed exactly why. People would dial wrong numbers, call wrong numbers, etc. With the introduction of the North American Numbers Plan, there is now a way to successfully dial any number within and from out the US.

Considering that the US has a country code of +1, you’ll need to add +1 in front of the number to successfully dial from outside the US.

The entire number format goes country code – area code – local number. So if you’re in Europe and want to call someone from Atlanta, you’ll need to add +1687 (+1 country code) (687 area code) and then add their local number.

The +1 doesn’t actually count as a number. The three-digit region code and 7-digit local number make up the 10-digit standard dialing.

Your Personal History Is Tied Behind It

Many believe that their personal identities are tied to their area codes. While not literally, people do tend to remember other people by their unique area code. This is the case for many college grads. Throughout many campuses, it’s quite common practice to be referred to by this unique number. If someone has an 804 region code, they might be referred to as Richmond. If you happened to go to college, do expect someone to call you “Atlanta” if you happened to use the 678 prefix number.

How Are Area Codes Implemented?


There is a strict procedure when implementing new numbers for geographical locations. An overlay or splitting is common practice whenever new numbers are added to areas. This was the case with geographical location 678 as it overlays with 404 and 770.

Whenever an overlay happens, dialing the 10 digits is a must. Otherwise, your call won’t make it through. Whenever a split is used to determine a new code, the geographical location uses the two numbers. You’ll be assigned a number based on where you live and how the split affects you. Since a split divides a geographical location into two or more areas, each region is assigned a specific number. Even when dialing from one area to another, you are still supposed to use the 10-digit dialing system.

Naturally, if a split of overlay affects you, you’re supposed to make these changes in public advertisements, business cards, and any other public displays. If your number is out there somewhere and a split has effectively given you a new number, people won’t be able to reach you by your old number.

Written by Marinelle Adams