How to Win Big at Crypto Casinos – Tips and Tricks


Many Bitcoin gamblers swear by certain strategies or tactics that simplify winning games at crypto casino, much like in a traditional casino. Although most players are aware that there isn’t much you can do to dramatically alter the chances in your favor, they also understand that there are certain little adjustments you can make to the betting strategy that will slightly alter the odds in your favor or at the very least prevent you from losing a lot of money. Now that you are aware of this, you may be curious about these Bitcoin crypto casino betting strategies.

Naturally, the ideal strategy while playing Bitcoin casino games is to keep an eye on your wallet, especially if you’re playing at an online casino that converts your Bitcoin into fiat money. Therefore, please never forget how much Bitcoin you possess.
Nonetheless, you can also try the following game-based Bitcoin betting tactics to help you throughout the game.

Kelly Criterion

The Kelly Criterion, sometimes called the scientific gambling approach, consists of using math to calculate how much you should bet on a specific game. This approach requires you to consider several aspects regarding your bet, such as how likely it is to win or lose and how much money you expect each time you win a game. It allows gamblers to determine how much they should bet to get the highest earnings.

Martingale Strategy


Another excellent betting strategy popular among Bitcoin gamblers is the Martingale Strategy. This tactic is commonly used in 50/50 wagers, including bets and coin toss games. If you use this approach, you must double your bet, hoping a win will compensate for your losses. The Reverse Martingale, a variant of this approach, advises doing the opposite: in order to maximize your earnings, you should double your stake each time you win.

Knowing When to Play

Using cryptocurrency instead of fiat currencies is one of the main perks of Bitcoin casino games, as it increases the value of your wins. Moreover, we can take advantage of cryptocurrency’s well-known volatility rather than consider it a threat. When Bitcoin’s value is low, think about using it for playing games, and when it’s high, think about utilizing it to earn bonuses. This is an excellent method of using cryptocurrency for longer-term strategies. Many crypto gamblers swear by this method, so it doesn’t do any harm to try it out.

Use High Denomination Slot Machines

High-limit slots, commonly called high-denomination slots, are slot machines that allow players to win enormous sums of money. Although it may seem the opposite of what you should do, this strategy consists of placing the highest possible wager to win higher rewards. This is because the rewards you get increase according to the denomination, especially when referring to crypto slots. Make sure to bet higher amounts when you play these games to increase your chances of winning.

Play Progressive Slots


Progressive slots are a specific type of slot machine game with rewards that are constantly increasing in value; the more people who play, the more money the game collects, which translates into more prizes for players to win. It’s perfect for people who want to win big rewards but aren’t ready to spend large sums of money.

Get Bonuses

Casino bonuses can take many forms, such as receiving more money when you make your initial deposit or loyalty benefits. The free spin, though, is undoubtedly the most well-known. This is one of the main examples of bonuses that can be offered to players of slot machine games, which is typically given to encourage them to play the game for a longer time. It consists of receiving two or more spins without placing any extra bets, but that is only one of the many bonuses you can get at Bitcoin casinos.

Try Your Strategies on a Demo Account

You can gamble with fake money while utilizing demo accounts. Therefore, they are an ideal tool for new gamblers or those who want to try a new strategy without risking their own money. Moreover, it is a wise way to determine whether you should play a particular game or not, as you can see how it works before investing in it.

If you made it this far into the article, you probably know that crypto gambling is extremely fun and can be highly profitable if you choose the right strategies, just like regular gambling. Nevertheless, please don’t overindulge, and remember that luck always plays a part in how much you’ll win, regardless of your ability.

Choose the Correct Casino


Our last advice for you is probably a bit obvious, but none of the previously mentioned strategies will work if you don’t choose the right casino. This is particularly relevant to online casinos because although they’re highly prevalent in the crypto world, not all of them offer the same benefits. Therefore, you should keep the following characteristics in mind when searching for the ideal casino for you:

  • Before anything else, make sure the casino you choose is 100% safe to use. This can be done by checking if the site looks authentic and uses encrypted protocols. If you can’t tell, it’s better to choose another casino.
  • Then, make sure it features a wide range of games. It should feature many game alternatives because using only one type of game would become boring over time. Moreover, this way, you can check your strategies in several games and find the one that works best for you.
  • Finally, check the bonuses it offers. Although most casinos offer bonuses, you must make sure they work for you.

Betting with Cryptocurrencies

Betting firms are never slow to introduce new ways of making money and many have jumped on the crypto bandwagon, eager to see how it goes in the next few years. Although there are some sportsbooks that are purely crypto sports betting, many more established operators now just add digital to the list of acceptable payment methods.

The actual process of betting for the customers is just the same as if they were gambling with a fiat currency. To the sportsbooks it makes no difference – they are just opening themselves up to a new group of potential account holders that will bring in even more money.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know some of the most popular strategies you can use to earn big rewards at cryptocurrency casinos, all you have to do is try them out and tell us whether they worked for you or not. Please, always make sure to be safe when gambling!

Written by Kan Dail