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Why Hamsters Are Good Pets


While choosing to adopt a new pet requires careful thought, hamsters can make excellent companions for any responsible family due to their minimal space and care needs.

Here are six reasons hamsters make excellent pets and why you should keep one if you’re thinking about getting one but are wondering if it’s the correct choice.

1. Easy To Take Care

Additionally to being low-maintenance, the overall cost is significantly lower than adopting a cat or dog, even after considering the total cost of all the items required to maintain a healthy hamster.

Hamsters are relatively inexpensive to maintain after the first one-time expenses, like the cage, are paid for. The monthly cost of hamster food, snacks, and bedding will be reasonable. Of course, just as with any pet, there may be unanticipated expenses that you’ll need to budget for, such as vet fees.

You could occasionally discover some of your hamster’s fur lying around your house and question whether that is normal or if there is a problem with your hamster. Don’t worry, it is normal. Click here to learn more about hamster hair loss and when it occurs.

Additionally, research local exotic animal vets before purchasing a hamster to see which one is nearest to you and whether you are ready to travel there if your pet becomes ill.

2. Hamsters Are Friendly


Hamsters are different from dogs, who might do better with a partner in crime if you’re frequently gone. These little creatures prefer to live by themselves.

Once successfully hand-tamed, golden hamsters develop close relationships with their owners. They rely on their owners for companionship and engagement even though they don’t like being among other hamsters. Chinese hamsters can develop strong attachments to their owners as well. However, they also do well in groups (unlike the Golden). The Golden hamster is also easier to manage than other varieties because of its comparatively large size.

3. Naturally Clean With Minimum Space Requirements

Contrary to popular belief, hamsters are clean animals. They groom themselves regularly to maintain their immaculate appearance and often only urinate in one corner of their cage and don’t smell much.

In contrast to canines, felines, or rabbits, hamsters only require a small space to survive. Hamsters are ideal pets for people living in smaller homes or apartments because their cages like the ones from may easily fit on a desk or dresser.

But don’t be afraid to let your hamster out for fun—hamsters like exploring when given the proper care. A hamster ball is an ideal technique to help them expend some energy. They are also a lot of fun to watch moving about.

4. Cuteness Overload


How adorable was your new pet when you first acquired them? Even though they are all grown up and sweet, they are no longer puppies. I suppose a hamster will always have that specific “cute face.” In particular, young hamsters are even cuter. However, an adult hamster will have the most adorable, furry face you’ve ever seen.

They have those large, dark, beady eyes and are fuzzy all over. They appear much like rabbits when their nostrils move if you watch their wriggling noses. Like most pets, hamsters never really “grow up.” When you first took them home, you fell in love with them because they were so fluffy and adorable.

5. Perfect For Apartments And Strict Pet Rule Setting

Pets are permitted in only a few apartments or even entire buildings. This is primarily due to furniture damage, noise levels, and specific forms of mess that animal pets can only make.

So a tiny hamster who stays in its cage most of the time is quiet and behaves well won’t cause any problems in those structures. The same could be true for any animal that needs to be housed in a cage or tank.

Since hamsters won’t be noisy, messy, or stinky, roommates are more likely to tolerate them. Therefore, there is nothing to disagree about.

6. Funny And Perfect Companion


The funniest thing I find is that hamsters do and can fart. They merely produce a slight whoosh noise because they are embarrassed, as you soon discover. They do, in fact, fart. They also blink one eye at a time, just like lizards do. It appears to be the slowest wink ever.

You may have seen movies of hamsters flying off their wheels when they suddenly stopped moving. Or perhaps hamsters were dozing off and genuinely collapsing.

Additionally, you can give your hamster any name you believe is appropriate. Hamster-boy, don, and any superhero you like are cool hamster names you can have fun with. Each hamster has a unique personality like humans, so you can make your hamster your next best friend who won’t judge you whatever you share with them.


There is so much more to love about hamsters, and it is no wonder they make such popular pets. Although they may be easier to care for than other pets, it doesn’t mean a hamster is suitable for everyone. Very noisy households or ones with many different pets could be stressful or a risk for a hamster. And remember keeping any pet requires time, patience, and dedication.

Additionally, as pet owners, we understand that cleaning your furry four-legged companion can be demanding if you don’t have the right tools. To learn more about cleaning brushes for your pet, check out our guide here on why you need pet brushes and how to choose the perfect model?

Written by Kan Dail